Movie of the Year: Best of 2022 – Oscar Draft

Movie of the Year: Best of 2022

Oscar Draft

Which films will get the most 2022 Oscar nominations?

The Oscars. When it comes to little statues handed to movie stars, the absolute top of the table. 2022 had movies galore, and many of them were terrific. But will the academy know which movies to award? Their record on this is spotty at best and disastrous at worst, leading to a feeling that ultimately the Oscars don’t even matter anymore. Let us be clear, this is a mostly correct position held by cool people. But if you love pop-culture you still have to talk about the Oscars, even if only to roll your eyes and sigh while pointing out that, yeah, they blew it again.

Remember Crash? Remember Green Book? Gross.

And we are to pop-culture what Britney was 4 U: a slave. So, yeah, we’re gonna talk about the Oscars. They’re not the Brunos! Encanto is so great, right? Noy 2022, but still a great movie.

However, around here we can’t talk about a subject without making it into a weird game that hurts my feelings but I hide the hurt and NEVER let it show because Greg is Mommy’s brave boy and if he can’t hold in his feelings then the whole world could fall apart. Again, Encanto (2021) is such a great movie, isn’t it?

No one has ever beaten Ryan at this game or even gotten a second-place that felt worth a gosh darn, but the panel came prepared this time. We’ve done the research; we know the angles; and we’re ready to take down Ryan, our sensei of cinema. All that and more on this week’s episode!


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