Movie of the Year: 1982 – The Elite Eight Are Chosen

Movie of the Year: 1982

The Elite Eight Are Chosen

It’s the second part of the intro to 1982 season of Movie of the Year!

It’s second part of the intro to 1982 season, and by the time this episode is done filling your ears, you’ll know the eight movies that will make up our 1982 season! Who will make it to the Elite Eight? Does E.T. have a chance, or should he phone home to get picked up? Maybe Poltergeist will haunt our Elite Eight. Perhaps we’ll put Tron in the final eight, but I bet not because it is very boring.

Also, we’ll select some of the losers to be the potential subjects of our fan-favorite Bonus Episodes, which help us define what the year really means. Without the Bonus Episodes we’d be missing the important context that helps us crown the eventual champion, as well as all the oddest movies of the year.

But the Bonus Episodes are the side dish; for dinner, we are having the Elite Eight. These are the movies that made the year what it was. I was a baby, so I don’t totally know what it was like back then, but I’m thinking big shoulders, big hair, and big lines of whatever that is they were always a snortin’ and a gummin’. What’s fun is you could look at the eight movies we have left and say to yourself, “among these movies is 1982’s Movie of the Year, show yourself.” If that works, let us know because it could save us a lot of time.

However, that probably isn’t going to work, so it looks like we’re going to have to watch all these movies and yell about them until we have achieved groupthink.

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