lukecageLuke Cage is here, and the Taste Buds are set to devour it week by week! Sure you’ve watched it and rewetted thrice by now, but Mike and Ryan will be watching one signal episode per week. This week the gruesome twosome tackle the pilot, and how it introduces the world to the world of Luke, Misty Knight, Cottonmouth, Shades, and all the rest. How does it stack up against Daredevil and Jessica Jones? How Sweet is the Christmas? Does Luke break everyone’s hands on his Sweet Cheeks? Only one way to find out!



Barry has to deal with his massive fuckups and illegal imprisonment on the The Flash!

Ollie has to deal with his massive fuckups and wanting the old team and not a new team on Arrow!

Madison has to deal with her massive fuckups but not really cus she’s Madison on Fear the Walking Dead!

Lucifer has to deal with his Mom’s massive fuckups on Lucifer!

Jim has to deal with everyone (especially Lee marrying Falcone’s son) massive fuckups on Gotham!


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