Movie of the Year: 2001 – Mixtape

Movie of the Year: 2001


The Taste Buds compile the best 2001 playlist of all time!

There is more to life than just putting things into brackets and making them square off. You can also put the things into a list and then scream at your friends about the order of that list. Which is why the Rowdy Step Brothers of Podcasting called in their weirdly younger Step Moms, also of Podcasting, to make this most sacred of all lists. That’s right, we’re bringing in the Unatty 20s with the musical funnies to help us wade through System of a Down, Gorillaz, Sugar Ray, and putatively more.

But who should be on the list? We here at believe the list should be comprised of only the best songs of 2001. Most of us were in our late teens during this time and thus are uniquely qualified to be completely objective in our assessment. Also, we each have an IQ higher than another member of the podcast. These are our bona fides and they officially make us experts. Don’t gate keep.

Creed may appear on the list. Britney Spears will probably be on there. We’ve been bad to Britney, America, and it’s time to start thinking about how we are going to make it right. We should be protecting her from people like her father, not giving him dominion over her, right? It just feels weird. I hope we get into this on the podcast but I honestly don’t remember. Do you guys think we’re just part of the problem? Ultimately, I take comfort in the idea that I am insignificant.

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