The Superhero Show Show #395: Doom Patrol Patrol

The Superhero Show Show #395

Doom Patrol Patrol

On the biggest episode of Superhero Show Show ever, the Taste Buds are tackling the new season of Doom Patrol, plus so much more!

With Mike on vacation, Cassie had no choice but to turn on the Katsignal, and get her Unnatural 20’s co-star Katelynn to be on the podcast this week! Along with Ryan, these three stalwart adventurers will attempt to produce the biggest Superhero Show Show of all time!

First up, they’re continuing the Bracket 400 with the Independent side of the bracket. I know it seems like every comic book show is based on a Marvel or DC character, but that’s not true! Which of these 16 shows will make it into the Elite 8. Can Archie hang with The Boys? And how will artier shows like The End of the F#&$ing World do? After this episode, there will be 8 fewer shows in the bracket!

Then, the Taste Buds watched the first two episodes of Doom Patrol! After a second season that got mangled by COVID, DP is back and ready to get back on track. How much of this season is covering the butt of last season? And once said butt is covered, can the show come back and be an SHSS favorite again?

Next, the Friends hand out the Shushie for Best Supporting Actress! Last year’s winner, Jean Smart, is ineligible, as are all of the other Watchmen cohorts, so the race is wide open! Could the main focus of this week, Doom Patrol, take over this award with heavy hitters April Bowlby and Diane Guerrero? Or will the nominees be taken over by shows that had their final season this year, like Wynonna Earp and Agents of SHIELD! Also, since they’re in the “award” mood, Cassie and the Boyz discuss the recent Emmys show! A record number of comic book shows were nominated this year, but did any of them win? They go through the winners and the losers, and also who picked what in the draft they did a couple of months ago.

Then the Taste Buds discuss and review every other show that came out this week, including Stargirl, Lucifer, Riverdale, Titans, What If…?, Supergirl, and Y: The Last Man! FINALLY, as if that wasn’t enough, Mike and Ryan sit down with Colin and James of the podcast Timeline Scavengers! These two crazies are going to do an episode about every scene in the MCU…in timeline order. Ryan and Mike talk about whether or not that’s a good idea, why they think it is, and what the Scavengers Network is.

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