Doin’ Bits: Weeks 3 & 4 – Toby VS Hugo

Doin’ Bits: A Love Island Podcast

Weeks 3 & 4 – Toby VS Hugo


We’re (about) halfway through this wild journey and what a wild two weeks it has been!

TONIGHT,  Mike and Renee dig into the 14th-26th episodes aka the 3rd & 4th weeks on the island! Teddy, AJ,  and Danny join the Islanders, challenges get broken down, Brad and Lucinda have to choose who should go home, Toby and Chloe go to the hideaway, Sharon leaves the Island, Danny & AJ get voted off, and Tyler, Abby, and Georgia enter the Villa, causing Toby to pull what’s being called “a classic Toby!” All of that and so much more!

Week 3:
Coupling | On Day 14, the islanders recoupled. This time it was the boys turn to pick which girl they wanted to couple up with. Jake and Liberty remained together, whilst Aaron picked Kaz, Brad chose Lucinda, Hugo went with Sharon, Liam coupled up with Millie, Teddy paired with Faye, and Toby picked Chloe. With Rachel being the only single islander, she was dumped.[53]On Day 19, the islanders recoupled. As new islanders, AJ and Danny had first pick, and chose Hugo and Lucinda respectively. It was then down to the remaining boys to pick a girl to couple up with. Jake and Liberty, Aaron and Kaz, Liam and Millie, Teddy and Faye, and Toby and Chloe all remained together, leaving Sharon single and dumped.
Challenge Breakdown: 

Day 14:Spit the Roast-In this challenge, the couples were each tasked with transferring the entire contents of a roast dinner from one side of the challenge area to the other. The first part of this challenge, entailed the boys having to toss pieces of chicken across the field to their partner, who would have to catch the slices on their chest. Once this was done, the rest of the contents would need to be transferred across, through only the use of their mouth, with the boy picking up the contents and passing it over to their partner. The couple that managed to present the most complete roast on their plate, would be declared the winners and would receive a night in the hideaway. In the end Liam and Millie were declared the winners.

Day 16:Stags vs Hens-For this challenges the islanders were divided into 2 teams based on gender; the Boys and the Girls, with the teams taking part in a number of wedding-themed challenges. The first part of this involved a member from each team having to pour a giant cup of water over their head before then flipping it upside down, having to re-do it if they didn’t manage to do so. The next part acted as a relay race, featuring 3 challenges; knot-untying, ring-tossing and downing pints. The team to complete all of these first would be the winners of the challenge and win themselves an islander of the opposite sex. In the end the Boys were declared the winners.

Dates | Day 14: Liam & Millie (Won a night in the hide-away through the challenge; Spit on Roast); Day 15: Brad & Lucinda (First date); Day 17: Danny: Kaz & Sharon (Danny’s choices)

Week 4:
Coupling | On Day 25, the islanders recoupled. This time it was the boys choosing which girl they’d like to be coupled up with. Jake and Liberty, Liam and Millie, and Teddy and Faye remained together, whilst Aaron picked Lucinda, Hugo chose Chloe, Toby went for Abigail, and Tyler coupled up with Kaz. As Georgia was the only single islander, she was dumped.
Challenge Breakdown:

 Day 20:Cat-titude-For this challenge, the girls had to dress up in cat-costumes and compete in a course, comprised of 3 different parts; a giant milk-bowl, scratching-post pole and a giant mouse-trap, where they’d have to place their boy (dressed up as a mouse) on and give them a snog. In the end the winner of the challenge would be determined by the boys, based on who put on the sexiest performance.

Day 21: Snog, Marry, Pie-In this challenge, the boys and girls took it in turns to choose which islanders of the opposite sex, they wanted to snog by giving a kiss, marry through the use of ring they’d plant on the islander’s finger and then pie someone by slamming a cream-pie into their face.

Dates | On Day 23, Faye and Teddy left the villa to bike to a church. On Day 26, Liam and Millie left the villa to go on their first date near some… trees probably?

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