The OCD 78: The Mallpisode, Part II


The Mallpisode, Part II


Mike and Ryan continue to review the greatest episode of TV history, The OC’The Mallpisode. On an all-new episode of The OCD, Ryan is still all like “dude…Mallpisode.” But then Mike is still like “YES I UNDERSTAND THIS IS THE 77TH PODCAST IN A ROW THAT YOU HAVE BROUGHT THIS UP.” Meanwhile, Ryan still misses the Fantastic Four (Ryan Fantastic, Mrs. Invisi-rissa, The Sethman Torch, and The SummerThing), as Mike continues to remember them fondly, but thinks their time is done and its time to move on. Mike still believes that there are other, newer narratives that can happen that are like, I don’t know, surprising and interesting, whereas Ryan continues to scream that what has been liked will always be liked, and the only thing that can be liked. Then they continue to play hockey, and Mike sucks at it while Ryan writes this. All of that, and so much more, on an all-new OCD. 

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