Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: WHODIDIT and 2 Scott 2 Pilgrim


The Taste Buds continue to watch Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, with the episodes WHODIDIT and 2 Scott 2 Pilgrim, and more!

The Superhero Show Show #512

Scott Pilgrim: WHODIDIT and 2 Scott 2 Pilgrim

On an all-new, all-different episode of The Superhero Show Show, the Taste Buds keep on keeping on with SPTO, watching two more episodes and preparing for the big finale next week.

On the sixth episode of Scott Pilgrim, Ramona finds Julie, and also finds out about her new relationship. Meanwhile, Knives finds out that maybe there might be life outside of being in a creepy non-relationship with Scott Pilgrim.

In the seventh episode, everything begins to come to a head, as Scotts and Ramonas and Old Scotts and Old Ramonas and all of the other characters prepare for battle and yes, to answer your next question, there is a Virtual Boy reference.

All of that, plus more Yu Yu Hakusho, on an all-new Superhero Show Show. It’s too much show!



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Ramona arrives at Julie’s doorstep with more questions and curiosity. A surprise visitor seeks forgiveness from Gideon. Knives taps into new talents. Unfinished business, mind-blowing revelations – and a mix of lovers, friends, and exes. What could go wrong?

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YU YU HAKUSHO #102-103

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Rogue yokai steal three dangerous objects. As Yusuke grapples with his new powers, children playing at a park mysteriously collapse to the ground. Charged with reclaiming the final dangerous object, Yusuke infiltrates a mansion. Later, Koenma assigns him a powerful mentor to help with training.

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