The Super Hero Hour Hour 3/22/19 – Runaways Season 2 Finale


Runaways 213 aka Season 2 Finale

Marvel's Runaways


The Taste Buds review the second season finale of Marvel’s Runaways! Chase convinces the rest of the gang to meet to try to convince them to come home peacefully because the parent/aliens are ready to go to war! Meanwhile, Xavin is thirsty and not getting the hint that Karoleena might not want to marry them! Will the kids want to return to the old way of life? Will Nico punch Xavin in their face? Will Gert ever forgive Chase? Will Alex shoot his own mom? The Taste Buds discuss all of this, count down the best Arrowverse deaths given to us by, break down the season finales of Black Lightning and Deadly Class AND cover every other show based on a comic book, including:

  • The Punisher!
  • Arrow!
  • Doom Patrol!
  • Riverdale!
  • Walking Dead!
  • Supergirl!
  • Umbrella Academy!
  • The Flash!

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