Sweet Tooth’s Sappy Sweet Series Finale


Wendy, Gus, Becky, and Big Man standing next to each other, standing in a field in the series finale of Sweet Tooth

The Superhero Show Show #540

Sweet Tooth’s Sappy Sweet Series Finale

In the latest installment of “The Superhero Show Show” podcast, the hosts delve into the series finale of “The Sweet Tooth,” focusing on episode 308 titled “This is a Story.” This episode marks a significant milestone as the beloved series concludes its journey, and the hosts leave no stone unturned in their comprehensive analysis. Alongside this, they also touch upon other popular superhero TV shows, including “The Boys” and “My Adventures With Superman,” making this podcast episode a must-listen for superhero enthusiasts.

Series Finale: “The Sweet Tooth” Episode 308 – “This is a Story”

The podcast kicks off with an in-depth discussion of “The Sweet Tooth” series finale. The hosts reflect on the journey of Gus, the hybrid deer-boy, and his companions. They explore the emotional and narrative arcs that have brought the story to this climactic point. The episode “This is a Story” is lauded for its poignant storytelling, compelling character development, and the resolution of long-standing plot threads. The hosts dissect key scenes, analyze the thematic elements, and share their thoughts on the series’ overall impact on the superhero genre.

The Boys – Dirty Business

Next, the hosts transition to a discussion about “The Boys” episode titled “Dirty Business.” This gritty and intense episode showcases the dark and morally complex world of the series. The hosts examine the shocking twists and turns, the ethical dilemmas faced by the characters, and the satirical take on superhero tropes. They also highlight standout performances and directorial choices that make this episode a standout in the series.

My Adventures With Superman – Olsen’s 11

Following their analysis of “The Boys,” the hosts shift gears to “My Adventures With Superman,” focusing on the episode “Olsen’s 11.” This lighter, more comedic take on the superhero genre offers a refreshing contrast to the darker tones of “The Boys.” The hosts discuss the heist plot, the camaraderie among the characters, and the clever nods to classic Superman lore. They appreciate the show’s balance of humor and heart, and how it captures the spirit of Superman’s world.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series – “Sins of the Father Chapter 5: Rocket Robots”

Towards the end of the podcast, the hosts revisit a classic episode of “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” titled “Sins of the Father Chapter 5: Rocket Robots.” They reminisce about the nostalgia of the 90s animated series and its influence on the superhero genre. The conversation focuses on the plot involving Spider-Man’s battle against high-tech robots and the intricate storyline involving his personal struggles. The hosts praise the animation style, voice acting, and the episode’s contribution to the overarching narrative of the series.

In conclusion, this episode of “The Superhero Show Show” podcast offers a rich and varied discussion on some of the most compelling superhero television episodes, with a special focus on the series finale of “The Sweet Tooth.” Whether you’re a fan of dark and gritty narratives or light-hearted adventures, this podcast has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive and entertaining analysis of your favorite superhero shows.

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  • The hosts debate whether the finale of Sweet Tooth stuck the landing
  • Memorable moments from the episode include a well-done action scene and the return of a beloved character
  • The hosts discuss the overall storytelling and character development in the series
  • The conversation is filled with humor and banter, making for an entertaining discussion The Boys explores the themes of power and manipulation, particularly in relation to the billionaire characters.
  • The introduction of Moolah and the Brain in My Adventures with Superman adds humor and depth to the show.
  • The heist storyline in The Boys provides an exciting and engaging plot.
  • Both shows demonstrate the importance of well-developed side characters and their impact on the overall story.
  • The hosts express their enjoyment of the unique and unexpected elements in both shows. The hosts find humor in the character development and relationships in the Spider-Man animated series.
  • They enjoy the comedic moments and references to other pop culture works.
  • The conversation highlights the transformation of the character Robert from a ‘bad boy’ to a ‘good boy.’
  • The hosts discuss the dynamics between Felicia, Peter, and the introduction of Mr. Phillips as a potential love interest. The episode features 90s elements such as skateboarding and the use of slang like ‘skitching’
  • New York is portrayed as a character through its accents and references to local news channels
  • The hosts give out awards for the best webzinger, best mover power, most 90s thing, and compliment each other
  • Upcoming episodes will focus on The Boys and Superman
Episode Breakdown

Sound Bites

  • “Did this show stick the landing?”
  • “The return of a beloved character”
  • “Fuck this show. Actually, fuck this show.”
  • “Moolah and the Brain are my new favorite characters”
  • “The Boys reveals the big bad: billionaires and the system itself”
  • “The introduction of Moolah and the Brain in My Adventures with Superman was gold”
  • “He’s a good boy. He shreds on the skateboard.”
  • “He used to be a very bad boy.”
  • “This is what we have here is a Dr. Chase Meridian example.”
  • “I always did want to hang with the homeboys.”
  • “Spider-Man, how’d you find me? I left you licking diesel exhaust.”


00:00 Introduction and Overview
09:28 Sweet Tooth Finale: Did it Stick the Landing?
23:47 The Storytelling and Character Development in Sweet Tooth
30:15 The Delightful Addition of Moolah and the Brain in My Adventures with Superman
37:42 The Exciting Heist Plotline in The Boys
45:43 The Importance of Well-Developed Side Characters
51:05 Embracing the Unique and Unexpected in TV Shows
57:51 Humor and Pop Culture References
01:01:03 Felicia, Peter, and Mr. Phillips
01:03:03 The Transformation of Robert
01:13:00 Exploring the 90s Elements in the Episode
01:16:05 New York as a Character: Accents and Local News
01:25:32 Awarding the Best Webzinger, Mover Power, and Most 90s Thing


Cassie (00:30.632)
On this week’s episode of the Superhero Show Show, we’ll find out… Who America’s favorite new couple of crime is on My Adventures with Superman? Whether or not the boys need their safe word when they are getting their feet tickled? And if Sweet Tooth stuck the landing? All of that and more on an all new episode of the Superhero Show Show.

Cassie (02:59.4)
What’s up nerds, welcome to the superhero show show. Podcasts that watch is only the best of the best comic book TV shows and reviews only those. My name is Cassie and I will be your host for this week. I am joined by my two, huh, how come, when.

Ryan (03:10.856)
You know what, Cassie, actually, since why not, since we’re recording this on America’s birthday, let’s just try you introducing Mike first.

Mike (he/him) (03:14.481)
Rude as fuck.

Cassie (03:22.888)
okay. And this is in honor of America? Okay, great, great. Very last Fourth of July, it’s a big one. I am of course joined by number one, no, no, Ryan, you put it out there, we’re committing to it, okay? We’re fucking doing it, it’s for America. Respect this country, the red, do you respect it?

Ryan (03:26.76)
and he loves america on this our last fourth of july

Ryan (03:35.592)
No, no, no, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, no. Go back to me first.

Please don’t do this.

Ryan (03:49.067)
Neither the red nor the white, either the blue nor the gold.

Cassie (03:52.008)
Well, that’s why you’re not coming on first. You know who respects all three of those colors? That’s my friend Mike.

Mike (he/him) (03:56.753)
I gotta tell you, when the new founding fathers take over and we have a new, new Independence Day, this kind of shenanigans and interrupting from Ryan will not be allowed to stand. You will get sent right to those internment camps.

Cassie (04:07.464)
Dang I was gonna say timeout zone is where my mind went but you’re this

Mike (he/him) (04:10.993)
Well, that’s what we call it for the first year, just so people are like, what? We’re not sending our enemies to prison camps. They go to the timeout zone and then they’re never heard from again. You two libs will rue the day.

Ryan (04:11.464)
Cassie (04:25.384)
Look at what you birthed. You brought this on here, Ryan. You created this. You set the scene of this boy loves the red, white, and blue.

Ryan (04:27.976)
Meet you introducing first!

Ryan (04:34.376)
Have you ever seen a smaller amount of power of getting introduced first go quicker to somebody’s head than –

Mike (he/him) (04:38.929)
And I wasn’t even you interrupted her her host due diligence

Cassie (04:46.536)
just to get a word in so we could technically bring this guy on.

Mike (he/him) (04:50.001)
If, hey new listeners, if you are wondering what this wacky energy it is, it is we are recording on 4th of July because fuck this country, this is how we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating each other.

Ryan (04:59.912)
Hey new listeners, fuck this country. Great work.

Mike (he/him) (05:04.913)
It’s what they expect.

Cassie (05:07.208)
And this is how America should be celebrated by talking about TV shows. This is the new America that everyone wants. Let’s not respect our troops, let’s respect our writers. Thank you everyone. All right.

Ryan (05:18.888)
Now when the troop strike happens, then we’ll respect them.

Mike (he/him) (05:22.033)
Oof. Don’t ask for that, my friend. It’ll come in the form of a drone.

Cassie (05:24.008)

Ryan (05:26.344)
The drone strike? do the drones need more money?

Mike (he/him) (05:28.497)

Cassie (05:30.848)
This other voice that you heard who’s technically still hasn’t been brought on yet by his request is of course Ryan.

Ryan (05:37.224)
Hey everyone, thank you so much for having me, Cassie. Mike, pleasure to see you. Happy fourth. Do you guys think this is the last one?

Mike (he/him) (05:41.617)
And also to you.

Mike (he/him) (05:45.969)
I think there will be more 4th of July. I don’t think the Gregorian calendar will change, but it’s probably the last free Independence Day.

Cassie (05:50.184)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (05:55.08)
It’s not gonna be the last day I’m gonna pound a four loco and light up some fireworks, I’ll tell you that much.

Mike (he/him) (06:00.017)
No, I mean, that’s just a daily ritual for you. How else do you wake up your neighbors?

Ryan (06:01.992)
Yeah. It’s the Riverside Alarm Clock.

Cassie (06:06.34)
They rely on me. They’re not going to make it to work on time if I’m not launching off fireworks and pounding for locos. It’s a… I’m a hero in some parts, specifically inland empire of California. Guys, we got to stop talking about America. We simply have to. We’re here to talk about TV shows, as I mentioned. This week, we are going to be covering The Boys.

Mike (he/him) (06:11.953)
The Redneck Reveille.

Cassie (06:31.208)
because you boys love the boys. We’re going to be talking about.

Ryan (06:33.384)
yeah, and that will, that’ll definitely end this talk about America and its current situation when we talk about the boys.

Cassie (06:38.664)
Yeah, for sure. Don’t mention it at all. We’ll then be talking about Spider -Man the animated series because we all love that little guy and what he’s up to. We’re going to dig into Spider -Man. My adventures with Superman, not Spider -Man, guys. It’s hot. Everyone should check it out. It’s this new joint. But before we get to all of that, let’s dive into the finale of Sweet Tooth.

Mike (he/him) (06:51.185)
Spider -Man comma, my adventures with Superman. It’s all a story being told by Spider -Man.

Ryan (06:59.336)
It’s hot.

Cassie (09:08.36)
On the series finale of Sweet Tooth, multiple gangs of people are trying to make it to the big cave to find that tree of life. Gus gets there first, followed by Dr. Kim and Singh. Everyone screams and finally Gus burns the motherfucker down. The good guys make it out alive and most of them get to grow old. Tastes buds, I ask you this, did this show stick the landing?

Mike (he/him) (09:28.785)
Cassie, I’ve been thinking that all stories end and ours ends here.

Ryan (09:35.144)
Keep rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling wood.

Mike (he/him) (09:37.617)
And the only way it could have been that we learn that little Gus is the voice we’ve heard all along. It is, I’m not lying. I’m a deer.

Cassie (09:45.032)
Shut up, is it really? Wow, I can’t believe we got Big Gus on the pod himself. I can’t believe this.

Ryan (09:53.384)
I took a picture for you guys. I didn’t think Mike was going to watch, but I took a picture for you guys. I’ll send it to you right now because we can at least get Cassie’s reaction to James Brolin as old Gus.

Mike (he/him) (09:53.393)
I’m Big Gus.

Cassie (10:00.424)
what Old Gus looks like.

Mike (he/him) (10:05.265)
Okay, I was wondering the whole time I was watching this episode. So to review the on the current listeners, Ryan didn’t think I was going to watch you. He was like, there’s a shot I need to send you. And I was like, okay. so instead of like paying attention to the plot or heavy emotional beats, I was just like, what frame? What is it?

Cassie (10:05.48)
Cassie (10:20.488)

And it was worth it. This is some Narnia Mr. Tumnus like Santa Claus shit. This is… We’re in it.

Mike (he/him) (10:26.449)
yeah. That is my next Halloween costume for sure. I was thinking that the whole time and Wendy is his wife. She’s the pig girl, Cassie. So yeah, I’m going to make my wife dress up as a pig lady. She’s not going to understand any of it.

Ryan (10:31.752)
Old guys.

