SSS #460: Rita’s Wonderful Life

The Superhero Show Show #460

Rita’s Wonderful Life

The Taste Buds discuss episode 403 of Doom Patrol, plus Mike sits down with Ed from the Greatest Songs Ever Sung (Poorly) podcast!

On an all-new, all-different episode of the Superhero Show Show podcast, Mike and Ryan discuss the third episode of this season of Doom Patrol, Nostalgia Patrol. Somebody named Doctor Janus has set up a Rita Farr film revival as a trap to get the Doom Patrol stuck inside Rita’s movies. Will this team of misfits be able to come together as a family in time to save the day?

Meanwhile, Vic is back in Detroit, hanging out with his high school friends who also build robots, kick ass at laser tag, and go to the same pizza place every Friday night!

Finally, Mike sits down with Ed Cunard from the karaoke podcast The Greatest Songs Ever Sung (Poorly)!  In the first part of the interview, the two discuss the mechanics of a podcast all about karaoke, the pros and cons of virtual karaoke, Ed’s karaoke pet peeves and advice, and how they got Frank Turner to guest on their show!

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The Doom Patrol attend a art house marathon of Rita’s old movies, but find themselves more captivated than originally planned. Vic attempts to reconnect with old friends.

Click here to listen to the Taste Buds discuss the season three premiere of Doom Patrol!

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