SSS #456: Saying Goodbye to The Walking Dead

The Superhero Show Show #456

Saying Goodbye to the Walking Dead

It’s the series finale of The Walking Dead, plus XTAS and more, on an all-new The Superhero Show Show!

On an all-new, all-different episode of The Superhero Show Show, the Taste Buds are saying goodbye to one of their OG shows, The Walking DeadThe Taste Buds have had a complicated relationship with the show…actually, that’s not true. They’ve grown uncomplicatedly bored with it over time. But the show deserves its finale to be watched, and watch it they shall, even if they’re the only ones in the country doing so. Join them as they say goodbye to the characters who meant so meh to them, the story lines that were incredibly whatever, and the zombies, which still look pretty cool. The Walking Dead franchise isn’t over after this week, but for the Taste Buds, it is!

After that, we’ve got the Pull List, where the Friends gather together to discuss every episode of television based on a comic book this week, including this week’s episodes of Titansthe season finale of Pennyworthand a couple more episodes of Warrior Nun!

Finally, the gang heads to XTAS-mania to watch part 2 of The Phalanx CovenantNick from the podcast None of My Friends Like Comics returns to close out this story. The Phalanx has the X-Men on the ropes, and our gang of merry mutants is looking everywhere for help. They even reach out to Magneto, but what if Magneto is cool with the Phalanx, because it means the end of humanity?

All of that, and so much more, on an all-new episode of The Superhero Show Show!



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Our survivors must save their kids and the Commonwealth.

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