Cassie (10:40.364)
Respectfully, I feel like no babe. I need you to put this on this pig nose. Don’t worry about it

Ryan (10:41.672)
I’ll be

Ryan (10:46.024)
I’m gonna be Bear and Cassie’s gonna be Big Man. And the four of us will go trick or treating. Yep.

Mike (he/him) (10:50.673)
Becky with the good bear? Did we say that ever? Because I thought of that in the series finale, finally.

Cassie (10:56.84)
Worth it.

Ryan (10:56.84)
Well, we’ll probably go back into our previous episodes and drop that in.

Mike (he/him) (11:01.329)
Ryan, do you think it stuck the landing?

Ryan (11:03.464)
I was going to ask you that, Mike. I think you didn’t watch it, Cassie. Here’s what I will say. The show is really counting on you getting so wrapped up in the emotion of the characters and the mystery that it asks you to ignore thousands of plot holes that are roughly the size of a giant tree of life. They just in this in the last back half of the season, but especially in this episode.

Mike (he/him) (11:05.297)
I was first. Cassie, you’re lazy.

Cassie (11:06.088)
Why weren’t you gonna ask me?


Ryan (11:32.712)
They’ve just done whatever they want whenever they wanted to get to the dramatic scenes that they needed.

Mike (he/him) (11:37.329)
Right, you’ve been talking about the Game of Thrones -iness of it all, of geography is nothing. I think frigid below temperature is nothing. So many people are just like in a hoodie and are totally fine. I will say that they didn’t try to explain it. It’s like, I don’t know, Magic Tree makes hybrid, shut up. Don’t look into it. And it was like, you know what, show? I’m so sick of other shows over -explaining shit. So this like, is it fate? Who gives a fuck?

Ryan (11:48.264)

Cassie (11:58.024)

Mike (he/him) (12:07.473)
fine because I will say the relationships that I do care about that I think they did the most on of Becky Wendy, Gus Wendy, and Gus Big Man. All of those moments in this last season but in this finale hit for me and even though there’s a lot of cheese dickery in this finale, Gus talking to Big Man as he slowly dies. I don’t give a shit what other stuff is cheesy. That all got to me.

Ryan (12:33.384)
And when you say slowly dies, you mean for a season and a half this guy has been dying.

Mike (he/him) (12:36.753)
Yeah, he’s somebody every half episode somebody different would stab him. And even though all of his friends knew everybody would pretend like he wasn’t sad until he went on and they go what he goes nothing and a different part of his body would gush blood.

Ryan (12:54.728)
I think that the two, here are the two big ones that stand out to me. And I think that they’re like, they represent two different types of cheating, I guess. You’re right about your, you all of a sudden became Brian Regan when you pitched the show about Tree of Life.

Mike (he/him) (13:02.641)
Mm -hmm.

Mike (he/him) (13:09.233)
Big yellow one’s the sun.

Cassie (13:11.08)

Mike (he/him) (13:13.265)
that Brian Rican I just want to make sure we’re talking about the same

Cassie (13:14.312)
I’m gonna go.

Ryan (13:16.232)
That was more of like a Stallone child. Like in the new show Stallone Babies, they all talk like that. But Dr. Kim is so intent on doing this. Like the ticking clock of the show is her pregnant daughter. She doesn’t want her to give birth to a hybrid. And if we figure out the thing, her vagina will just know, the disease is over. I will take these antlers or wings away.

Mike (he/him) (13:18.961)

Mike (he/him) (13:43.121)
Yeah, the whole time I was like, this is not how fetal development happens, man. That thing was animal in the third trimester.

Ryan (13:51.092)
Which I wish some doctor would have said that to her.

Mike (he/him) (13:55.025)
Well, Dr. Singh was like, well, I’m not a doctor anymore, so I’m not going to tell you this.

Ryan (13:59.336)
And again, it’s Dr. Kim and Singh. You mean that Singh is the actual doctor. I thought you meant my karaoke name, Dr. Singh.

Mike (he/him) (14:04.849)
You are Dr. Singh, S -I -N -G. This is the character Dr. Singh, S -I -N -G -H. The character Helen Zeng played Dr. Kim in the OC, which is how we know of her. All right, what’s up, new listeners? How are you all doing?

Ryan (14:20.936)
Kid from Tito Goes to High School, Dr. Kid Principal.

Mike (he/him) (14:22.769)
I’m sorry.

Ryan (14:26.696)
Is Brian Reing in the cave, man? Okay. The other cheat I love that I think that we probably, it happens all the time in movies and whether or not we pick it out and talk about it is I think to the movie or TV shows, you know, favor. Like is this show doing a good job? We noticed last. Bertie and Big Man and Gus had a whole Raiders of the Lost Ark intro trying to get into the big tree. It was very difficult. There was freezing cold water.

Mike (he/him) (14:28.369)

Mike (he/him) (14:41.329)

Ryan (14:53.384)
There was frozen flowers that were waking up to poison them. Many ordeals. Then they turn around five seconds after being there and Dr. Kim from the OC and her entire gang is just there. Totally fine. And, it’s the hats and the spurs and the buttless chap.

Mike (he/him) (14:58.225)
Hell yeah.

Mike (he/him) (15:06.705)
Well, they have the power of cowboys, Ryan.

Cassie (15:09.192)
That’s powerful.

Cassie (15:14.216)
Well, the butts should be definitely in the chaps. There should be butt in the chaps. Good. Great.

Mike (he/him) (15:18.961)
No, this is all hanging out, especially in Alaska. These are frozen tushies.

Ryan (15:25.544)
So yeah, it’s stuff like that that you can roll your eyes about or you can hate on. I bet that happened all over the internet as people like, if anybody was watching this, it’s just like, this makes the show stupid. But ultimately, especially compared to a lot of other streaming shows that we’ve watched that really are just have hours and hours of episodes for seemingly no reason with almost no emotion, I will say that ultimately this season and this show was a success.

Mike (he/him) (15:29.617)

Mike (he/him) (15:52.401)
And that’s the, I mean, you’re so many of our shows, but that’s been the Netflix school of thought is just put flashy bullshit every once in a while, play a fun song. Like Netflix has forgotten how to show human character. And you’re right, Ryan. If you just give us a couple characters to actually care about, we’ll let the other shit slide.

Ryan (16:12.808)
We need actors to care about. That’s why they’re called care actors. Like it’s right there in the name. It’s not that hard. Let’s get to the biggest mystery part. I’ve been predicting most of the season that big man can’t make it out. Along with butcher, we’ve had the big man butcher death race 2000 all season. And then at the end, Gus sits him down. They make it out of the cave. Gus sits him down and tells him a story.

Mike (he/him) (16:17.393)
Care actors, exactly. That’s how they got their name.

Mike (he/him) (16:34.609)

Ryan (16:41.16)
that big man’s not in he’s like what about someone who looks like me and he’s like fuck yeah big man was there too and then

Mike (he/him) (16:47.857)
Yeah, we’re choosing syrup and chugging it and that’s how you know that is not real Gus is lying

Ryan (16:50.984)

These bitches get their maple on. And then we flash forward to the future and all the kids are happy. We make it all the way up to Antler Brolin and Big Man is there for part of it. But is he?

Mike (he/him) (17:07.569)
No, that’s the part that is the lie is in the journey Gus is telling me is like, yeah, we go back to the sanctuary. These happens and big men walks out and they cheers the syrup. Big man never left Alaska, my friend.

Ryan (17:17.544)
I, this to me is very ham -fisted and heavy -handed. With a heavy ham, did I watch this show?

Mike (he/him) (17:25.849)
So you’re saying Wendy got a little… She’s a heavy hand by the end of her life? She’s the pig girl.

Ryan (17:31.048)
More pig jokes from you.

Cassie (17:32.072)
to… Yeah. What part of it was like the fact that he like made it out or like they…

Ryan (17:38.824)
The whole attempt to make us question what’s going on and try to, I think that they tried to do something that has been done much better in other stories and it just sort of fell apart. I don’t think that they achieved what they meant to, including Gus in the stories. I was like, Gus will become this folk hero, or I’m sorry, big man will become this folk hero.

Cassie (17:42.792)

Ryan (17:44.955)
Mike (he/him) (17:58.833)

Cassie (18:01.)
Gotcha. Did it feel like it was because they rushed it? Well, I mean, he slowly died a whole season, so I feel like that’s insane. But like this part, was it like they just kind of squished an ending and just made it like unhappily ever after? It just felt.

Mike (he/him) (18:06.705)

Ryan (18:13.064)
Yeah, it felt more like having our cake and eating it too, instead of making decisions. This can be done very well where we sort of, you know, I actually, I’ve watched Furiosa recently and there is a similar ending that is also about stories. I thought that Sweet Tooth is the only thing that can be about stories. I thought they had dibs on that and they’ve had it for years. But I think even in Furiosa, a disappointing movie, did this whole thing better of what happens with legends and lore and characters. I feel like.

I know what they were trying to do and it just didn’t work.

Cassie (18:45.352)
Gotcha. Was big man the only one who RIP’d? Took the big nap?

Mike (he/him) (18:51.377)
No, Sing, for his own, he’s a character I think I will like. Like by the end, like by the end of it, like not like the actions he does, but I think he is a good character because most shows a guy is a bad guy and then he flips and he’s like, now I’m a good guy. And Sing the whole time has had his own agenda. And I think the actor does a lot of the work here, but up until midway through this season series finale, it looked like he was going to kill Gus.

Cassie (19:21.256)

Mike (he/him) (19:21.864)
to save humanity. And finally, I think Gus at some point gives a speech of, I thought humans were saving, I think I was wrong. And I think that gets to sing and sing shoves Gus out of the way as magical falling rocks are killing people and sacrifice himself. And not, it’s not like crunch done. He slowly withers away. Like he is, he probably starves to death or bleeds out under those rocks. It is not a quick death.

Cassie (19:49.064)

Mike (he/him) (19:49.937)
But I thought it was a good end to the character.

Cassie (19:52.264)

Ryan (19:52.552)
And let’s not forget about his final move, which is saves Gus, tells them how to get to safety, and then slowly holds up one antler to the camera saying, yes, I accept animal parts.

Mike (he/him) (20:06.417)
I don’t know if I caught that. No.

Ryan (20:08.616)
No? Somebody who wasn’t a hybrid but might as well be based on her fucking name, Birdie, also does not make it out. Seeing accidentally stabs her to death. that was last week?

Mike (he/him) (20:20.497)
Well, she died last week, but yeah. Bertie dead this whole finale. She’s just like the Jigsaw in the first Saw movie. Her corpse is just in the middle of all the drama of this episode in that cave.

Ryan (20:33.608)
And people stop tripping over the body, like, move it out of the way or something.

Cassie (20:39.304)
should we go to Moments of the Week?

Ryan (20:42.472)

Cassie (20:43.72)
Okay, Ryan, you go.

Mike (he/him) (20:44.433)

Ryan (20:46.824)
I’m gonna go. I thought that there was actually a pretty well done action scene here towards the beginning of the episode. Now this might’ve been last episode of the episode before that. I watched all three of them this week, but the thing that culminates in Wendy, just fucking Huck and Dynamite video game style towards a bunch of barrels filled with oil and the camera goes down and really focuses on the sticker that says flammable.

Mike (he/him) (21:12.561)
Ha ha ha

Ryan (21:12.68)
on the oil can so we know. And use of slow motion that I thought would absolutely seem hacky as they all like turn corners with their guns or their bats or their crowbars or whatever. That whole segment I think helped put us in the place where we could be like, all right, goodbye to the action portion of this series. Now let’s get to all of the ending. Was that the second to last episode? Cool, cool, cool, cool.

Mike (he/him) (21:30.417)
Mm -hmm.

Mike (he/him) (21:34.897)
Yeah, I think so.

Cassie (21:38.408)
and my quarter -by -years.

Mike (he/him) (21:39.665)
Mine was in this episode. But it’s a mystery, let’s move on. Now, it’s also, I love Becky, AKA Bear, I think she’s a dope character. And she, Ryan mentioned Furio, so she definitely pulls something out of the Mad Max universe where she’s in a fast moving snowmobile and jumps off of it because somebody’s been, one of the people on her team has been firing harpoons to drain the diesel out of the bad guy’s truck, right? Overly complicated. But this,

Cassie (21:41.672)
Great, I love that.

Ryan (21:41.768)
Mike (he/him) (22:08.785)
14 year old who has no training jumps from one moving vehicle to another fights off a dog boy Attaches a chain to his back so he can’t get to succeed and then Goes in and fucks with the guy driving. All of it was rocked and I love that character and it was cool

Ryan (22:25.992)
And then my other moment of the week that Mike sort of brought up is the little cute fox girl.

