Is The Boys Actually About FASCISM!?!


The Boys Season 4: Department of Dirty Tricks

The Superhero Show Show #537

Two Boys Talking Season 4 of The Boys

Join the boys of the Superhero Show Show as they cherish their total boys night and do a deep dive into the first two episodes of Season 4 of The Boys, catch up with the animal crew in Sweet Tooth, try to figure out how to heal General Lane and Lois’s relationship on My Adventures With Superman, and see how different the original version on Madame Web is compared to the newest file adaptation!

Welcome to another action-packed episode of The Superhero Show Show podcast! In this episode, we’ll be diving into the intense and thrilling world of superheroes and supervillains as we discuss the latest episodes of The Boys, My Adventures With Superman, Sweet Tooth, and Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Get ready to explore the dynamic clashes and heart-stopping moments featuring key characters such as Homelander, Sister Sage, Billy Butcher, Firecracker, General Lane, Lois Lane, Task Force X, Gus, Zhang, Spider-Man, and Madame Web. From the dark and gritty universe of Season 4 of The Boys to the whimsical adventures in Sweet Tooth, we have it all covered. Stay tuned as we break down each episode, highlight epic battles, and analyze pivotal plot twists.

The Boys: “Department of Dirty Tricks” and “Life Among the Septics”

Homelander and Sister Sage: A Sinister Alliance

In “Department of Dirty Tricks,” we witness the cunning strategies of Homelander as he teams up with the enigmatic Sister Sage. Their alliance brings a new level of danger to Season 4 of The Boys, and we dissect how their partnership shifts the power dynamics within The Seven. Homelander’s ruthless tactics and Sister Sage’s mysterious abilities make for an explosive combination that leaves the audience on edge.

Billy vs Firecracker: A Battle of Wits and Might

The episode “Life Among the Septics” brings us a showdown between Billy Butcher and the fiery new antagonist, Firecracker. We analyze how Billy’s no-nonsense approach clashes with Firecracker’s volatile nature. This confrontation is not just a battle of strength but a strategic duel where wit and determination play crucial roles. How does Billy’s past influence his tactics against this formidable foe in Season 4 of The Boys?

My Adventures With Superman: “Two Lanes Diverged”

Lane vs Task Force X: A Clash of Ideals

In “Two Lanes Diverged,” we explore General Lane’s intense conflict with Task Force X. This episode delves into the moral complexities and ideological battles between these two forces. General Lane’s stern military approach is pitted against the unpredictable and morally ambiguous Task Force X. We discuss the implications of their clash and how it affects Lois Lane’s perception of her father and her role in the larger narrative.

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Sweet Tooth: “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” and “The Pack”

Zhang vs Gus: Survival in a Post-Apocalyptic World

The episodes “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” and “The Pack” take us deeper into the heartwarming yet perilous journey of Gus. We focus on Zhang, a character whose survival skills and wisdom become crucial for Gus. Zhang vs Gus is not a traditional fight but a clash of survival strategies and philosophies. We explore how their interactions highlight the themes of trust, resilience, and humanity in a world turned upside down.

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Spider-Man: The Animated Series: “Chapter 2: Make A Wish”

Spider-Man and Madame Web: Guiding the Web-Slinger

“Chapter 2: Make A Wish” introduces us to the cryptic Madame Web, who becomes a pivotal mentor for Spider-Man. We examine how Madame Web’s guidance helps Spider-Man navigate through the complexities of his double life. Additionally, we discuss the reappearance of Doctor Octopus and the challenges he presents to our favorite web-slinger. How does Spider-Man balance his responsibilities with the new wisdom imparted by Madame Web?

Conclusion: An Epic Episode Recap

This episode of The Superhero Show Show podcast has taken you through an exhilarating journey across multiple superhero universes. From the ruthless world of Season 4 of The Boys with Homelander and Sister Sage’s dangerous alliance and Billy’s face-off with Firecracker, to the ideological battles in My Adventures With Superman between General Lane and Task Force X, we’ve covered it all. We’ve also touched on the survival challenges faced by Gus in Sweet Tooth and the profound guidance Spider-Man receives from Madame Web in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Join us next time for more in-depth discussions and analyses of your favorite superhero shows.

