The Super Hero Hour Hour 01/04/20 – Runaways

Super Hero Hour Hour 1/04/20


Hulu's Runaways

Taylor, Mike, and Ryan review episode 303 of Hulu’s Runaways! On a very special episode of The Super Hero Hour Hour, the Tastebuds wallow in the desolate landscape of holiday TV and dig into the teenage drama of Runaways.  They also cover another episode of V-Wars, because they’re contractually obligated. All of that, AND they give the final results of the Fall 2019 Movie draft before kicking off the new year with a SPRING movie draft of 2020. And speaking of desolate–not a lot of good flicks come out around now! What, you really wanna see Doolittle? Do you really feel like being so forcibly inspired?! Well, not us!

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