Mike (he/him) (22:34.129)
Yo, yeah, yeah.

Ryan (22:35.464)
who has to be blowing up on the internet. If you go to websites that I would never go to just seems like created for a certain type of weirdo. she suggests to do what like her dad used to do. And then her mom was like, yeah. Yeah. How do you kill whales? And I was like, well, I know it’s harpoons, but obviously you have something else. You’re going to say something cool. And she was like, Harpoons. Yeah.

Mike (he/him) (22:47.825)

Mike (he/him) (22:57.617)
Yeah, I thought they were gonna be like, big fucking guns or something like, the same way you kill anything else. Lightning. Yeah.

Cassie (22:57.704)

Ryan (23:04.456)
Storms lightning.

Cassie (23:08.936)
This little Mad Max part, you guys have done it, you’ve convinced me I should go back and watch this season. So you know what? I say it’s stuck the landing.

Ryan (23:16.2)
Although, Cassie, I would skip maybe the last five minutes because we didn’t talk about me and Mike’s actual co -moment of the week. Your boy’s back.

Cassie (23:22.44)

Which boy? The little gopher dude Bobby? Fucking Bobby?

Mike (he/him) (23:27.313)
yeah, yeah, that’s that’s the there’s the image where I was like, this is what Ryan meant is not only is Bobby back, but he’s on like a baby Bjorn on the elephant kid as both of them like eight handed fix something as they’re building their new Robin Hood Prince of Thieves village.

Ryan (23:27.592)
Bobby’s, Bobby’s back.

Cassie (23:37.256)

Cassie (23:44.52)
Fuck this show. Actually, fuck this show.

Ryan (23:47.048)
cassie bob is back on baby door

Mike (he/him) (23:49.233)

Cassie (23:52.616)
That is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Great. But do I get to see… Do I have to see his fucked up face with his little two spread apart eyes that never focus in on one spot? Bobby, get off here. Bobby, you freak. Well, that’s the end of Sweet Tooth. It went out how it should on a freak note.

Mike (he/him) (23:54.577)
Blissfully, he doesn’t have any lines.

Ryan (23:57.8)
Hi Bobby.

Mike (he/him) (23:58.993)
Mike (he/him) (24:03.761)
Yeah, I’ve c – Cassie, give me a hug!

Ryan (24:07.656)
Kathy tickled my feet so I can rub one out.

Mike (he/him) (24:13.521)

Cassie (24:19.176)
If you want to watch it, it’s on Netflix and that’s all the time we have to talk about that. But I do have some time to talk about a website, which I believe Mike, you’ve been working on for a hot minute.

Mike (he/him) (24:29.073)
Yeah, I will never have kids because I don’t believe in the future, but I do want to make money off of those who do have kids. And I know that kids, they want cool street cred. They want music, right? They want things that are neat. And so go to Peter Baby Bjorn and John. And that is where I’m selling my baby Bjorns that each one, a la the Hallmark cards that play 45 seconds of a song.

Cassie (24:32.584)

Cassie (24:42.28)
They love music.

Ryan (24:43.912)
and street cred.

Mike (he/him) (24:54.801)
The minute you put your baby in this Peter baby Bjorn and John it will start playing a different indie song from the early 2000s

Ryan (25:01.224)

Mike (he/him) (25:03.217)
Yeah, there’s a lot of the whistling tunes.

Ryan (25:05.94)
And a lot about songs like about home and like violence and fiddles for no reason.

Cassie (25:06.088)
What if a –

Mike (he/him) (25:08.721)

Cassie (25:09.32)
take me home. I love this idea, but what if you start to realize that your baby isn’t soothed by these sounds? What are you gonna do for those parents?

Mike (he/him) (25:21.457)
What do you mean? well, we have our Peter, Baby Bjorn, and John After Dark series, and you’re gonna get your Enter Sandmans, your Mudvains Dig, your Slipknot’s Wait and Bleed. So yeah, there’s the heavier set. So if whistling doesn’t do it for your baby, maybe some drop D tune -age will.

Cassie (25:23.88)

Cassie (25:42.376)
Perfect, and it’s gonna be one of those too.

Ryan (25:42.6)
And this, does it like vibrate to the beat of the music or anything? Is this like a D -box at the movie theater?

Mike (he/him) (25:47.889)
Yeah, it’s a D -Box at the movie theater. I definitely know what this means. of course, each one, like the shins, it’ll be the cover of Inverted World and that thick fabric that’s supposed to be cleanable, but isn’t at all, the baby shit comes in. So stuff like that.

Cassie (25:54.056)
Now let’s talk about design here. We got any cool prints on these these baddies?

Cassie (26:08.584)
Mm -hmm.

Ryan (26:10.6)
What about the ones that play like the song 1999?

Mike (he/him) (26:14.897)
What would that be?

Ryan (26:16.104)
Yeah, any cool prints there?

Mike (he/him) (26:17.969)
That’s the coolest prints. It’s Prince’s fingerprints.

Ryan (26:22.984)
Speaker Princeio.

Cassie (26:25.372)
Fuck. Nevermind, gross. Well, Mike, I believe in this product and more specifically, I believe in you. But I don’t believe in your ability to… that’s good. But hold on to this because I don’t believe you can make a website, but I believe you can make a great product. But because you can’t make a website, I’m gonna send you over to my friends. That’s cybersprout .net. Have you heard of them?

Mike (he/him) (26:32.081)
Thank you. You don’t know how much I needed that.

Mike (he/him) (26:41.169)
Mike (he/him) (26:48.913)
You know what? It rings a bell, but not really. Could you inform me?

Cassie (26:52.456)
I would love to. They got design experts and they’re well versed in digital strategy, elegant design, and they combine the two masterfully. Masterfully. That’s how you say that word. They work. They work in and with you. Get it. Cybersprout .net, your partner for digital world. Go check them out. They’ll handle everything website for you. That is it for this segment. Let’s go talk about more TV shows.

Cassie (30:16.264)
Alright, we’re back to talk about more shows. Starting it off, let’s talk about The Boys.

Mike (he/him) (30:21.009)
On episode 406 of The Boys, the end game is starting to appear as Homelander reveals his project 2025 to some select billionaires at Tech Night’s house party, while Hugh is getting tortured by the aforementioned Tech Night and Ashley, but not tortured in the way they think he is. Meanwhile, Butcher and Kessler are playing bad cop, worst cop with Samir to give him the cook up a Homelander killing virus, which reveals something interesting to Butcher. Tasty Ryan asks you this, with all the pieces moving in place.

What do we think Sage’s goal is?

Ryan (30:52.847)
Probably keep getting shot in the fucking head. So she could like enjoy cake and stuff. And this was a weird episode for cake. Lots of different feelings towards cake going on here. We’ll get to all of them, absolutely. But I was kind of stoked about Mother’s Milk shooting Sage in the head. Not that I don’t like Sage’s character. And it’s not that I’m mad at that actress for being in the show Powers and want her gone.

Mike (he/him) (30:57.777)
Yeah, she’d love that cake.


Mike (he/him) (31:13.361)

Ryan (31:22.088)
But I just thought it was a big move, like a big permanent move that isn’t the kind of thing that is often done on this show, you know? Especially a week after Huey’s dad dying, which I do want to shout out you and super guest star Nate did a wonderful job covering the end of Simon Pegg’s run on this show. But yeah, so I was hoping that that was going to be a little bit more permanent.

Mike (he/him) (31:25.521)
Bold. Yeah.

Mike (he/him) (31:42.321)
Thank you.

Ryan (31:48.52)
Instead, I think what we get is the big bad of this show is now very clearly, and there is no curtains to draw back here. There is no subtext to crawl through. It is our current country and the current situation.

Mike (he/him) (32:03.249)
Yeah, it’s the billionaires. Homelander pitches what I’m calling his project 2025. If you don’t know what that is, go read it up and be a little horrified, folks. And the billionaires are like, are you a child? Who’s going to deal with the Justice Department? Who’s going to do this? And he’s like, I don’t know. While these billionaires who we thought were going to be stupid, like the rest of the humans need out of his hand, dress him down in a way nobody has because nobody has powers, but they have

real power, which is of course money. And then Newman has to save his ass politically because that’s what she is actually good at.

Ryan (32:39.976)
Yeah, Ashley’s gone, right? Homelander’s basically given her the boot and a lot of times she would handle stuff like that. Maybe not with policy, but with smoothing things over. Sage is in the corner as a cake eater. So he looks at her multiple times, like, are you going to jump in here? And she’s just, just noshing down on food. I don’t know why, was the bullet just placed so perfectly that it gave her brain damage and not killed her?

Mike (he/him) (32:48.817)

Mike (he/him) (33:06.097)
I think she died, but like her superpower is the same reason a few episodes deep could lobotomize her, is her brain will always heal and grow back. She’s got Wolverine brain. And so I think she did die, but then she came back and just takes a while.

Ryan (33:15.4)
She’s got Wolverine brain. I see.

Ryan (33:23.304)
Okay, so that is his superpower and maybe MM should have shot her literally anywhere else if that’s the case. But yeah, I think that one of the most revealing telling parts of this episode is that when the Homelander starts his speech to the billionaires, he’s like, the others, the brown people, they’re getting in from the border, they’re attacking, they’re ruining this country, the Libs and the Mexicans and they’re like, don’t fucking boogeyman us.

Mike (he/him) (33:31.633)
Well, he didn’t know.

Mike (he/him) (33:49.297)

Ryan (33:50.088)
We already know that’s bullshit. We made that up to scare other people. Like you have to tell us the real stuff.” And he was like, I don’t know the real stuff though.

Mike (he/him) (34:00.305)
Who do we think is like that who doesn’t know the real stuff, but does have unnaturally dyed hair and thinks he’s a superhero?

Cassie (34:05.32)
Ryan (34:12.072)
and pulls his gray pubes out and probably saves them.

Mike (he/him) (34:14.609)
and drinks from all the milky titties.

Ryan (34:16.744)
Is it Joseph Robindale Biden?

Mike (he/him) (34:18.833)
It’s probably Joseph Robindale Biden, who I don’t think is anybody’s name.

Ryan (34:25.352)
What’s his middle name? Robinson’s May? Robinette. much manlier.

Mike (he/him) (34:26.673)
I think it’s Robinette. Like a little Robin. He’s a little Robin.

Cassie (34:30.376)
Little baby Robin.

Ryan (34:33.576)
His name is Joe Robin. Yes. Okay. Weird middle name. Et. His name is Joe. I will name my baby Joe Robinette. but yeah. And then Newman steps up and she is at that point that I think so many Trump lackeys are where they’re like, we’re just too far in, you know, it’s either like drop out, let the libs win, potentially go to jail or just push this experiment of America all the way to its breaking, breaking point. And that’s where Newman is.

Cassie (34:52.247)
I’m sorry.

Mike (he/him) (34:57.745)

Mike (he/him) (35:01.713)
And she’s interesting because she is on the Lib side, politically, outwardly, right? But so now, because all of them are like, why is she here? And she is a craven politician, so she is gonna jump to whatever side she can get the most power at.

Ryan (35:19.336)
Yeah. And I think like a lot of these politicians are just like, they don’t understand the repercussions. They just have this one mode of go forward. This is in the show and in real life. And they do become like used car salesmen who just, this is my job is just to get as much money from people as possible. I don’t think about the repercussions for me or them or the economy or whatever. Right. And so I do think that they think that America has this elasticity to bounce back.

Mike (he/him) (35:36.593)

Six months out tops.

Ryan (35:47.048)
from all the damage they’re doing. They just can’t stop now. And I’m starting to think that might not be true, Mike.

Mike (he/him) (35:52.017)
Yeah, no, I mean, I don’t even think it’s, America will be fine. It’s fill my pockets. That’s all that matters.

Ryan (36:00.232)
Well then why don’t we put candy or something in there? Like, why, let’s fill their pockets.

Mike (he/him) (36:04.657)
It’s fill their pockets. But like so many movies are, they’re gonna fill those pockets and then the water is gonna come in and then that’s what will drown them, hopefully. But I think by revealing the big, big bad is billionaires and the system itself. I think the boys, no matter who wins, we all lose. Just like in real life.

Ryan (36:22.536)
And Sage is the one who sort of talks Newman into this before her brain damage by saying, I cure cancer and the doctors laughed at me. So I watched my grandmother die painfully. I could cure cancer again. It would take me five minutes. But the only way that women like us are going to be ever listened to or ever get anything done rather than ever going to be listened to, but ever get anything done is to have one hand in their pockets, which I do think has a double meaning. And then one hand at their throats and you just can’t telegraph it.

Mike (he/him) (36:33.361)

Ryan (36:52.584)
Men telegraph the strength with nothing behind it. Women have to telegraph weakness and have all the strength, basically.

