Is X-Men ’97 Now ANOTHER Zombie Show?


The Superhero Show Show #531

Is X-Men ’97 Now ANOTHER Zombie Show?

The Taste Buds review this week’s X-Men ’97, plus the tenth chapter of Neogenic Nightmare on Spider-Man: The Animated Series!

On an all-new, all-different episode of The Superhero Show Show, Cassie and the Boyz are back, and they watched this week’s X-Men ’97, Tolerance is Extinction, Part 1! That’s right, we’re back to multi-part stories in true X-Men: The Animated Series fashion!

In this episode of the Superhero Show Show, the hosts discuss the possibility of not covering every single show based on a comic book. They also review the latest episode of X-Men 97, titled ‘Intolerance is Extinction, Part One,’ where Bastion’s plan to turn humans into mindless zombie sentinels with powers is revealed. The hosts praise the episode for its dramatic moments, action sequences, and creepy horror elements. They also highlight the meme-worthy line ‘Magneto was right’ and the transformation scenes. Overall, they find the episode to be thrilling and well-executed. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss the X-Men animated series and the specific episode they watched. They talk about the transformation of characters, fight scenes, and memorable moments. They also mention the importance of Wolverine’s character and his actions in the episode. The hosts share their favorite moments and discuss the overall excitement and hype of the show. In this final part of the conversation, the hosts discuss the events of the episode and highlight key moments. They talk about Morbius hunting for Peter Parker’s blood, the failed vampire trap, and the intense make-out session between Morbius and Felicia. They also discuss the New York City setting and the 90s vibes of the show. The hosts give out awards for best web zinger, best move or power, most 90s thing, and New York as a character. They end with a tiebreaker trivia question and announce the winner.

The episode opens with the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier, receiving distressing reports of increasing anti-mutant sentiment across the globe. Mutant discrimination has reached alarming levels, fueled by fear and misinformation spread by anti-mutant organizations.

Meanwhile, in the heart of New York City, a series of mysterious attacks target mutants specifically. The assailants, armed with advanced technology and powered by a deep-seated hatred for mutants, leave destruction and chaos in their wake. As tensions escalate, the X-Men find themselves stretched thin trying to protect both mutants and humans alike.

Amidst the turmoil, Professor Xavier’s teachings of tolerance and coexistence are put to the ultimate test. Some mutants begin to question whether peaceful integration is still possible in a world increasingly hostile towards them. The rifts within mutant society deepen as differing ideologies clash, threatening to tear apart the very fabric of the X-Men’s unity.

As the episode unfolds, a sinister conspiracy begins to unravel, revealing a shadowy figure pulling the strings behind the anti-mutant attacks. The X-Men race against time to uncover the truth behind the orchestrated violence and prevent further bloodshed. However, they soon realize that their greatest enemy may not be a single adversary, but the pervasive prejudice and fear that pervades society.

With stakes higher than ever before, the X-Men must confront the harsh reality that in a world consumed by intolerance, the line between friend and foe becomes increasingly blurred. As alliances are tested and loyalties questioned, the mutants must band together like never before to combat the forces of hatred and bigotry threatening to engulf them all.

“Tolerance is Extinction, Part 1” sets the stage for an epic showdown between the X-Men and their most dangerous adversaries yet, exploring themes of prejudice, fear, and the enduring power of hope in the face of adversity.

Then the Taste Buds head to Spider-Man: The Animated Series to discuss chapter 10 of Neogenic Nightmare!

In the gripping tenth chapter of “Neogenic Nightmare,” Spider-Man faces his most daunting challenge yet as he grapples with the consequences of his genetic mutation. With his powers evolving beyond his control, Spider-Man must confront a new breed of adversaries while struggling to maintain his humanity.

Plot Summary:
As the episode begins, Peter Parker finds himself increasingly isolated as the neogenic mutation continues to wreak havoc on his body. His once familiar powers become unpredictable, leaving him vulnerable to unexpected dangers. Desperate for a solution, Peter seeks the guidance of Dr. Curt Connors, hoping that the renowned scientist can offer insights into his genetic condition.

Meanwhile, a sinister force lurks in the shadows, orchestrating a series of deadly attacks across the city. A mysterious figure known only as the “Mutant Mastermind” emerges as Spider-Man’s newest adversary, wielding a formidable arsenal of powers derived from genetic manipulation.

As Spider-Man struggles to contain the escalating chaos, he faces betrayal from an unexpected source. A longtime ally is revealed to have ties to the Mutant Mastermind, raising doubts about who can be trusted in this ever-shifting landscape of deception and danger.

Amidst the turmoil, Peter grapples with his own inner demons, questioning whether his existence as Spider-Man is worth the toll it takes on his personal life. With his relationships strained and his identity threatened, Peter must confront the reality that being a hero comes with sacrifices that may be too great to bear.

As the episode reaches its climax, Spider-Man faces off against the Mutant Mastermind in a thrilling showdown that will test his limits like never before. With the fate of the city hanging in the balance, Spider-Man must dig deep to harness the full extent of his powers and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

“Neogenic Nightmare: Chapter 10” delivers pulse-pounding action, high-stakes drama, and a gripping exploration of identity and sacrifice in the life of the spectacular Spider-Man.

All of that, and so much more, on an all-new episode of The Superhero Show Show!

Watch out for these moments!

  • The hosts consider the possibility of not covering every show based on a comic book
  • The episode of X-Men 97, ‘Intolerance is Extinction, Part One,’ is praised for its dramatic moments, action sequences, and creepy horror elements
  • The line ‘Magneto was right’ becomes a meme-worthy moment
  • The transformation scenes in the episode are particularly memorable
  • The hosts find the episode to be thrilling and well-executed The X-Men animated series is highly regarded and has memorable moments
  • Wolverine’s character and actions are a highlight of the show
  • The fight scenes and transformations in the episode are exciting
  • The hosts express their enthusiasm and hype for the show Morbius is hunting for Peter Parker’s blood to complete his transformation into a vampire.
  • The vampire trap fails to capture Morbius, leading to a confrontation between Spider-Man and Blade.
  • The intense make-out session between Morbius and Felicia showcases the complicated relationships in the show.
  • The New York City setting and 90s vibes add to the overall atmosphere of the episode.
  • The hosts give out awards for best web zinger, best move or power, most 90s thing, and New York as a character.


00:00 To Cover or Not to Cover
08:18 Review: X-Men 97 Episode ‘Intolerance is Extinction, Part One’
09:03 The Meme-Worthy Line: ‘Magneto was Right’
19:59 A Well-Executed Episode: The Superhero Show Show Recap
21:03 Introduction to the X-Men animated series
22:44 Memorable fight scenes and moments
23:28 The impact of Wolverine’s character
29:06 Discussion on Magneto’s role
39:04 Exploring the vampire machine-y thingy
42:39 Blade’s memorable line
43:26 Spider-Man’s interaction with Officer Lee
43:59 Morbius’ Quest for Peter Parker’s Blood
45:12 Failed Vampire Trap and Intense Make-Out Session
46:20 New York City and 90s Vibes
58:43 Awards: Best Web Zinger, Best Move or Power, Most 90s Thing, and New York as a Character