SSS #468: The Devil Dinosaur is in the Details

The Superhero Show Show #468

The Devil Dinosaur is in the Details

It’s time for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, plus…Dick Tracy!?!…on an all-new Superhero Show Show!

On an all-new, all-different episode of The Superhero Show Show, Cassie and the Boyz are taking some time off from the final season of The Flash to check out Disney Plus’ new all-ages animated show Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! They usually let other podcasts – hosted by children – take the all-ages show, but it’s a slow time of the year, and who doesn’t love Luna Lafayette? They watch the first episode, and discuss this new(er) character, her bright red sidekick, and her other, much smaller sidekick, Casey.

Are the Taste Buds really too old for a show like this? Or too young? They discuss the animation style, which is obviously striking, and different than the shows they grew up with, but does it work? And the big question: will Moon Girl continue to get coverage on the show, or will it go the way of Batwheels, a show that some of them liked, but ultimately ignored? Tune in to find out!

Then, The Flash gets a little bit of attention, as Team Flash tries to figure out what to do with Caitlin-lookalike Snow.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Taste Buds do the world the tedious honor of checking out Warren Beatty’s latest attempt to hold on to the rights to Dick Tracy, with the new AMC special Tracy Zooms In. Will they regret this decision? Yes. Yes they will. You don’t even have to tune in to figure that part out.

Now, my co-host Chaterick Geepeetee will come on to give their interpretation of this episode.

“The Superhero Show Show” is a podcast that focuses on reviewing and discussing television shows based on comic book superheroes. The podcast is hosted by the website “The Pop Filter” and features a rotating panel of hosts who analyze and critique the latest episodes of popular shows like “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Daredevil,” and “Jessica Jones.”

Each episode of “The Superhero Show Show” features a discussion of the most recent episode of a particular superhero show, with the hosts providing their opinions on the characters, storylines, and themes of the show. The podcast also includes segments such as “The Superhero Showdown,” where the hosts debate which character would win in a fight, and “The Superhero Secret Identity Game,” where they try to guess which superhero or villain a celebrity is describing.

“The Superhero Show Show” is aimed at fans of comic book superheroes and television shows, providing in-depth analysis and humorous commentary on the latest episodes of popular series. The podcast is available on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the website of “The Pop Filter.”

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The series follows the adventures of a 9-year-old super-genius named Lunella Lafayette (aka Moon Girl) and her partner, a red T-Rex named Devil Dinosaur. The two battle various threats, both otherworldly and local, as they navigate through the dangerous terrain of the Marvel Universe.

The Flash is a superhero television series that follows the adventures of Barry Allen, a forensic scientist who gains the power of superhuman speed after being struck by lightning. As the Flash, he fights against various villains who threaten his city, including the speedster villain Zoom.

I’m not familiar with the term “Tracy Zooms in,” so I cannot provide any information about that topic.

Thanks, Chaterick! Not sure what The Superhero Secret Identity Game is, but maybe they’ll try it sometime!




Watch here!


Watch The Flash on The CW

“Hear No Evil” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, V) (HDTV)

NEW KID IN TOWN – Barry (Grant Gustin) feels guilty for what happened to Caitlin and Mark (Jon Cor) comes up with a plan which makes everyone skeptical. Meanwhile, Red Death looms in Central City and commands that failure is not an option. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) asks Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) to make a choice which leads Cecile to think about the greater good. Allegra (Kayla Compton) and Chester (Brandon McKnight) take a step in a new direction. Lastly, old friends pay an unexpected visit to S.T.A.R. Labs. Eric Wallace directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Kristen Kim (#902). Original airdate 2/15/2023.



Watch Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney Plus

When brilliant, altruistic Lunella Lafayette accidentally brings a dinosaur to the Lower East Side, she finally has the brawn to match her brains and protect her community.

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