Mike (he/him) (36:55.921)

Mike (he/him) (37:00.497)
Yes, a la Alanis Morissette, they got one hand in their pockets, the hand slitting a fucking throat. But yeah, that’s why I’m glad Sage didn’t die and I think she isn’t the big bad. I think she’s just the smartest person in the room without any scruples and is moving literally everybody. I think everything that everybody does except for butcher, because nobody knows what’s going on in that guy’s brain right now, she is manipulating all of it and it’s gonna come out on top.

Ryan (37:08.232)
Next time, go ahead.

Ryan (37:29.704)
Newman also has like said something that I think is really telling where she says, you guys are the billionaires. Everyone in this room is a billionaire. I think at one point Sage says that like, you know, 80 % of the country’s wealth is in this room right now or something. And she says, you guys are billionaires. So obviously you’re smart enough to know what to do. Why would we have restrictions on what you can do if you’re, if you made it to a billionaire, you’re obviously smart enough to know. And I do think that that is

Mike (he/him) (37:42.033)

Ryan (37:56.648)
a lot of what people on the other side of us think is, poor people, is that they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t smart. But the one thing that these people aren’t smart enough to know, and I’m interested to see how Sage is going to deal with it, it really feels like that these brilliant billionaires do not have long term plans about how things should work. It really is just get that money now. And I wanted to ask you, Mike, if one of the…

Mike (he/him) (38:00.177)

Mike (he/him) (38:03.985)
Mm -hmm.

Mike (he/him) (38:17.777)

Ryan (38:24.168)
Untalked about characters, at least on this show so far. I don’t think we’ve given enough due is A -Train. And A -Train has multiple moments in this episode, like he has all season. And he is becoming a lead, if not like of his own story, not the ensemble story. From this movie that he’s making with Will Ferrell, that is obvious trash to his dealings with his family to kind of stabbing the Homelander in the back. And he was the leak for…

Mike (he/him) (38:28.752)

Ryan (38:53.256)
what happened when the Libs fought the Conservatives earlier. What do you think of A -Train’s story so far?

Mike (he/him) (38:56.497)
Yeah, he’s the double agent. I like this guy a lot. And I like it because it doesn’t, and maybe this is like the story lover in me, not the reality believer in me. It doesn’t make sense for everybody who’s this deep, for none of them to flip. And I think they’re dealing with his multiple identities very well. He is a super powered fascist, but he is also a black man. So he has to deal with both of those truths at once. And depending on what room he’s in, those identities will come out stronger.

and that he does have a bit of a heart. Yeah, I think when this show ends, we’re gonna zoom out and be like, we thought it was like Huey’s journey and it was Atrion’s journey the whole time.

Ryan (39:36.744)
Yeah, just like how the office turned out to be about Pam the entire time. There’s, I think, an incredible scene in here where they’re at Tech Night’s house and the way that Tech Night talks to him, talking about how this wealth doesn’t come from entertainment, that can make you a multimillionaire. This is 11 generations of wealth. That’s the only way to be a billionaire. And that’s not from brilliance, might I add. That doesn’t make him brilliant.

Mike (he/him) (39:55.185)

Ryan (40:01.544)
his family has been rich for that long because they were given that ability. And he brings up to A -Train how the whole family started with slave catchers. And A -Train sort of realizes in that moment that he is one of the most powerful people in the world, both literally, power, right, superpower, but also with fame and what he can do to affect the world. He’s one of the most powerful people in the country or the planet. And when he gets into these rooms, his blackness,

Mike (he/him) (40:10.225)

Ryan (40:29.)
will always define him first. His otherness will always define him before any other power does. And Tech Knight makes sure to let him know that you’re in this room, but you’re lucky to be because my great -great -great -great -great -great -great -grandfather probably would have and did catch yours.

Mike (he/him) (40:30.993)

Mike (he/him) (40:44.401)
Yeah, and he basically does say that. He’s like, if great granddad was alive, he’d love chasing you or some disgusting crazy shit.

Cassie (40:55.112)
Is it time for Moments of the Week?

Mike (he/him) (40:57.265)
Yeah, the only thing we didn’t get to is like the quote -unquote big thing, but like I don’t actually care. Is it revealed that a Jeffrey Dean Morgan Kessler was in Butcher’s head just like Becca has been the whole time. So they are the angel and the devil in Butcher’s brain making him do things.

Cassie (41:13.352)

Ryan (41:13.608)
Yeah, he talks, Jeopardy Morgan talks to Becca, and Butcher’s like, Wait a minute, Gov ‘na!

Mike (he/him) (41:16.913)
That reveal was like, that was pretty good. And then I, a beat and I was like, no, all this makes sense. But that first reveal where he’s like, shut the fuck up to Becca trying to get Butcher to do something good. I was like,

Ryan (41:30.376)
And then we get a clip show of flashbacks. Yeah, we understand what’s happening to the boys, but we do get to see all these times where Butcher was with Jeffery Dean Morgan. He was actually by himself. And I think one of them should have been outside of a bar and getting punched or punching somebody in the ear. And Jeffery Dean Morgan just wasn’t there.

Mike (he/him) (41:33.201)
That’s what I didn’t need.

Mike (he/him) (41:51.441)
and going to hand him the beer and it just drops on the ground.

Ryan (41:54.852)
or at a dinner table with his wife and it turns out that none of them were ever there because the sixth sense.

Mike (he/him) (42:04.156)
But that is clearly like the big moment for the that the show thought was gonna be the big moment this episode and it’s not they did so many other things well this episode

Ryan (42:13.256)
Yeah, I don’t think we had our big farm set piece like we did last week, which again, you and Nate crushed talking about. And that was truly like. I don’t know. That was some bravura filmmaking at the farm. But one more thing I want to talk to you about before we get out of here is that. Huey is raped and raped for a while. And although it’s not maybe your textbook, what you think of as rape, like sexually assaulted for.

Mike (he/him) (42:16.785)


Mike (he/him) (42:27.377)
The firm ruled.

Mike (he/him) (42:40.817)
Mm -hmm.

Ryan (42:42.984)
what could be hours on end. And the very last, one of the very last things in this episode is we see that Huey’s not taking it all that well, that it’s really hard to have that happen to you. And he sort of flips it to him being sad about his dad. And it’s also a little bit played for laughs. And I’m a little bit worried about how the boys handles all this happening to Huey.

Mike (he/him) (43:03.441)
I think the in scene as it was happening was played for laughs. I think Huey’s breakdown with Annie was played pretty straight. I don’t, because Annie didn’t make fun of him, none of the other boys were there to be like, some people pay to get tickled, blah, blah, blah. It just like, the emotion I thought hung there in that scene.

Ryan (43:25.736)
Yeah. I just, we’ll see if this is a continued through line because I get, but he did like mostly talk about his dad. So are we just going to deal with all of Huey’s trauma, which is what TV is all about now, or are we going to actually focus on the fact that he had all of this happen to him at Tech Nights? Yeah.

Mike (he/him) (43:42.385)
No, it’s going to be all wound together.

Moment of the week.

Ryan (43:48.442)
Yeah. Me? I don’t know if you guys remember this, but about five years ago, probably, which means 10 or 15, if you’re talking to me, there was this trend online where a lot of people were paying to either have cakes sent to them or just watch videos of cakes being farted on and where you could see the frosting take a little indent because of the blast of

Mike (he/him) (43:50.769)

Mike (he/him) (44:15.249)

Ryan (44:17.512)
air out of the butt. I forgot about that trend and I thought if I had remembered I would have thought we’re done with this forever. The boys brings it back in full glory in this episode and I had no choice to make it my moment of the week. Fart cake.

Cassie (44:28.68)
I’m sorry.

Mike (he/him) (44:31.313)
Fart cake. Mine is in the big billionaire room. Sage is sitting in the corner. It’s before she’s housing the cake. Newman goes in there and they give each other like little like what up nods. We have the secret plan within the secret plan. And they do the back and forth nod after Newman has done her like I saved Homelander’s ass. And then Sage gives her the nod again. And Newman’s like, okay, I guess I’ll not get back. And then Sage is just like nodding.

Cassie (44:31.912)

Mike (he/him) (44:59.889)
enthusiastically at her and it was very fucking funny. It doesn’t all have to be blood and cum to make people laugh. Them nodding at each other while Newman is confused at what’s happening was so funny.

Cassie (45:00.936)
Thank you.

Cassie (45:12.936)
The boys is on Thursdays on Prime. Next up, let’s talk about my adventures with Superman. On the seventh episode of season two of my adventures with Superman, Lois and Jimmy have come up with a mission to go to space and bring Clark and all they need to do to pull this off is break into Star Labs and steal a spaceship. In order to get this all done, they recruit Livewire and her hot girlfriend Heatwave and Jimmy’s best pals and my new favorite characters, Moolah and the Brain. Taste buds, I ask you, have you known about Moolah and the Brain the whole time and just been hiding it from me?

Mike (he/him) (45:42.897)
Yeah, they were in an episode in season one.

Cassie (45:45.032)
That’s what it seemed like and I fucking love these two little guys. They’re so good.

Mike (he/him) (45:48.657)
They’re fucking awesome. I do think they showed up for an episode of Doom Patrol. They are in the beat like, they’re one of the weirder corners of DC. I don’t think they’re always lovers. That’s one of the things this show made better. And the way Moolah and the brain tell stories, it’s like paper doll versions of themselves adventuring. I could use all of that all the time.

Ryan (45:49.864)
They didn’t Doom Patrol, were they?

Cassie (45:58.184)

Ryan (46:08.776)

Cassie (46:12.296)
At first, it was a real up and down moment for me. I saw them come on the screen and I was like, come on, dude. And then they started to talk and I was like, you guys fucking nailed it. This is gold. You nailed it.

Ryan (46:21.768)
Honestly, we don’t have, I don’t have the DC comic knowledge that I do with Marvel. I’ve never read them in a comic before. Like my first, the first thing I said was Doom Patrol, maybe they were in, because I don’t even have TV knowledge either. I don’t even know if they were on that show, but I see what you’re saying, Cassie, in that when they first come on screen, you’re like, did you spin a wheel of weird shit? And it came up Brain and Gorilla and now they’re here. Okay, cool. But that’s just what they look like.

Cassie (46:37.164)
I’m sorry.

Cassie (46:43.496)
Mm -hmm.

Ryan (46:49.352)
That’s just the initial initial premise. Once they start talking to our characters and with each other, then you’re like, all right, be here forever, please get a spinoff show as fast as possible.

Mike (he/him) (46:49.425)

Mike (he/him) (46:56.465)

Cassie (46:59.048)
They’re delightful. They were the perfect addition to this whole crew that was needed for the heist. As soon as I saw the title and it’s like Jimmy’s 11 or whatever. This would be the only thing you two would jump on so enthusiastically to scream at me for is the fact that I didn’t get their little pun thing and said the name wrong.

Mike (he/him) (47:09.009)
Olsen’s 11, cuz Jimmy’s 11 isn’t a pun, ya jackass.

Ryan (47:09.416)
Olsen’s 11 come at ocean ocean and Olsen are basically the same word Cassie Jimmy’s 11

Cassie (47:24.456)
You fucking assholes. But yes, you fucking asshole. I did. Every day.

Mike (he/him) (47:26.481)
You gained it right! You’re the fucking asshole. You didn’t have to bring it up at all. Show your whole ass. You’re showing your whole ass!

Ryan (47:34.472)
Why don’t you put on some ass full chaps instead of wearing those chaps that show your whole ass?

Cassie (47:38.824)
You take it back, not on this day of America. Ass needs to be out. But yes, sorry, Olsen’s 11. And from the title, I was hyped because it’s gonna be a good little heist. And them having to break into Star Labs and recruit mercenaries and the evil, just fun.

Mike (he/him) (47:43.025)
Ha ha!

Ryan (47:46.664)
Thank you.

Ryan (47:58.248)
Last week, I believe, we had none of these people. And so now we have the opposite side of last week’s episode, where it is all of the side characters and then Superman. All right, no Superman, rather. Is this considered bold in today’s TV landscape that they would do something like this?

Mike (he/him) (48:18.225)
split up bit main cache like that.

Ryan (48:20.68)
Instead of taking these two episodes, right, make it a two -parter and then go Superman, Olsen’s 11, Superman, Olsen’s 11, they did it this way. And I was surprised and just a little bit stoked to see something different.

Mike (he/him) (48:27.857)

Mike (he/him) (48:35.025)
Right, and what I appreciate is in both episodes then, it’s room to breathe. And so characters get good moments because if they were A -plot -B plotting it, there would be no little character moments. So much of Mulala in the brain would just be there, not… Wait, Mulala’s that girl. Mulala.

