The Super Hero Hour Hour 6/02/19 – Doom Patrol Finale


Doom Patrol Finale

Doom Patrol Season 1 Finale

The Taste Buds review the season finale of Doom Patrol! 6 months have passed since the patrol found out Niles was responsible for making them the way they are, and now they have to join with him to rescue a kidnapped Danny the street! Will the show be able to bring home the finale on a season that has regularly pushed the boundaries? Will there be kaiju fights to rival godzilla? Will anyone go up any other animal’s butts this episode? The Taste Buds discuss all of this, buy and sell some awards show buzz, AND cover every other show based on a comic book, including:

  • The Tick!
  • Agents of Shield!
  • Doom Patrol!
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!
  • Happy!
  • Lucifer!
  • Cloak and Dagger!
  • iZombie!

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