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Mike: [00:00:00] On this week’s episode of the Superhero Show Show, we’ll find out if homeboy Ryan picks good bad dad or bad bad dad on the boys. If Lex Luthor Luthor’s out, finally, on my adventures with Superman. And if Spider Man’s origin is something that Spider Man the animated series thinks we needed to know about.

All that and more in an all new episode of the Superhero Show Show.[00:01:00] 

Hello! I’m Mike your little flat nerd. And welcome to the Superhero Show Show, the only podcast that covers every single TV show based on comic books that we deem worthy and none of the unworthy ones. We’re not doing those anymore. I’m your host for the evening, Mike Gravagno, and I’m so happy to have you here with us.

Listeners with me as always is Cass-. What? Oh, embarrassing. With me as actually always is Ryan. 

Ryan: Okay. So I thought that you were calling me a cat, but that’s not true. You were about to say, Hey, big cat, can I call you the big cat? You can call me Mc Scat Kat if you want. 

Mike: No, come on. That’s, is that taken?

Ryan: That’s a legend. 

Mike: I think it’s taken. 

Ryan: I think I just came up with that name. Right now 

Mike: you only take three steps back and more steps back. ? 

Ryan: Yeah, I am sorry Mike, that I am, I can’t be Cat or Mc Scat Cat or Cassie, if you could right [00:02:00] now. This is an honest question. Pinky swig? Yes. 

Mike: Is your pinky flipping?

Is your pinky squiggling? No. You’re healthy. Okay. 

Ryan: Here are your options. Me and you do the show forever. Love it. Because like we’re best of friends and we love doing the show. Or I’m replaced with MC SkatKat, the animated cartoon cat that sang Opposites Attract with Paula Abdul and I’m replaced right now and you never see me again.

What would you pick? 

Mike: MC SkatKat who sang Opposites Attract with Paula Abdul. Did 20 years of friendship? Do you think you’re a good friend? I’ve been with him longer than you honestly. What do you mean with him? You don’t want to know. 

Ryan: It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to talk about the night shows.

But I do have an important story to tell. Tell me your important story. I cause like right now is like sort of our chance to not talk about comic book TV, comic book based TV. And so I I have to admit, something that I tried asparagus last night, again, for like the first [00:03:00] time. I’ve a renowned asparagus eater.

Once a decade. And I have to tell you, it’s fucking disgusting. It tastes like the fucking devil’s cum. 

Mike: What is it like being five years old in 

Ryan: perpetuity? So wait, hold on. You, if you’re, if you want to be an adult, you have to like everything? Even if it’s a fucking shit covered brick thrown at your teeth?

Vegetables rule. 

Mike: And they taste very good unless you’re lima beans, which are the devil’s nutsack. Oh, okay. Those rotten hell. 

Ryan: Lima beans are fine. 

Mike: No. What if you took rotten paper and rolled it into a little ball? Fuck off. What 

Ryan: if you scraped the bottom of the Pope’s taint, and you put butter on it and said that was okay?

That’s what a spaghetti is. I’m getting horny. 

Mike: Do you think Cassie Where did you try it? 

Ryan: Where did I try it? At my dining room table. Did you make it at home? 

Mike: Okay. Well, I blame the cook. Ah. 

Ryan: Ah. So, you have to blame the cook for God, our lord and saviour, making a disgusting fucking He’s the ultimate cook. He grows like this green wheat.

It looks like fucking [00:04:00] green wheat. It looks like a fucking dumb asparagus, and he’s gonna put it on your table and then say like, Oh, eat this fucking piss inflicting devil’s juice. 

Mike: Piss inflicting desim juice. Do you know a fucked up thing I learned because you said wheat? It reminded me of rye.