Ryan (48:56.648)
Yeah, are you thinking of Malala and the Brain? Where that, the freedom fighter and a cartoon mouse try to take over the world?

Cassie (48:59.144)

Cassie (49:04.84)

Mike (he/him) (49:06.584)
Mulah, end of the brain.

Cassie (49:09.704)
That’s why they couldn’t separate it. 100 % we needed as much as much screen time for those two and they knew it.

Mike (he/him) (49:14.705)
Yeah, and it’s not just those two, those two rule too, but like, I think Livewire has always been like a fun spunky bad guy, but for her to be like this anti -hero, we can work on the same side sometimes if you literally empty your bank account and learning more about her and Heatwave, I didn’t know they were together and like, how much those two believe in love is daring as shit.

Cassie (49:21.96)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (49:35.88)
So precious.

Ryan (49:38.024)
Yeah, I mean, I think that that was a reveal for everybody watching that, like they hadn’t established that and that’s never been the case in the comic books, right?

Mike (he/him) (49:43.953)
No, well, Heatwave is Mick Rory, and here they just call her Rory. Heatwave is the old grizzled guy from fucking Prison Break in Legends of Tomorrow. It’s the same character. So no, they did not ever deal that before.

Ryan (49:52.296)


Cassie (49:55.88)

Yeah, you were talking about these character moments gave everyone like a moment to shine and everything and it’s it’s redeemed Jimmy for me this episode I’ve been on the rocks with Jimmy, but I like Jimmy in this episode Am I alone? How are you Ryan? Cuz I know you joined me on that. Fuck Jimmy

Ryan (50:15.976)
I mean, I’m glad that the money tracker is officially at zero. And it’s like Livewire knew it, could see it above his head. And so he was like, I will give you some money. And she was like, more. And then it just bing out. She zeroed out the bank account. And so we don’t have to deal with that anymore. Yeah, Jimmy, like, I think that the biggest problem is that, because we had talked about in the introduction of Kara, how Jimmy was acceptable, if not likable in that episode. And I think it’s that…

Cassie (50:19.048)

Mike (he/him) (50:23.985)

Mike (he/him) (50:41.969)

Ryan (50:45.128)
Jimmy needs to be given stuff to do that isn’t just proving that the writers have heard about new media and are trying to use the lingo that they’ve learned from their children about how like YouTube live works. And so when he actually is making decisions and being a hero in whatever capability that he can be, then it works a lot better.

Cassie (50:50.312)

Mike (he/him) (50:50.673)

Cassie (51:05.735)
And he’s back, like, you know, he’s always been like a good friend. And this is the one where he’s keeping Lois from just like going more towards the general side of like, there’s an enemy, we take him out, we kill him. And he’s like, hey.

Mike (he/him) (51:18.321)

Ryan (51:18.376)
Somebody needs to Cassie. She needs to be on 24 -7 watch or she’s going to die.

Cassie (51:25.256)
Yeah, she’s going through it right now, because she really thinks she’s blaming herself a lot for Clark being gone, which I mean, you did break up for him, but I don’t believe you were part of him being gone. But you know, you know how it be.

I’m sorry.

Mike (he/him) (51:37.745)

You know.

Ryan (51:40.936)
And then we got to the ending, which was perfect. Their spaceship stops. The brain’s seatbelt doesn’t work as well as he wanted it to. And so he flies all over the spaceship. And who stopped him was Kara. So now our storylines are connected for the next episode, which I couldn’t be more stoked about. Probably the most excited for the next episode than I’ve been all season.

Mike (he/him) (51:49.073)

Cassie (52:03.528)
Yeah, because we’re gonna get Mulan in the brain. The fact that they’re still in that spaceship is really…

Mike (he/him) (52:09.329)
One is a genius and the other is a French ape.

Cassie (52:12.479)
He could do tech stuff though. That ape can really, really do some things.

Mike (he/him) (52:14.545)

That it can do some things.

Cassie (52:20.936)
I don’t say it like that. Now I sound like a weirdo. Now I sound like a weirdo, Mike, and that’s on you. Not because of the thing I said, but…

Mike (he/him) (52:21.617)
Why? What did I say? You’re the one and I quote, Cassie, host of superhero show show, that ape could do some things.

Cassie (52:30.952)
Alright, well I’ve never seen a clearer sign to end a segment as this. Let’s go to moments of the week. Ryan, do you have another one besides the brain rolling around in the spaceship?

Ryan (52:41.16)
That was hilarious. And I do think that this is a time -honored tradition of groups of people in genre movies, particularly sci -fi, whether it’s R2 -D2 or Rocket Raccoon, you need someone in your group smaller than everybody else. And then shit like this happens to them. It’s a necessity. But I have to give my moment of the week to Silver St. Cloud’s fat ass that did not make an appearance in this episode, but was on my phone the entire time while I was watching this.

Mike (he/him) (52:55.921)
Mm -hmm.

Mike (he/him) (53:09.777)
Yeah, it hovered over, the spirit of that fat ass hovered over the whole episode. I wasn’t on that episode where Ryan was just drooling over this cartoon. I did, I did. But I know to keep that shit to myself.

Ryan (53:09.928)
God damn girl, you…

Ryan (53:19.592)
Did you see the episode of Superman though?

Cassie (53:21.256)
Did you go back and re -look at that ass?

Ryan (53:26.504)
Well, we’re different people.

Cassie (53:27.112)
No. This is where you can say things and it’s a trusted space that Ape can do things and this, they have an ass. What a

Mike (he/him) (53:33.521)

Ryan (53:36.488)
The amount of money I would pay for a video of the ape cheating on his brain friend with Silver St. Cloud’s thick ass. Correction, baby. Two cakes.

Mike (he/him) (53:44.049)
while they both fart on a cake. Hey, new listeners. My, I don’t know why I assume in this episode we’re gonna get a bunch of new listeners. My, I have two. One is another brain one is when they’re fighting like all the robots and task force asker or whoever is coming at them before they can get to the spaceship. The brain is shooting a real laser gun, but also going pew, pew, pew, pew, pew.

Cassie (53:48.168)
Like, let’s hear them over the week.

Cassie (53:55.999)
It’s only new

Cassie (54:11.336)

Mike (he/him) (54:12.209)
He’s making the sounds with his brain mouth. And then we get a great, we learned that Lex Luthor and Slade Wilson do not like each other and they are having a bad back and forth. And Lex Luthor says, I didn’t join this organization to be middle managed by a wannabe ninja. And I thought that was a great little mic drop. And I would love to see just a, like we’re at the office, we’re not fighting superheroes style episode, just about the two of them doing office shenanigans on each other to get mommy.

Ryan (54:21.543)

Mike (he/him) (54:41.745)
Amanda Waller’s approval.

Cassie (54:43.336)

Ryan (54:43.368)
Yeah, and Luther is hitting that mommy thing with Mandy really hard. It’s like, mommy doesn’t like you anymore.

Mike (he/him) (54:45.585)

Cassie (54:50.728)
I mean, it’s on brand for Luther. My moment of the week, I got just the turn and the love story between Livewire and Heatwave because the whole time I thought we were having this little lesbian breakup and I was like, I’m devastated for my girl. And then we find out that they believe in love so much that they had to go back so Lois can get the Clark and save them, go against their roots and being selfish. And they went back and saved them. And it was adorable. It was a great episode.

Mike (he/him) (55:16.625)
It was.

Cassie (55:18.043)
If you want to check it out, it’s on Macs. New episodes come on Saturday. Let’s take a break and then when we return, we’ll talk about Spider -Man the animated series.

Cassie (01:00:35.4)
Welcome to S Tazmania bitch a mini show within a show where we take an in -depth episode by episode look at the seminal and underrated afternoon cartoon from the mid 90s Spider -man the animated series this week. We watch chapter 5 Sins of the Father Rocket racers and when we pick up it is a wild moment for me with Felicia laying it hard on spider -man spider -man specifically and spider -man turning down Felicia insane

Ryan (01:01:03.72)
This is, I think what we have here is a Dr. Chase Meridian example, Cassie, of course.

Cassie (01:01:13.096)
Of course, -huh. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you call me a trick?

Mike (he/him) (01:01:13.873)
It’s from Batman Forever, trick.

Ryan (01:01:15.624)

Mike (he/him) (01:01:17.681)
I did.

Cassie (01:01:20.168)
It’s been so long so I’ve recalled a trick. Thank you so much

Ryan (01:01:23.656)
Mike, please, she’s an illusion. So yeah, did I miss something at the end of the last episode? Because they’re on the balcony about to get married.

Mike (he/him) (01:01:25.873)
Ha ha ha!

Cassie (01:01:33.64)

Mike (he/him) (01:01:33.86)
The last, there’s the fewest amount of seconds that there has ever been in between last episode ending and this end as a beginning, because they kiss at the end of last episode on the balcony. She does the, peels up the mask, smooches him right side up, and then this episode is the immediate aftermath of him being like, Spider -Man can’t have a girlfriend. It’d be too dangerous for both of us.

Ryan (01:02:01.416)
Do you think she’s into boys and girls? Is this a bye Felicia situation? Yeah. But then eventually later we get the fact that she’s not in love with Spider -Man the hero, but somebody else, a little dork named Peter Parker. And that is straight up Dr. Chase Meridian. I don’t know which one came first. It might’ve been the same day for all I know that this episode and that movie came out.

Mike (he/him) (01:02:05.681)
I think so.

Cassie (01:02:06.344)
Absolutely, yeah.

Mike (he/him) (01:02:22.769)
Yeah, one writer pitched both houses.

Cassie (01:02:25.544)

Ryan (01:02:27.368)
But I will never forget that part in Batman Forever where Val Kilmer goes in full Batman garb to Dr. Chase Meridian’s house and she says, I did want to fuck you, but now I love somebody else. His name is Bruce Wayne. And then Val Kilmer turns to the camera and smiles. Bitch, you put on your entire costume to get rejected by some doctor and you’re going to smile about that?

Mike (he/him) (01:02:42.865)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (01:02:48.36)

Mike (he/him) (01:02:50.321)
That’s his kink. And then he’s going to go think about how he got rejected in costume and fart in a cake.

Cassie (01:02:51.976)
He loves it.

Ryan (01:02:56.208)
I gotta go fart in a cake.

Mike (he/him) (01:02:57.713)

Cassie (01:02:58.44)
Did you know this many things could be brought back to farting on a cake? I didn’t. Apparently. After we have this little breakup moment, we then cut to a dude in just a giant ass wheel breaking into a bank with all of his lackeys and little robot gear.

Ryan (01:03:03.432)
That’s why you’re the odd man out.

Cassie (01:03:14.232)
I’m sorry.

Mike (he/him) (01:03:16.017)
Yeah, first we see just like dudes in like green gear and they have rocket packs. They’re like, okay, like so you’re futuristic. And then big wheel keeps on turning. Then you learn they are all the hooligans for big wheel.

Cassie (01:03:24.04)

Ryan (01:03:27.464)
They’re the proud Marys and they’re here to rub a bank. The giant wheel seems unnecessary the entire time.

Mike (he/him) (01:03:29.329)

Cassie (01:03:34.216)
No, that someone who is a monster truck enthusiast I could tell you the size of the wheel perfect the spikes on the wheel perfect its design Perfect needed the way can do it could climb through walls yet also break through them. I love everything about this big wheel

Ryan (01:03:50.12)
Here’s what you didn’t see though. I watched the behind the scenes of this and instead of having one driver stationary inside the wheel, there’s just one guy going around the wheel as fast as possible and he is screaming and pissing.

Mike (he/him) (01:03:57.201)

Cassie (01:03:58.572)

Even better. Flawless design on this big wheel.

Mike (he/him) (01:04:05.489)
If the guy wasn’t in the big wheel, he couldn’t constantly talk about gyroscopes and how he’s a perfect engineer and he’s so good at timing.

Cassie (01:04:13.096)
It’s all timing. I don’t understand. This wheel, the man is on the wheel, mainly just to be like, this needs to be timed perfectly. He’s just screaming at these guys as they like throw bags to each other. He’s like, yes, the timing is perfect. Yes, great. And I’m like, what are you here for?

Mike (he/him) (01:04:28.817)
He was basically George Michael from Rusted Development saying he’s such a good percussionist because he’s always punctual. Because it’s all about the timing.

Cassie (01:04:34.28)

Ryan (01:04:38.376)
That’s two Arrested Development references on this episode, so Cassie, you make yours whenever you do that and we’ll be done for the day. I think that the writer just went to look up science, accidentally typed in timing and he was like, well, there we go. Timing, timing, gyroscopes.

