Doin’ Bits: Week 2 – The Chaos of Chloe

Doin’ Bits: A Love Island Podcast

Week 2 – The Chaos of Chloe

The second week of Love Island season 7 is in the books! Renee & Mike break down the 7th through twelfth episodes– three new girls (Rachel, Millie, and Lucinda) show up throughout the week, two couples start to fracture, and games go awry! Do not throw the word fake around lightly…

Challenge Breakdown:
Undercover Lovers – From sexy tuxedos down to skimpy thongs, are you ready to see our boys transform themselves for our latest challenge?! Watch as our hunks rescue their damsels in distress, whilst stripping off and showing us what they’ve got. Oh, and there are also vibrating plates, cocktails, and spilt liquids all over the show.

Knowing Me, Knowing You – The challenge takes a turn for the worse as Hugo’s opinion offends Sharon and Faye.

Line of Booty – The girls get handsy and the boys get banged up in this police-themed striptease and fondling challenge!

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