Not you. Rye, the grain, used to be inedible. Then it was planted near wheat. And raw, and this is true and scientific, saw how much wheat was getting eaten and propagated, and it went well be more like wheat then, and it started to change until it became edible. Plants are crazy. 

Ryan: I love how you do your little YouTube videos on my podcast where you’re like no, this is true, look it up, and then you know so much bullshit.

Jamie, can you look that up? No, Joe Rogan, I’m sure that you’re totally doing it, but I do like to think of that as you being wheat, right? Boring everywhere. Full of shit, and me being rye. Nutritious. And me just like, following in your footsteps. Prickly, awful, 

Mike: why are you there? You’re a weed, essentially.

But now we’re both 

Ryan: edible, don’t you know? 

Mike: Our powers combine, and we’ll get you drunk. [00:05:00] I think you’re gonna say, this is why Cassie didn’t show up tonight? 

Ryan: Yeah cause we were both here. 

Mike: I get it, sometimes you need a break from this energy. 

Ryan: What if she said, I will show up when one of you doesn’t. 

Mike: Well, have a good time, because I’m taking a break.

Tonight we are I didn’t think you were going to fight 

Ryan: that hard 

Mike: for that position. Tonight we are, of course, talking about Spider Man the animated series, Sins of the Father, Chapter 2. Sweet Tooth. My Mike Gravagno Adventures with Superman. But before all that, the real reason Cass isn’t here, we are covering the first two episodes of season four of THE BOYS!

On the first two episodes of The Boys, the team is trying to pick up the pieces of the second season. Probably the third season. M. M. is mostly in charge of a government funded secret op team and it’s going Okay, if it wasn’t for Butcher [00:06:00] losing it, Hughie’s dad in a coma, a riot blossoming on the street, Homelander’s trial, Newman becoming the vice president, Ryan’s debut as homeboy, Kimiko’s alcoholism, Frenchie’s new love, Deep’s attempt at self respect, and Sister Stage, a powerful new member of the 7th slash Homelander’s mind guard, with her only power being that she’s the smartest woman.


Ryan: it’s person. 

Mike: It’s person. In the world. TasteBuds, I ask you this. Recently, Boys showrunner Eric Krupke, Dear Eric Krupke, said that the entire series has always been about Trump and fascism. Is he the dumbest boy in school? And does he want to make sure this show isn’t watched in the same way that Fight Club, Breaking Bad, Oscar Says, American Psycho, Starship Troopers, Natural Born Killers, and Dirty Dancing were all watched?

Yes. Like, 

Ryan: dude, we know, is he, like, did he see too many, too many, like reddit threads of people like, yeah, finally they see us? 

Mike: Yes, it’s, so much of reddit is Todd, Mothersmilks. Wife, ex wife’s [00:07:00] new husband, her baby non daddy, her baby non daddy, her non baby non daddy who is an idiot and thinks that Homelander is great.

So much of Reddit is that, and the internet in general. And so yeah, I think, again, with this show, every season I feel like they’re like, it’s even less subtle than before, and it’s never been a subtle show. 

Ryan: I feel like that, if you, every, like, starting with season one, so starting with season two, it’s even less subtle than before, and you bold, even, and subtle, and before, and before.

A little bit more every season on every poster, that would be The Boys. I still love it! No, no, I think that it’s great, like, I laughed so much during these first two episodes. Like, I think it’s funny I think that, like, every time The Boys comes out, we bring out the first Deadpool movie. About how, like, it just gets how to make fun of this shit.

More than the very very obvious shit that Deadpool was I love it But like man, it’s not a subtle fucking show. No, [00:08:00] and I think that he is not responding to people like us I think he is responding to reddit. Maybe not reddit threads 4chan threads. Yeah I was gonna 

Mike: say reddit actually is almost too woke.

