Movie of the Year 2018 – The Favourite

Movie of the Year 2018:

The Favourite

Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz

The Taste Buds review the 2018 movie The Favourite! Join your host Greg as he welcomes this week’s contestants: Mike, Ryan, and Mackenna aka Books from the Unnatural 20s podcast! Join the foursome as they try to sink their teeth into every aspect of this satirical costume drama directed by the mad Greek, Yorgos Lanthimos! Is Queen Ann a tragic figure, a tyrant, or somewhere in between? Should men always strive to be pretty? Why is favorite spelled wrong? What the heck is going on with all those rabbits?! All those questions and more! Plus the Taste Buds build a mountain in honor of the Hot Boyz of 2018 and test out their elevator pitch skills!

Meanwhile, over on Patreon extra discussion and a rousing round of Favourite-based trivia!