Movie of the Year: Best of 2021 Preview Show – Television

Movie of the Year: Best of 2021

Preview Show – Television

Greg and Mackenna lead the Taste Buds in a battle of the Sweet 16 Dramas and Comedies…there can only be 8!

In part two of the preview show that kicks it all off, 8 great television dramas, and 8 hilarious comedies, will lose their chance to be named the PopFilter Best of the Year! First up, Greg from Movie of the Year, and host of the upcoming Best of the Year: TV Comedy, leads a panel to take 16 of the year’s most important comedies and cut 8 of them. Can Apple TV finally make a dent in the bracket with Dickinson and Mythic Quest? Is all of this bracketing moot because Tim Robinson is an unstoppable monster? Will new Hulu comedy Reservation Dogs make it further than last year’s bracket winner What We Do in the Shadows?

Then Mackenna from Unnatural 20’s takes over and leads the Taste Buds through Best Drama of the year. Will a comic book-based drama make it to the Elite 8, or will WandaVision, Invincible, and Loki all go home empty-handed? Will the number one seed Succession get booted right away? How will the 2021 breakout hit Squid Game fare? Is pitting all of these shows together basically creating a Squid Game with television shows?