Yeah It reddits like us. And yeah, it’s a fortune. There’s so it’s wild. It’s, it’s, it’s wild how media illiterate so many people are that they couldn’t get that. They were wait. Are we the baddies? So he just keeps digging it in, digging it in harder. 

Ryan: And like, I don’t know if I watch, I might have watched these two episodes under the guise of this comment that he had, but like Kamiko drawing all over the Let’s Protect Children poster and saying, Why don’t you actually fucking protect children instead of fakily doing it?

Or fakily doing it or like walking up to the Newsmax Is that firecracker? Yeah, probably less than Fox News, but like Newsmax US1 or whatever that other news station is [00:09:00] and saying like, no, but what are you actually doing it for? And her laying out exactly, Oh, these people feel threatened even though they’re not.

And so like, I’m just going for them. This is so clearly against them. Are there still, but the other thing with Eric Krupke saying this, like, are you trying to eliminate half your audience, bro? 

Mike: Yeah. I, and I get that. Cause like, You don’t sell ads on Amazon. So it’s not hurting his bottom line. And saying maybe, I don’t think that’s what officer Krupke actually believes in, but saying if he did only care about how much that dollar in his pocket it does not matter with Amazon because they’re getting money anyway.

Yeah. Through Big Amazon. 

Ryan: They don’t, I mean, it’s not like Apple cancelling Jon Stewart, right? Like, this is a different thing. But even like Frenchie finally coming to terms with what we all knew from the beginning of the show. 

Mike: Bro, you’re French. You’re gonna hook up with guys. 

Ryan: Not only are you French, but you’re gay.

I could see that turning off so many of like these, when I say these people, you know who these people are. And 

Mike: here’s, Reddit about that. Oh, did you? It was just so ham fisted. It was like, oh, you guys don’t realize [00:10:00] how, you You’re all, you’re too close to hating the Starlighters. Yeah, 

Ryan: those people want to be ham fisted.

Mike: The, what I think is great about this show is so often the preacher of something gets the worst it does in quality. But a combination of this show knows what funny is and it’s built up four seasons of character work and always goes back to that. That in the midst of the bully pulpit, it’s taking of anti Trump Homelander.

You’re dealing with Hughie dealing with his dad’s stroke. You’re dealing with And mom coming back out of nowhere. And mom coming back. You’re dealing with Butcher dying. He’s dying slowly and doesn’t know how to deal with that. And you’re, and watching, and this is why you and I, I think, love Homelander as a character.

Which does not mean we believe in what he believes in, because we are media literate. 

Ryan: I just want to say that, right now Mike and I are not dressed in Homelander clothes. We do not fly a Homelander flag. We are not part of his cult. We think he’s a well written character. That puts a mirror, a [00:11:00] reflection, back onto America.

Not that we agree with his policies. 

Mike: And Anthony Starr plays him perfectly. His name is 

Ryan: fucking Anthony Starr. Anthony Starr. 

Mike: I do think, and because We are all dumber and everything is a simulation. He is the Disgeneration’s Jon Hamm of There’s idiots who watch it and think This guy’s character’s awesome And then they’re gonna get older and be like Oh, I misread that show completely.

Ryan: Oh fuck, you should’ve absolutely in your long, long, way too long Sorry to give you notes on air But long list of things that people watch poorly Or in the wrong way Mad Men should’ve been on there MAD MEN The amount of, like, Don Draper love, as opposed to the Don Draper, I relate to him, and therefore hate this show, or hate this character, should have been on your list.

Mike: Yes. But Anthony Starr, or Homelander, plucking out his white pubes one by one, freaking out that he’s getting older, and again, this is why it’s a good character, because he is evil, purely. But they’re still relatable things and it makes it grosser and more uncomfortable and a [00:12:00] better fictional character overall and that’s why consistently we’ve said this for years Man, does boys the TV show Destroy boys the comic book.

