To celebrate the holiday season we’re re-releasing the original Chrismukkah episode! Join Mike and Ryan as they review the 13th episode of The O.C.!


Mike is officially introduced to the bi-religious holiday of ‘Chrismukkah’, thanks to Ryan, who has set this up for his parents: the Catholic guest star Taylor and the Jewish Greg. At the same time, Ryan insists he has two godly forces helping him as he continues to play both Mike and Taylor by claiming he has chosen the other. Meanwhile, Ryan slides more into depression and debauchery over her family life problems and gets arrested for shoplifting with Mike. It gets worse when she gets drunk at her own Chrismukkah party and nearly gets arrested for drunk driving. Mike does something that could cost her more than just her job over speaking out about his father Taylor’s shady business deals. Mike and Taylor find out about Ryan’s playing of them and decide to give him a ‘very special gift’ to make him choose which one he wants to be with. All of that, and so much more, on The OCD!

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