Movie of the Year: 1982 – Victor/Victoria

Movie of the Year: 1982


Is Victor/Victoria dragging us for it leaving off of the bracket for 1982’s Movie of the Year?

Starring Julie Andrews playing a woman pretending to be a man who is performing as a woman, and made in the early 1980’s, you might think Victor/Victoria runs the risk of being a little old-fashioned. And you’d be right! But in all the best ways. It is non-stop entertainment, doesn’t feel self-important, and celebrates the real heroes: the entertainers themselves. It’s about living out loud and being proud of who you are, especially if who you are is the kind of person who plants a bug in their food to get out of paying for it.

And why not? Julie Andrew shouldn’t ever have to pay for food and neither should any of her characters. She is a treasure, no matter what Ryan and Mike say. In many ways, Julie Andrews is the Greg of musical performers, the Greg of Hollywood, and even the Greg of our hearts (beside Greg). Wherever mean Ryans and Mikes are, there too will be the noble Greg, correcting and amending. It’s good to know the Gregs are out there, making the world a better place.

This post written by Greg.

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