Ryan: Oh, I legit every time this shows on forget about boys. Yes, Garth Ennis I love him. He gave us preacher forever in debt, but I will always forget about also, let’s think about this. He is Pulling the white ones You Out of the brown. Which is like, is that reverse of what he’s doing? Yeah. And then, but he is separating the white ones and putting them in a safe.

So, like, is he saying they’re special or they’re terrible? 

Mike: Special, because it’s with his breast milk that he used to suckle. 

Ryan: Like, if I pulled every one of my white pubes out, I would not be bald as a baby. I would, I would have no time for this podcast. It’s not fucking funny. 

Mike: How, how do we like, so let’s, let’s dig into the two new characters.

There’s probably more Sage. [00:13:00] Cause I’m going to listen to what she wants to be called. And not what Vought thinks she should be called. 

Ryan: So unfortunately, Mike comes in with a less than zero batting average because she was on the TV show Powers. She was the co detective. Remember her name? So 

Mike: was your girl.

Logan, and she went on to star in Dear White People, so we know you can climb out of powers. Okay, 

Ryan: I do, I do have a thing for Dear White People actresses, I think that she’s great because she is, I’m so smart that I only know how to tell the truth. And if you bring truth to any of these right wing people, those people then it will tear it down from its foundation.

And I do like, my first thought was like, it’s a writer’s cheat, right? Like it’s a little unfair that she just gets to know everything when she’s written by the writers who are writing everything else, but to watch her just be this truthful and powerful. Bring truth to power is amazing. 

Mike: Well, especially because you would think, and I think in a [00:14:00] lot of traditional shows, that would mean she’s on the boy’s side, but right.

And in a really defeating way, she says, no, no, no, no, I can manipulate those who are actually in power and will remain in power because I’m the smartest person in the world. I can read the tea leaves. The boys will never win. Let’s not put that in the real world at all. 

Ryan: Throughout these first two episodes, we get the feeling that like, Oh, she’ll make the boys better.

But when she realizes, and we don’t, this is off screen. Yeah. We, we see her have, having been already realized that beating these three people with bats to the head Is better for the overall project. Yes. And that’s how smart people work. 

Mike: She, she’s uplifting Homelander’s game because he is so upset that he’s surrendered by sycophants because he kills everybody.

He’s not, but he’s like, Oh, everybody’s weak. So he goes to her cause he heard about her. And [00:15:00] then he’s like, no, no, no, I can take it. Even though his eye twitches every time she speaks the truth. It isn’t like you’re, you’re not all powerful. She’s like, Hey, you should kill your biggest supporters. And then drop them in the middle of a pro starlight, anti homelander protest.

Ryan: And then I will, like, the sacrifice that I’ll make is to throw a hot coffee across the lines in order to cause a riot. 

Mike: Is this a milkshake duck? 

Ryan: Holy shit, I went for my drop pad. 

Mike: I know, he’s about to give me a point. On a show where you don’t remove points and he’s not the host. 

Ryan: But the other thing too is that She says she watches The Deep and Like the PR rep for The Deep.

Mike: Yeah. The character’s name is Ashley. 

Ryan: Right, and so The Deep has a deep conversation with her. But, Now, in the second episode you’re sort of seeing Is Sage So smart she can’t help it or is she the best reality show player of all time knowing that it’s just best to like Light those fires under everybody.

Yeah, [00:16:00] and so it’s all in chaos and then I’ll do what I’m gonna do 

Mike: I think even though Ashley is is very weak because she is a human She realizes if the only person Ashley talks down to everybody except for Homelander, I think Sage is like, well, then I’ll get rid of her. And then I’m in ultimate control, because nobody can go toe to toe with me.

Even Homelander. 

Ryan: Yes, and that’s all gonna happen, I think that she’s gonna fuck everything up, and I sort of like that if one beacon of truth, despite the fact that she has her own agenda, goes into one of these houses of lies. 

Mike: Mm 

Music: hmm. 

Ryan: Mm hmm. Then it will literally burn everything to the ground. 

Mike: And burns it down even though, yeah, she’s not on the side of the boys.

