Movie of the Year: 1982 – Finale Part Two

Movie of the Year: 1982

Finale Part Two

1982’s Movie of the Year Finale Part Two is here; which of these amazing films will take home the most coveted prize in Hollywood?

Well, here we are at the end of another amazing season. And not just of our show–these movies were pretty good too. Dang, how can we chose just one of these to be 1982’s Movie of the Year? Can’t we just say they all win and then apologize for being huge cowards? Well, I asked Mike and he said “no,” and reminded me I promised not to call him when I know he’s at work. But that begs the question: Is Mike still at work? I’ll just give him a ringsy to see.

He is.

Is E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial too obvious to win it all? Maybe we’ll want to get cute and choose 1982’s other alien visitor from another land: the thing, star of The Thing. If we wanted to be really “cool” or “hip” we could pick the obscure-but-transcendent Fitzcarraldo. Poltergeist is the fourth-ranked movie in the bracket, but it is hard to see any world where it has a chance to win it all. I doubt it will even take home any Mooties.

But Mooties will be going out to several lucky performers. These awards allow us to indicate who did bad, who did good, and who did bad good.

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