The Modern Family Drinking Game

best family ever!


Dysfunctional family shows are generally a hit or miss in this day and age. With the growing number of ‘reality’ television it is hard to find quality, good, wholesome programming. Raising Hope is terrible, but you can blame Fox for their ridiculous ideas on what people actually want to spend their time viewing. Sometimes I just want to sit down and watch a family friendly program with my parents and stay consistently drunk (what… wait, you’re telling me you can hang out with your relatives without drinking first? **slow claps in your general direction** BRAVO to you). Modern Family is a great show that all ages can enjoy watching. The highlight of the show comes in the form of ACTUAL comedy. Let’s walk through what makes this show so special.


get it claire!

get it claire!

Phil and Claire- the best portrayal of good cop/bad cop family dynamics I have ever seen. I want to marry Phil and his silly dream world. He makes such fun puns and he is the sweetest most well meaning man I have ever seen! Claire is simply an overbearing woman who just wants the best for her family and will stop at nothing to get it accomplished. These two balance each other out perfectly!


funniest kids ever

funniest kids ever

Their kids Luke, Alex, and Haley are scheming geniuses’. Don’t you wish you had siblings that were conniving enough to step back from petty fighting to just TEAM UP together to win against mom and dad? This show is way less extreme in comparison to Malcolm in the Middle, but delivers more quality laughs and examples of real life situations kids find themselves in today.



Cam and Mitchel are the gay version of Claire and Phil. Let’s blame the Pritchett family blood line for this (ex: S03E11). Their adventure in raising Lily is adorable! Cam is so eccentric- from his love to watching football and Fizbo- there are no boundaries to his character! It is a surprise that there are so many restrictions for Mitchell, but the best part about this couple is you get to watch each of them deal with each other in a very realistic, albeit way more funny, means comparable to that of real life.


one... two... reasons to watch the show

You can’t understand a word she says, but goddamnit- if you don’t have a Modern Family believer on your hands- just show him this picture- and you will. Manny doesn’t get a picture because he got to suck on these as a baby. Asshole.


Be dysfunctional right with this family! Take a drink everytime:

  1. Mitchell rolls his eyes
  2. Cameron uses his hands when he talks
  3. Lily is onscreen and being held
  4. Claire points her finger
  5. Phil makes a pun
  6. You can’t understand what Gloria is saying
  7. Jay talks about a sport
  8. Manny says he has a crush on a girl (drink twice if he is going to do something about it!)
  9. Luke hurts himself
  10. Haley and Alex fight ( drink twice if it is schemed to get what they want)

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