The OCD 98: The Dearly Beloved Part 2


The Dearly Beloved

Part 2

Dearly Beloved

On an all-new The OCD, Mike and Ryan continue to discuss the season 2 finale, The Dearly Beloved! On a very special episode of The OCD, Ryan hits rock bottom after Mike’s funeral, prompting Cassie to finally take action by staging an intervention. Meanwhile, Greg returns to Newport and almost immediately renews ties with a mourning Ryan, while Mike also returns to town for the funeral. Cassies’s partner-in-crime Greg bullies him into participating in a drug deal that turns into a shootout at the Bait Shop nightclub. Also, Ryan finally learns the truth about what happened between Greg and Mike, leading to a bloody confrontation.

If you’re like, “that sounds very similar to what they talked about last week?” You’re right! This is part 2! And we’re gonna let you in on a little O’Secret, there’s going to be a part 3! There’s just too much show in The Dearly Beloved! 

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