The Super Hero Hour Hour 6/15/19 – Krypton Premiere


Krypton Premiere

Krypton Season Premiere

The Taste Buds review the season premier of Krypton! Zod has reshaped Krypton, and Seg has escaped the phantom zone with the urging of brainiac, but now there’s a new player in the mix! Will the show be an improvement over the maligned first season? Will Brainiac still be the big bad villain he was before? How’s that 12th level intellect treating him? The Taste Buds discuss all of this, talk to the bad boy of galaxy’s edge, AND cover every other show based on a comic book, including:

  • Swamp Thing!
  • Agents of Shield!
  • Fear the Walking Dead!
  • Lucifer!
  • iZombie!

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