Movie of the Year: 2002 – State of the Franchise

Movie of the Year: 2002

State of the Franchise

The Taste Buds drill into the biggest movie franchises of 2002!

In 2022, everything is a franchise. It’s basically mandated, that unless Jordan Peele is directing it, these movies better be part of a longer string of movies–how else will people know they should see it?!

Things were a little different in 2002. Movies were either about to kick off their franchises, or sequels coming out to test the theory that moviegoers wanted more of these behemoth level blockbusters tied into other stories. We were leaving the era were Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan could hold down a franchise through charm and quotable lines alone.

This week on Movie of the Year, Ryan, Greg, and Superhero Show Show co-host Katelynn break down the 2002 state of the franchise! Where they’re going, how they’re doing in ’02, and if anything needs to be fixed!

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