The Superhero Show Show #436: The Boys

The Superhero Show Show #436
The Boys

It’s the penultimate episode of The Boys’ third season, plus X-Men: The Animated Series, and more!

On an all-new, all-different episode of The Superhero Show Show, Cassie and the Boys are giving Amazon’s The Boys one last look before next week’s season finale. No one is in a good place, things are about to explode, and the season is trying to stick the landing. Will Soldier Boy quit smoking weed and smoking priests? Will Homelander be able to find Soldier Boy before Solider Boy finds him. And how about that absolute banger of a twist? I mean, I saw it coming, but I’m assuming none of our panelists did. Tune in to hear another classic discussion of Mike and Ryan loving The Boys, and Cassie and Katelynn hating it!

Then the Friends make their way to X-TASMANIA to discuss another episode of X-Men: The Animated Series! In Beyond Good and Evil, Part I (of five!), Scott and Jean are attempting to get married again! I’m sure it’ll go great, right? WRONG. Apocalypse! Mister Sinister! The Nasty Boys! They’re all on hand to make sure Scott and Jean live UNhappily ever after!

All of that, plus discussions and reviews of all of this week’s comic book shows, including this week’s time traveling episode of Ms. Marvel, and episodes 304 and 305 of The Umbrella Academy!

It’s too much gosh darn show!



Watch The Boys on Amazon Prime

Everything’s changing as never expected for the Homelander. Soldier Boy is searching for the other old payback members to slay. Black Noir recollects what has really got him to the current situation.


Watch Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus

The bangle reveals to Kamala secrets about her family lineage, as well as the truth behind the Veil.


Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Luther and Sloane hatch a plan to end the war between the families. Viktor reconnects with someone from the past. Five has an unsettling encounter.


Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Klaus’s relationship with death proves more complicated than anyone knew. Viktor finally learns what happened to the Umbrellas’ mothers.

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