Cassie (01:04:41.512)

Cassie (01:04:48.424)

Cassie (01:04:53.384)
This has something to do with it.

Mike (he/him) (01:04:55.409)
After we get them, we get the flash to the pharmacy and this neighborhood pharmacist knows so much about this kid’s life.

Cassie (01:05:03.784)
Yeah, dude.

Ryan (01:05:05.704)
How’s your chlamydia, dear? Is it clearing up?

Cassie (01:05:08.04)

Mike (he/him) (01:05:08.417)
He tells his assistant he’s like well he used to be a bad boy, but he really turned himself in no like a another customer

Ryan (01:05:12.008)
That not his assistant, random customer, just the only other person in the store. And he, and I know I picked her up because she watched this guy leave the store and classic white woman keeping eyes on the black kid the entire time. And then the pharmacist hops over his little desk and runs to the customer and says, you.

Cassie (01:05:15.784)

I noticed.

Mike (he/him) (01:05:32.977)
Let me tell you about Robert.

Cassie (01:05:35.176)
that’s little Robert. He used to steal bubble gum from my store.

Ryan (01:05:37.064)
He’s gonna be a rock eraser.

Mike (he/him) (01:05:39.889)
And he does sell Robert his mom’s meds at cost, which is pretty nice.

Cassie (01:05:43.56)
At cost like a homie. Yeah, we get they introduce Robert, who looks like a 28 year old man, but is picking up is in high school, I believe. And he’s there. He’s got to pick up his medicine for his mom, because this is his life now. He’s now a good kid and he takes care of his mom. But he’s also a sick skateboarder.

Ryan (01:05:43.656)

Mike (he/him) (01:05:56.017)

Cassie (01:06:07.4)
This is so important that he’s a sick skateboarder and he’s good at science. These are the things we know about Robert and he’s turned his life around thanks to the pharmacist. We know this

Mike (he/him) (01:06:17.809)
But he’s not so sick that he doesn’t remember to snap on his helmet.

Ryan (01:06:21.832)
Well, yeah. I mean.

Cassie (01:06:21.992)
Well, I mean, the kids have to respect him. This is the 90s. You can’t buckle that fucking helmet.

Ryan (01:06:27.368)
It’s the fucking 90s, mate. I was trying not to ruin any future awards for myself, but… So, I just sat there going, yeah. Well, yeah.

Mike (he/him) (01:06:29.201)
And then, yeah, don’t don’t you fucking do it.

Cassie (01:06:31.368)
Ha ha ha.

Mike (he/him) (01:06:36.337)
That’s better. Our two storylines convulge when the baddies run by it and like drop money at Robert’s feet as they’re escaping and the police roll up who also know Robert and go back to your old Robert in ways I see. And he’s like,

Cassie (01:06:38.312)

Cassie (01:06:45.768)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (01:06:50.12)

Ryan (01:06:52.904)
We just heard from the pharmacist that you’re a bad – you used to be a bad boy.

Cassie (01:06:53.096)

Cassie (01:06:57.192)
Robert’s really famous in this city. I don’t know why.

Ryan (01:06:59.784)
The amount of crimes he must have had to commit in the first 19 years of his life for every beat cop in New York to be like, finally, Robert the Rocket Racer.

Mike (he/him) (01:07:10.641)
Just a flashback of him like digging out a cop’s kneecaps with a switchblade. Like he truly like, what would he ever had to do for them to know him this bad?

Cassie (01:07:19.72)
Again, this high schooler has really done some damage.

Ryan (01:07:24.84)
just takes a dead cop back to the cops family’s house puts him on the dinner dining room table starts eating the cop with a napkin tucked in his shirt that’s how legendary this kid is sorry that’s when he was a bad boy which his mom finally reveals at some point it’s like why are you so worried why are you so worried the mom says robert used to be a very bad boy he’s a 19 year old who looks 30

Mike (he/him) (01:07:29.953)

Cassie (01:07:34.504)
That’s old Robert, not the new Robert.

Mike (he/him) (01:07:36.913)
Yeah, he said sorry.

Cassie (01:07:38.536)

Mike (he/him) (01:07:40.881)
very soon.

Mike (he/him) (01:07:47.057)
A very bad boy.

Ryan (01:07:50.664)
Can we talk about him in a different way than he used to be a very, very bad bad boy?

Mike (he/him) (01:07:52.881)
No, he used to be a very bad boy. This is, we find out Felicia, cause when Robert’s at the jail, who does Mrs. Farrell call, even though nobody wears the giant hat, Mrs. Farrell calls Felicia Hardy to come help, because we find out Felicia now, they’ve never talked about it, runs a afterschool and or summer science program. And Peter, who does not have a lot of time on his hands, has been teaching there. What the hell, show. I love it.

Cassie (01:07:53.032)

Cassie (01:08:11.368)

Cassie (01:08:15.096)
Yeah. And they both like live for it. Like this is their giving back to the city. Like Peter’s like, I’m a piece of shit and this is the way I contribute to society as I teach at this school. And I’m like, yeah, sure. You have been this whole time.

Mike (he/him) (01:08:20.689)

Mike (he/him) (01:08:27.345)
Those kids are dork ass dorks. When Peter shows up and they all are like, hey, Mr. Parker, Mr. Parker, look at my experiment. I was here early before class even started, but I’m here, look at this. Fucking idiots.

Cassie (01:08:38.76)
Fucking dorks, dude.

Ryan (01:08:39.72)
Of course, Peter does not tell any of those kids what his alter ego is, because those kids will be alive tomorrow, and he doesn’t want them to…

Mike (he/him) (01:08:45.489)
Yeah, he only tells the Make -A -Wish kids.

Cassie (01:08:46.184)
Yeah. He does. All these kids are here. They’re excited to see him. He walks past all of them and he’s like, my God, Robert figured out his gyroscope roller coaster. Don’t worry while we’re focusing on gyroscope. Yeah. We’re timing is so specific and there needs to be electrical current. That’s crazy.

Ryan (01:08:57.127)
timing timing gyroscope

Cassie (01:09:00.14)

And they’re like, yeah, he’s, you know, that’s good guy Robert. He’s a science boy and he skates and we all respect him. He’s a good boy, but he’s not here today because he’s been a bad boy recently.

Ryan (01:09:09.672)
He’s a good boy.

Mike (he/him) (01:09:15.409)
Yeah. He’s at the police station where he’s saying they think I’m a thief. Maybe that’s what I just ought to do. That would show them. Show them what? They’re fucking right, Robert.

Cassie (01:09:22.12)
Mm -hmm. Yeah, dude.

Ryan (01:09:25.576)
If we cut all the scenes with Robert up to this point and just listen to how people talk about him, would we think he’s a dog?

Mike (he/him) (01:09:32.081)
Yes, he’s a bad boy. He’s a good boy now. He’s good at science.

Cassie (01:09:33.303)
He’s a good boy. He shreds on the skateboard.

Ryan (01:09:38.504)
He can play basketball and it’s not in the rules that he can’t.

Cassie (01:09:41.672)

Mike (he/him) (01:09:42.225)
When they’re at the school, they’re like, she should be teaching. Parker just rolled in. Felicia tells him what’s up. And then he goes, well, nothing’s wrong. They wouldn’t be fixed with you going out with me. And she denies him by saying, you really are a good friend. shot through the heart. And then this thick, fleshy lipped rich boy, Mr. Phillips walks in and roll lays it on thick on Felicia. He’s like, I might donate if he go to dinner with me. And he’s supposed to be a good guy.

Cassie (01:09:51.848)
Yeah, bold.

Cassie (01:09:57.896)

Cassie (01:10:08.968)
Mm -hmm Yeah, we respect that at this time we respect that because he’s got money with big pockets And she instantly agrees She It is so

Ryan (01:10:11.368)
He’s a good boy.

Ryan (01:10:17.64)
just the biggest pockets dragging on the ground. He keeps tripping over them. He keep at one point, he keeps an entire swing set in them.

Mike (he/him) (01:10:25.457)

Cassie (01:10:26.844)
It is so soon from her being like, wow, you’re such a good friend. I would never date you. She turns around. Peter is still standing right next to her and she agrees to a date with this man with deep pockets. And I was like, yes. There’s only one way to find out. No, she’s.

Mike (he/him) (01:10:38.577)
Well, she doesn’t know if he’s a good friend, so…

Ryan (01:10:43.424)
Felicia Ho, is that what you’re saying?

Mike (he/him) (01:10:44.945)

Ryan (01:10:47.936)
Those were the exact answers I expected from both of you.

Cassie (01:10:54.087)
She’s a modern woman and we respect her. I think this is when we got to the grocery store that Robert is helping out. His sick mom is running a grocery store.

Ryan (01:11:02.504)
Yep. That doesn’t have a pharmacy, so he has to go down the street to the pharmacy for meds.

Cassie (01:11:07.272)
Yeah, and this store is now like these these little new york little lackey guys, come in start knocking over watermelons and shit and they’re like

Ryan (01:11:17.064)
And call her one of the worst things I’ve ever heard, a woman who owns a store. Do you remember what they called her? God, I was so upset on Robert and his mother’s behalf. Hey, what’s up, store lady? Which should be a superheroine.

Mike (he/him) (01:11:19.665)

Cassie (01:11:24.232)
I don’t

Mike (he/him) (01:11:24.273)
Store lady!

Cassie (01:11:32.072)
She’s an owner, god damn it. They start knocking things over, they’re fucking shit up and they’re like, if you want us to protect your block from us, I guess, you have to pay us. That’s what’s up. Yeah.

Mike (he/him) (01:11:45.073)
Yeah, it’s your classic protection racket.

Ryan (01:11:46.984)
But were you guys upset that at no point did they say it’d be a real shame if? You have to say that.

Mike (he/him) (01:11:51.153)
Yes, what the hell guys? They’re new. They’re new. It’d be a real shame if somebody dropped this watermelon. They do it.

Cassie (01:11:51.336)

Cassie (01:11:58.144)
Mike (he/him) (01:11:59.249)
Parker rolls in he’s like, can I help clean up and Robert’s like, no, we can help ourselves and I don’t need science. And Parker’s like, wait, what? What are we talking about here? And he calls Peter Dukes. I don’t know if they were trying to like kids. He’s like, get out of here Dukes. I don’t need your science class anymore. And I was like, I don’t know what that means. They’re like creating new teenage slang.

Cassie (01:12:05.928)
You’re insane.

Ryan (01:12:20.744)
Do you know what time this was, when this was taking place? It’s when David Duke’s former Klansman was popular and running for office. Maybe.

Mike (he/him) (01:12:28.209)
And so any white boy is Dukes? Okay, that’s awesome then.

Cassie (01:12:33.16)
then good move. Yeah, truly insane speech that this kid is giving and Peter, who is a teacher, should see some red flags here and is just like, all right, well, he’s not a science boy no more. He’s a boy of work and I respect this. He just works and he can’t do science no more, okay?

Mike (he/him) (01:12:46.897)
He said…

Ryan (01:12:52.584)
The science boy has become a store man next to the store lady and together they shall reign.

Cassie (01:12:56.104)

Cassie (01:13:00.672)
Is this like I feel at some point we get Robert following the little lackey guys to their warehouse

Mike (he/him) (01:13:05.201)
Mm -hmm.

Ryan (01:13:08.072)
How does, what do you mean following? How does he follow them?

Cassie (01:13:11.08)
on his sick -ass skateboard, dude, where he rips some gnarly tricks.

Ryan (01:13:13.288)
while also what?

Mike (he/him) (01:13:15.313)
holding onto the back bumper Marty McFly style.

Ryan (01:13:17.768)
Which is called what? Skitching! Skitching is in this episode. You’re skating, you’re hitching, you’re sketching. It’s fucking, it’s all the craze in the 90s and we’re all doing it.

Cassie (01:13:19.752)

Mike (he/him) (01:13:19.953)

Mike (he/him) (01:13:28.017)
I just got that, that’s why it was called skitching. I never knew.

Cassie (01:13:31.759)
We’re all learning. We’re all learning today.

Mike (he/him) (01:13:34.929)
I do like, so the bad guys walk in, and then the master thief, he’s just like, don’t buy jewelry. I thought he was gonna be like, hey man, you can’t flaunt that we’re rich. And I was like, cause we’re about to rob a bunch of jewelry stores.

Cassie (01:13:45.768)

Ryan (01:13:45.8)

Classic Goodfellas moment, right? Of Robert De Niro telling everybody don’t buy anything extravagant because that’s gonna put the heat on us. But no, it’s because we’re getting it for free!

Cassie (01:13:49.096)

Mike (he/him) (01:13:53.617)
Right. But no, no, no.

I mean…

Cassie (01:13:59.432)
and all the lackeys just laugh. This dude doesn’t feel like a fool at all for buying this ring.

