Movie of the Year 2018 – Blackkklansman

Movie of the Year 2018:


The Taste Buds review the 2018 movie Blackkklansman! Join your host Greg as he welcomes this week’s contestants: Ryan, Mike, and Chris the Tow Truck Driver! These four pasty, lily-white gentlemen will try and break Blackkklansman open, trying to uncover every hidden nugget they can. What will the friends discover about the role and responsibilities of movies on society? What does Spike Lee think about that question? Is Spike Lee better equipped to answer that question than these four nerds? Doubtful. Meanwhile, find out what fashion is the most 2018, who is the James Dean of 2018 (you’ll be unpleasantly surprised), and over on Patreon, the Filterino Arm will learn who’s this week’s entry into the PopFilter Hall of Fame!