Spider-Man: The Animated Series – The Day of the Chameleon


Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The Taste Buds turn all of their attention to a very special episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series  – it’s The Day of the Chameleon!

The Superhero Show Show #519

Spider-Man: The Animated Series – The Day of the Chameleon

In a rare, stunning event, there is nothing for the Taste Buds to review this week! Not a single TV show based on a comic book came out this week, so the Taste Buds are dedicating the whole show to the first season finale of Spider-Man: The Animated Series!

The Chameleon is in New York to stop a peace treaty signing, and this criminal is so dangerous that Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D recruit J. Jonah Jameson to help them. But that probably won’t be enough, considering he’s kind of a worthless idiot, so hopefully Spider-Man can help too!

Make sure to tell all your  friends about this very special (shorter) episode! It’s Mack’s first time hosting, so you need to listen to see if she’s great or if she is terrible! Plus, Ryan and Katelynn will help her give the episode the Webbies, including Best Web-Zinger, Best Action Move, and Most 90’s Moment!

It’s a truly monumental episode, not to be missed by anyone!




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A secret organization, known as SHIELD, asks for Jameson’s assistants in capturing a terrorist known as The Chameleon.

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“Spider-Man: The Animated Series” featured an episode titled “The Day of the Chameleon,” which originally aired on January 22, 1995, as part of the first season. In this episode, Spider-Man faces a formidable adversary known as the Chameleon.

The Chameleon is a master of disguise with the ability to mimic the appearance and voice of anyone he chooses. The episode begins with the Chameleon impersonating J. Jonah Jameson, the irritable editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle. Using this disguise, the Chameleon frames Spider-Man for a series of crimes, turning the public against the web-slinger.

As Spider-Man struggles to clear his name, he discovers the Chameleon’s true identity and sets out to stop his villainous plans. The Chameleon’s ability to change appearance at will makes him a formidable opponent, and Spider-Man must use his intelligence and resourcefulness to outsmart him.

The episode explores themes of deception, trust, and the challenges of being a superhero with a public image. It showcases Spider-Man’s determination and quick thinking as he navigates the complex web of the Chameleon’s deceit. The animation, storytelling, and action sequences in “The Day of the Chameleon” contribute to making it a memorable installment in the Spider-Man animated series.