The Super Hero Hour Hour 7/06/19 – Fear the Walking Dead

The Super Hero Hour Hour

Fear the Walking Dead  505

Fear the Walking Dead The End of Everything The Taste Buds review the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead! Althea’s been captured by one of the helicopter people, who turns out to be a lady named Isabelle, and they are on an adventure together now! Can two people who are not main characters hold down an episode? Can beautiful people also be good actors? Will we finally watch an episode of the Walking Dead-iverse that isn’t the worst of the season? The Taste Buds discuss all of this, the new spider-man, AND cover every other show based on a comic book, including:

  • Swamp Thing!
  • Agents of Shield!
  • Jessica Jones!
  • Krypton!
  • Legion
  • Lucifer!
  • iZombie!

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