Movie of the Year: 1973 – Sisters

Movie of the Year: 1973


This week we discuss Sisters! Is this movie bonkers enough to become our Movie of the Year?

Sisters is many things: creepy, funny, campy, doing it for themselves. It follows the struggle of two women to make it in this wacky world. One, Grace Collier, is an intrepid reporter for the Staten Island Panorama, trying to get a scoop, the other is model and aspiring actress Danielle Brenton, who is trying to have it all while not having all her marbles.

After a simple misunderstanding causes Danielle to go a little wacky and kill her recent date, Grace gets pulled into the story she was always hoping for. But she is doing a lot less reporting on the story and a lot more being the very center of it before long.

Is Danielle the killer? Or is it her nutty sister, Dominique? It turns out the sisters used to be joined at the hip, literally, but now Dominique—the evil one, since that is science—is back and stabbier than ever. Also involved is a creepy looking, and therefore obviously evil, ex husband/mad scientist/guy who brings a book to sit in the audience of a TV show?? Too freaky.

What happens next is kind of anyone’s guess as the movie gives way to madness, hypnotism, dream sequences, and a string of names that can only be the people who made the movie.

Abortion is healthcare

While Americans overwhelmingly support the right of an individual to make their own decisions about abortion, unfortunately, that right is no longer protected everywhere in the U.S.

The Supreme Court overturned Roe versus Wade on June 24th.

Abortion is a basic healthcare need for the millions of people who can become pregnant. Everyone should have the freedom to decide what’s best for themselves and their families, including when it comes to ending a pregnancy. This decision has dire consequences for individual health and safety, and could have harsh repercussions for other landmark decisions.

Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health and independence of all Americans. Even if you live in a state where abortion rights are upheld, access to safe medical procedures shouldn’t be determined by location, and it shouldn’t be the privilege of a small few.

You can help by donating to local abortion funds. To find out where to donate for each state, visit

If you or someone you know needs help, or if you want to get more involved, here are 5 resources:

1.  Shout Your Abortion is a campaign to normalize abortion.

2. Don’t Ban Equality is a campaign for companies to take a stand against abortion restrictions.

3. has information about where to find clinics.

4. provides early at-home abortion pills that you can keep in your medicine cabinet. And five.

5. has a collection of these resources and more.

You can also find links to all of these resources and more info at