Mike (he/him) (01:14:03.569)
No, he’s like, yeah, whatever. And then Big Wheel says this, the credo I live by as a master thief is the same as when I was an aeronautical engineer. Timing is everything. What up, Mr. Exposition?

Cassie (01:14:17.864)
They threw it in so well. This is a talent I wish I had.

Ryan (01:14:20.328)
If you were the producers of Madame Webb, would you be clipping that and airing it and say like, look, Spider -Man has always been dumb?

Mike (he/him) (01:14:25.485)
It’s always been dumb

Cassie (01:14:26.664)
It’s done. It’s done as always. Well, yeah, he’s too busy talking about timing. So Robert’s able to sneak on by and go to like their back area where they hide all their gyroscope technology and a backpack. Two things he needed equally important.

Mike (he/him) (01:14:40.209)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (01:14:42.14)
I’m sorry.

Ryan (01:14:44.424)
Which is, I think it’s similar to last week’s episode, that Nate and Mike, you know what, poorly covered. I’ve done two compliments, even though I thought you guys did a great job, it’s time to insult, where Norman Osborn ends up in a room that, look at that mask and costume for me. and it just got painted green. Let’s do it. And now he is, what he does to his…

Mike (he/him) (01:14:50.993)

Mike (he/him) (01:15:03.249)
Thanks, Magic Gas.

Cassie (01:15:04.424)

Ryan (01:15:10.536)
to create his Rocket Racer persona doesn’t seem that different than what he was doing when he was a good, good boy, right? He’s just gonna use it to go by crime, because go by crime, because his mom walks in and just says, I’m so glad he’s still working on his projects.

Mike (he/him) (01:15:15.921)

Mike (he/him) (01:15:25.233)

Cassie (01:15:25.448)
He’s back to his science voice. The science voice back in the room. Yeah, he’s taking it all. He’s making his little costume. He’s making his skateboard magnetic now. It’s fucking rad.

Mike (he/him) (01:15:28.273)
But now he’s a very bad science boy.

Mike (he/him) (01:15:37.553)
That is fucking red.

Ryan (01:15:37.736)
Do you guys feel out like throughout this entire episode, there’s multiple parts that we can point out, but just throughout this entire episode, the writers were so like impressed by themselves and also scared shitless to include a black character or an entire black family. Is it, I mean, is it a waste of time to just talk about how the past was more racist than the present? Or is it important to note that like they can’t handle not bringing up

Mike (he/him) (01:15:52.977)

Cassie (01:15:53.512)
Mm -hmm.

Ryan (01:16:05.064)
his blackness throughout the entire episode.

Mike (he/him) (01:16:07.921)
While Robbie Robertson sits in the corner and is like, I’m black. You guys never talk about that.

Cassie (01:16:11.528)

Ryan (01:16:12.584)
You’re a news reporter. You’re not black at all.

Cassie (01:16:16.872)
Yeah, it’s a part of his whole thing and they’re really, it’s thick throughout all of this. And then we immediately go, so he’s making his costume and he’s like, I gotta turn to crime now because this is what the people expect of me. So I now I’m gonna use my science tech to be a crime boy. And he goes to steal jewelry. In the middle of this, he gets all the way to the store. He breaks through the glass, grabs a little necklace and then he realizes that he shouldn’t be, this life’s not for him. Mama wouldn’t want this. This is.

Mike (he/him) (01:16:31.889)
Mm -hmm.

Mike (he/him) (01:16:41.361)
This is really whack, man. This is so wrong, end I quote.

Ryan (01:16:47.144)
i’m doing an electric boogaloo right now

Cassie (01:16:47.176)
It was so, it was too whack.

Ryan (01:16:52.552)
And then he flashes back, man, one of, no, that’s in a different thing. He flashes back to all of these parts where his mom told him how much faith she has in them. And then, and one of the parts, it’s Butcher without Harry Dean Morgan? Harry Dean Stanton? What’s his name?

Mike (he/him) (01:16:56.849)

Mike (he/him) (01:17:02.417)

Ha ha ha!

I think it’s Harry Jin Stanton based on the bar I found in Spain.

Cassie (01:17:15.368)
That’s it.

Mike (he/him) (01:17:16.049)
Jeffery Dean Morgan is the name. But I didn’t get to brag about going to Spain if I just said Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Ryan (01:17:16.296)
Yeah, Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t even there.

Cassie (01:17:22.696)
He’s a world traveler and the people need to know. Yeah, and then so he’s like, I’m giving this up. Unfortunately, he’s already tripped silent alarms because he’s not good at crime.

Mike (he/him) (01:17:32.273)
Mm -hmm. And the like silent alarm monitor, and because if we’re doing this, has the thickest accent that I’m sure we’ll talk about in the awards in the fucking world.

Cassie (01:17:43.112)

Ryan (01:17:43.592)
How does it sound?

Mike (he/him) (01:17:44.593)

Cassie (01:17:49.256)
Or Sector 3. This is a lady.

Ryan (01:17:55.016)
Andrea Dice Clay, I remember her.

Mike (he/him) (01:17:56.625)
Hickory dickory dock.

Cassie (01:17:57.96)
And she also…

She also apparently –

I’m sorry.

Ryan (01:18:02.856)
He also, like with all of this equipment that he’s so good at science and gyroscoping, timing and skateboards, mask? Could we have invented a mask?

Cassie (01:18:10.696)
No, no, just the same helmet that he’s been using this whole time. That’s all he needs.

Ryan (01:18:15.4)
Which Spider -Man, in fairness, he is wearing his helmet and Spider -Man does not recognize who he is.

Mike (he/him) (01:18:20.017)
Well, to somebody to a Duke like Peter Parker, all these Robert type kids look the same.

Cassie (01:18:20.072)

Cassie (01:18:30.415)
Yeah, we have all the police force after this kid. Also the news have got the call at the same time. So there’s a helicopter after him.

Ryan (01:18:37.224)
my God. We living in Southern California for a lot of our lives, we have seen so many chases, right? Post crime chases. But to watch a crime live in action, that is a hell of a news channel. And they’re like, we’re here live at the bank or the jewelry store while the jewelry store robber is robbing the jewelry store. That’s good TV.

Cassie (01:18:48.104)

Mike (he/him) (01:18:49.905)

Mike (he/him) (01:18:56.017)
New York one is always on it. That very local news channel to New York city. It’s Pat Davis.

Ryan (01:18:59.976)
Was his name Pat Davis?

That guy who’s been in a million movies, you know who I’m talking about? Yeah, Wolfritzer. Thank you.

Mike (he/him) (01:19:07.185)
Wolf Blitzer. Robert gets stuck on the bottom of a newly constructed elevator. Pat Kiernan, of course, Pat Kiernan Culkin. And then the elevator is going down looking like he’s going to crush him and Spider -Man can’t stop it. So he finds the button. That’s how he just punches through the elevator and presses the stop button.

Ryan (01:19:14.824)
Pat Kiernan.

Cassie (01:19:15.656)

Cassie (01:19:24.684)


Cassie (01:19:30.568)
A real high stakes thing. He’s like, I can’t, my, the magnets are stuck. I’m stuck to this elevator. The news is still reporting it like, wow, crazy turn. Spider -Man just climbs up to the top of the elevator and pushes the stop button. And he’s like, let me see if this works.

Ryan (01:19:42.888)
It says, I never realized the power of one finger. Then it flashes back to all of his dates with MJ and Felicia.

Cassie (01:19:46.888)

Mike (he/him) (01:19:49.668)
Where there are too many fingers and he goes, I don’t know what else to do.

Ryan (01:19:53.096)
I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know why he’s Catherine Hepburn when he’s finger banging somebody.

Mike (he/him) (01:19:57.297)
Everybody has their thing. When Robert gets off, he holds everybody up with like a laser gun or whatever the fuck. Then he escapes, but his mom sees his on the news and her health really kicks in right there. I want one of these health conditions where it’s guilt -based for who will it hurt the most to let them know I knew what they did. And that’s when I go to the hospital.

Cassie (01:20:08.968)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (01:20:16.552)

Ryan (01:20:20.008)
Luckily, Robert’s mom’s living room has 17 fainting couches. So she’s fine. Wherever she’s standing, she has a place to stand when she sees her young son on the news. We have to stop calling him boy. It’s just, it’s bothering me a lot.

Mike (he/him) (01:20:24.945)

Cassie (01:20:24.968)

Mike (he/him) (01:20:32.881)
We didn’t do it.

Cassie (01:20:34.552)
We didn’t do this. At this point, we then have he’s been plastered on the news like he’s on the front of the newspaper like it’s like Robert back at crime. Mom back in hospital. It’s all going down. We then see the big wheel guy, you know, then finds out he looks at his cameras. He sees the newspaper. He’s like, this is the same kid.

Ryan (01:20:44.392)
x3 x3

Mike (he/him) (01:20:53.681)

Cassie (01:20:59.592)
We gotta go after him. So they all go to do that.

Mike (he/him) (01:21:05.457)
Yeah, it’s so Big Wheel’s doing stuff. Spider -Man fell in the garbage at some point. When Robert gets home, Felicia’s there and is like, yeah, your mom saw what you’re doing on the news probably. So we gotta go there. Then Big Wheel’s gonna show up. Spider -Man shows up and Robert’s like, no way you take off your mask if you’re in a neighborhood like this, my man. So he’s calling out his white privilege. And then it gets fuzzy. I was hoping somebody else would take over from there.

Cassie (01:21:29.352)

Mike (he/him) (01:21:34.033)
she peels off. They’re like, there’s like a chase, right? They’re, Felicia’s going this way. Robert’s go this way. He’s go this way. And then she peels out with Robert as big wheel yells. I want my technology back. Skate punk.

Cassie (01:21:43.844)

Ryan (01:21:46.76)
Which is almost as offensive as store lady. To be called a skate punk in this day and age.

Mike (he/him) (01:21:49.361)
Yeah. If, if, if the inso is what you do and then a noun, that’s hurtful.

Cassie (01:21:58.984)
It’s gonna hurt. Spider -Man saves, like, Big Wheel’s shooting lasers and stuff at him. Spider -Man saves him. And while they’re up on a building, this is when Robert realizes there’s a potential for science around, because there’s a little loose wire shooting out electricity, and that’s enough to fuck up a little gyroscope wheel if he knows anything.

Mike (he/him) (01:22:20.497)
Mm -hmm.

Ryan (01:22:21.512)
Which is just one step more clever than unplugging the big wheel. Like, just one tiny, like, noticeable thing.

Mike (he/him) (01:22:25.969)
Yes. Do you need to be a scientist?

Cassie (01:22:31.432)
So they work together, they make the wheel roll over it, it shocks Mr. Big Wheel Guy inside. And it starts to just…

Mike (he/him) (01:22:38.737)
He says, he says, my gyroscope, the timing mechanism, it’s ruined and wheels right into the harbor.

Cassie (01:22:42.984)
I’m sorry.

Cassie (01:22:47.528)
Heheheheh yeah

Ryan (01:22:48.936)
People think that this is a bit that we’re doing about the timing and the gyroscope. It’s the entire episode.

Mike (he/him) (01:22:51.561)
No, you don’t!

Cassie (01:22:52.296)
No. He truly, he only talks about timing. It means so much to him. It’s everything to him. But don’t worry, Spider -Man doesn’t let this man drown in his big wheel. He does save him. He takes him out from the wheel and just the wheel goes in the harbor. Within the haba. This is when Robert has a realization that you know what? Science is good and he can use science.

Mike (he/him) (01:22:58.993)
It’s everything.

Ryan (01:23:09.608)
in the harbor.

Mike (he/him) (01:23:18.257)
I guess it pays to know that science after all, and to use what you know responsibly. Arms crossed, back to back with Spider -Man.

Ryan (01:23:26.919)
He… The more you know. He just like the guy dreams of taking one beaker and pouring it into another beaker. And I don’t I think that’s amazing.

Mike (he/him) (01:23:33.425)

Cassie (01:23:33.896)
He needs it.

Mike (he/him) (01:23:35.889)
And then he goes to the big wheel confesses to the cops. I don’t know why, but he’s like, yeah, it was all me. Timing.

Ryan (01:23:40.36)
That will hold on the guy who drives the big wheel. I would have loved the big wheel to come in there and have a mouth and confess.

Cassie (01:23:40.44)
I’m sorry.

Mike (he/him) (01:23:46.197)
My bad. I guess yes, I’m sorry that we’ve used Big Wheel interchangeably, both for the vehicle and the man who invented and drives it.

Ryan (01:23:52.584)
Until the moment where I thought of a funny situation, Mike, and then I had to interrupt you. Do not understand how podcasting works.

Mike (he/him) (01:23:55.089)
And then Robert goes to confess to his mom, but his confession is something like, Hey, sorry, I did all that. He says, I guess I am a scientist at heart.

Cassie (01:24:04.584)

Ryan (01:24:05.8)
and then her disease just goes into the ether and she is healed forever.

Mike (he/him) (01:24:09.009)
Yeah, so she’s the biggest villain.

Cassie (01:24:09.768)
Yeah, they’re… Because her boy is back to good, so she’s totally fine now. We then cut to the store and all the little robot guys, his little lackeys are there and they’re gonna burn the place down to set an example of this store owner. Thank you very much. But Spider -Man’s already there, Robert’s there. Spider -Man puts a dude up in a net, Robert just trips a guy.

Mike (he/him) (01:24:20.113)
Mm -hmm.

Mike (he/him) (01:24:26.385)

Mike (he/him) (01:24:37.297)
Yeah. And then Spider -E says, do you guys know what Spider -Man says here after they’re all in a net hanging in there? Okay. He says, I always did want to hang with the homeboys.

Ryan (01:24:42.184)
Yeah, I wanted to save this for later, but please go ahead, Mike.

Mike (he/him) (01:24:52.561)
And then we get a weird cut to Wyrm Lipp Jason, who just went on another date with Felicia, and she goes, there is nobody else now. So I guess she’s dating this fucking weird rich guy who just came into her life.

Cassie (01:24:59.912)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (01:25:07.368)
Yeah, it’s a weird moment. It’s like at the end of the date and he’s like, how’d it go? And she’s like, honestly, pretty bad. I didn’t really like it. but I guess I have nobody else and then they kiss and that is the episode.

Mike (he/him) (01:25:17.297)

Cassie (01:25:18.376)

Ryan (01:25:18.408)
To me, and in my head, that’s every reality show, is that exact dialogue.

Cassie (01:25:21.672)

Mike (he/him) (01:25:23.121)
Ha ha ha

Cassie (01:25:25.367)
That was the episode though, so let’s go ahead and go to our awards. We’re gonna start this off with best webzinger Mike, what do you got for it?

Mike (he/him) (01:25:32.145)
Is it best? Is best the word here? Because it is. It is. It is. I’m sorry, Ryan. It might have been what we just said. It is. I always did want to hang with the homeboy. So it’s the most groan inducing web singer. And look. Spider -Man is what?

Ryan (01:25:35.272)
Mine’s not the best, I’ll tell you that much.

Cassie (01:25:36.099)
Mine’s definitely not.

Cassie (01:25:43.176)
Mm -hmm.

Ryan (01:25:43.464)
Spider -Man has basically stepped aside from all of just the slightly surface level racism from every character for this entire episode. And then at the end, to deliver that fucking haymaker that is absolutely the zinger.

Mike (he/him) (01:25:57.617)
Yeah. He is – he’s hung so many dudes in nets, but he’s just like, no, I know how to connect to the black youth next to me. I will say this.

Ryan (01:26:01.672)
So hot.

Cassie (01:26:01.896)

Cassie (01:26:07.476)
Robert will really like Spider -Man after this.

Ryan (01:26:09.512)
All I wanted after that was the camera to like zoom in on Spider -Man’s face and just be like, my name is Spider -Man and I’m here to say I love catching crooks in a major way.

Mike (he/him) (01:26:15.121)

Cassie (01:26:15.272)

Ryan, you’re in agreement this is the webzinger? Mine, it’s not really, it doesn’t fit as well for it. I just still freaking loved that Robert stopped midway from stealing things and decided that this was now whack. It brought me a lot of joy. But I’m gonna give two points to both of you guys for being in agreeance. Let’s go to Kung Fu Grip or Best Mover Power, Ryan, what do you got?

Ryan (01:26:20.808)
Mm -hmm.

Mike (he/him) (01:26:31.793)

Ryan (01:26:44.008)
there’s this part where it’s towards the beginning where the big wheel is keeping on turning and it almost crushes Spider -Man, but then it does like this weird cut to maybe CGI thing where Spider -Man, somersaults 64 times in a row on screen. And then, and then he’s, he’s in a hole in the top of the building that I don’t know where that whole came from. I guess the big wheel created it and he’s like, damn, that’s a big wheel. That the 64 somersaults is something that I’m going to try to work on. Cause I think I can learn that.

Cassie (01:26:49.768)
Keeps on turning. Thank you.

Mike (he/him) (01:26:59.428)
He can big wheel too, baby.

Cassie (01:27:13.863)
You got it, I have faith in you. Mike, what do you got?

Mike (he/him) (01:27:17.777)
My kung fu grip is Spidey is chasing this boy who just invented his floating skateboard that day and the kid does a turn and burns Spider -Man’s webbing off a skateboard, dropping Spider -Man right into a dumpster. Good move, Robert. Good fucking move, man.

Cassie (01:27:31.752)
Yeah. Get fucking wrecked, dude.

Ryan (01:27:36.456)
Okay, so earlier in the segment you were like, Spider -Man ends up in a dumpster somehow. You did know how. Are we ruining our first segment just to protect our awards? No.

Mike (he/him) (01:27:45.329)
Ruining? No!

Cassie (01:27:50.955)
For best mover power, those were great ones you guys brought up, but obviously the best power is the power of precise timing. If we’ve learned anything, guys, it’s science. But I do think I’m gonna give myself the points for that one, and I’m gonna give myself three for that one, because timing is powerful. Let’s go to most 90s thing. Mike, what do you got for it?

Ryan (01:27:57.704)
Yeah. I mean, it’s science.

Mike (he/him) (01:27:57.713)

Mike (he/him) (01:28:13.649)
It’s Robert. It’s everything about Robert. It just is. This Burger King Club Kids reject.

Cassie (01:28:15.56)
It’s this so it’s bringing in Ryan what do you got?

Ryan (01:28:26.536)
I have to go with Skitchin’. I just, the second that he, like the bad guys were getting in their car to drive away, I was like, this motherfucker’s gonna skitch. He’s gonna skitch, and it happened, and I was so excited.

Cassie (01:28:28.936)
Hell yeah.

Cassie (01:28:37.512)
And then dreams came true. For most 90s thing, I have specifically the Wub Wub sound that they used to put on his hover skateboard. So we knew it was a hoverboard. It was the peak.

Ryan (01:28:47.528)
Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub

Mike (he/him) (01:28:48.849)
That’s it! That’s the sound!

Ryan (01:28:51.495)
There’s another line too, honorable mention. He’s too stoked to be stopped. That’s somebody’s trying so hard right there.

Mike (he/him) (01:28:56.305)

Cassie (01:28:56.68)
It’s too late.


I’m gonna give that award to Ryan though because it was the closest to mine. I mean that’s just the rules and that’s what I have to follow here. Our next one is going to be New York is a character. Ryan what do you got for it?

Mike (he/him) (01:29:08.561)

Ryan (01:29:16.104)
So, so many Cassie. There have been multiple episodes this season where like it’s all in a warehouse or a lab so we don’t get a lot of New York. This one there was so many, but I have to go with the cops saying, look at old Robert up to his old tricks. And as they close on him, the camera stays there and just waits for the NYPD badge in case he didn’t know who these costumed officers were to just get into the camera. And basically, ACAB.

Mike (he/him) (01:29:30.641)

Ryan (01:29:45.224)
this episode. Like, of course the NYPD would take away somebody who is a hero and turn him into a villain. That is their only job as police officers. To fund the police, that’s my moment.

Mike (he/him) (01:29:46.257)


Cassie (01:29:56.456)
Powerful. Mike, what do you got for New York?

Mike (he/him) (01:30:00.657)
We got a silent alarm going off. I’m a lady.

Cassie (01:30:04.84)
Yeah. Yeah. They have one voice actor that they call in to do all the New York things. It doesn’t matter how the artists are gonna draw the character. There’s one guy and he will voice them all. For New York, I have the lackeys, one of them instantly going out to buy a ridiculous ring after robbing a bank. Like that was stop number one for him. And it just felt like a very New York thing. He just got a ring with like a little pearl on it. And I was like, this fucking kicks ass. It’s a rat ass ring.

Ryan (01:30:13.736)
His name is Bernie.

Ryan (01:30:32.648)
It probably was for him and his pinky. Man, do they love those pinky rings.

Cassie (01:30:37.096)
I love those pinky rings. I’m gonna give that one to Mike though. And Mike, I’m gonna give you two points for it. Cherish those. Now there’s a round for bonus points here if somebody can compliment me and it’s a nice compliment and I like it and it makes me feel good about myself. Ryan, what do you have?

Mike (he/him) (01:30:45.137)
Thank you.

Ryan (01:30:58.792)
we discussed a line where Spider -Man says, I never realized the power of one finger and that Spider -Man uses it in a different way than Cassie does. I just to pull back some curtain and let people know how the podcast goes. Cassie is a big flipper offer. She’s giving me and Mike the silent middle finger all the time because of our shenanigans. And I just thought the power of her finger reminded me of the power of Spider -Man’s finger. Cause you just, you love to flip the bird.

Cassie (01:31:18.44)
Mm -hmm.

Cassie (01:31:26.824)
Yeah, it’s the only way to keep you guys in line. It’s the only thing you guys respect.

Ryan (01:31:29.768)
And we’re horrified by it. Every time you do it, we’re like, shut up.

Cassie (01:31:33.991)
This is it. Alright, Mike, your turn to compliment me.

Mike (he/him) (01:31:39.281)
Spider -Man’s in the garbage, he had put a tracer in Robert and he shows back up and Robert says, Spider -Man, how’d you find me? I left you licking diesel exhaust. And Cassie loves cars, new listeners, and so she’s constantly licking diesel exhaust and that made me think of her.

Cassie (01:31:50.472)

Cassie (01:31:55.08)
Hell yeah, dude. You know what, Mike? I don’t know where the compliment is in there, but you’re absolutely right. Five points for you, which is gonna take this total. Ryan, you got three points. It’s me, Huff and Diesel.

Ryan (01:32:07.784)
mike’s first points for a cassie couple of other

Mike (he/him) (01:32:10.065)
It’s true. The nicest thing I’ve ever said about you is you lick diesel exhaust.

Cassie (01:32:17.352)
There’s one thing people need to know about me. It’s that and at the end of this Ryan mean you tied and Mike got a bunch of points because it was compliment I’m not gonna do the math, but he simply won this he took it. He’s a spider -man boy It’s too hard, dude I’m potentially out of fingers. So I just can’t figure it out Because I have to be flipping you guys off and that’s important that is it for the show though

Ryan (01:32:28.68)
Adding five to something? How could you do that? Just use timing.

Mike (he/him) (01:32:31.217)
Nobody’s ever done math that hard.

Cassie (01:32:45.352)
Please subscribe, follow wherever you get your podcasts, or catch every episode on YouTube at your pop filter. There’s some more websites. Mike, can you tell the people about them?

Mike (he/him) (01:32:54.289)
Yeah, popfilter .co is our main base. Everything we do is there. Popfilterco slash Amazon, let’s say you shop now. Those are the, cybersprout .net, go back to there.

Cassie (01:33:04.776)
It’s a great one, love that one. We also have some other shows on the network and by other shows I mean one show. Ryan, please tell the people about it.

Ryan (01:33:12.36)
Movie of the Year is our other show. Please listen. We’ve had such a wonderful season going through the year of 1984. Recently, we have had Adam Kempinar from Filmspotting do Karate Kid. And we have had Pete Wright. Did his episode come out? That’s tomorrow. No, it will be out when this airs.

Cassie (01:33:25.832)

Mike (he/him) (01:33:33.233)
Pete’s episode is coming out. It will have just come out a couple days ago. And then this week.

Ryan (01:33:41.032)
And that’s the Terminator.

Mike (he/him) (01:33:44.625)
what’s coming out this week.

Ryan (01:33:46.184)
The Terminator. and then next week is Action Figure Draft.

Cassie (01:33:47.144)

Mike (he/him) (01:33:47.985)
Terminator. Action figure draft.

Cassie (01:33:56.296)
That is movie of the year. Check it out, subscribe, follow over there. We’re also on social media. You can find us at your pop filter on Instagram. We also have an email contact at popfilter .co. Send us any questions you have, any comments, no concerns. We have enough concerns ourselves. Don’t need more of those. Next week, we will be talking about the boys, I’m pretty sure. Continuing that.

Mike (he/him) (01:34:15.377)

Ryan (01:34:21.576)

Cassie (01:34:22.696)
And we’re also gonna be talking about Superman. Both are coming closer to their season finale. So we’re gonna be talking about that. That’s it for this show though for Mike. I’m Ryan for Ryan. I’m Mike for Miami. Bye everyone.