She’s just on the side of her. And I, I always think anytime there’s black versus white, and this show’s been very good at being like, But the white side, and by that I mean the boys the good versus evil. The good side is also pretty fucked up. Anytime you add in a gray, like somebody else is a different, [00:17:00] they have their own agenda.

Oh man. It’s so much more fun. And 

Ryan: yeah, like it’s not that I’m getting old. I’m not picking white hairs out. I’m picking gray hairs out of my pubes. So that doesn’t mean old at all. 

Mike: No, it means you don’t like this third party brain worm shit. 

Ryan: Yeah, I don’t have a worm in my brain eating part of my 

Mike: We have you know, ups and downs, mostly downs with child actors on the Superior Show Show.

How is the show highlighting a Ryan, more and more, homeboy, as the Hollywood suits want to call him? 

Ryan: Would I love to have him have a different first name? Sure. I will say he’s great because his job is to be a bad child actor for most of the time. So when in the first episode there’s this confrontation between Newman’s daughter, Zoe, 

Mike: Right 

Ryan: and Ryan and Butcher and Homelander and that is not that does not get you Emmys but when he most of the show most of the first two episodes has to be a Bad actor because [00:18:00] they’re all acting like they’re we find out like that.

They’re mostly Fronting that they have 

Mike: never saved anybody probably probably all our heroes 

Ryan: Then that’s when it works perfectly. And when he fucking yeets that dude, he’s so angry at his dad. And he’s like, I don’t know if it’s puberty or just right before puberty, but he’s so mad at his dad that he yeets a dude.

It made me laugh, man. 

Mike: It was supposed to be his first solo save. Right. And he thinks he cares about this. But then Noir, new Noir, who is very funny, goofy, just actors, comes in like, What’s my motivation? Everybody’s like, His whole thing is to not talk. Shut the fuck up. And Deep are there. And then Homelander can’t fathom somebody getting more popular than him.

So he ruins the whole thing by showing up too. And Ryan is both, you know, angry, pre puberty, but also so nervous. The only person who we’ve seen be nice to Ryan, he yeets him into the building and blows his body up. 

Ryan: And then we have our thing, right? We have our thing for the fourth season. [00:19:00] I, you called it the third.

I don’t know why you did that for the second. But like, Will Butcher or Homelander went over Ryan. Yeah. My two dads. And yeah, he is very scared and Homelander’s reaction to why Ryan is crying, Ryan is crying because he yeeted his actual mentor. Not Butcher, not Homelander, but his actual mentor into a building and he splattered.

And that’s why he’s crying. And Homelander thinks he’s crying because he lost his first solo save. 

Mike: Yes. And then gets so angry, because he’s like, I keep telling you humans are toys. Why would you care about them? Because he cannot fathom empathy. Not just keep saying 

Ryan: humans are toys, but also every time he says it, and this drives me crazy, reaches out his hand, so they can hold hands.

He’s too, Brian is too old to still hold hands. Like that is such a Tom Brady kiss him on the mouth 

Mike: legs? Oh man, same brains. The boys is back, and you’re going to be in trouble. Hey now. Wow. Ryan, what’s your moment of the [00:20:00] week? 

Ryan: Oh man, I have to. Mike, you know how much I love a yeet. And that guy gets The guy earlier in the second episode says, Don’t worry, push me for real.

I can handle it. And gets shoved so hard. You see him fly across the screen. Like when people punt a pet. In a cartoon. And then it just goes over the hill. But this is a real ass person and he slowly slides down the hill and everyone’s like, no, it’s fine that it happened to the bad guy, right? This is how we treat bad guys.

Mike: Yeah. You nailed it. It is that. It is the one two punch of the planting the seed of, no, be fine. I’m a stuntman. You can do whatever you need to me. But no, no, no. These people aren’t human. They’re all monsters inherently. Wait. I understand. I understand. The human rights people in X Men. Oh no. Ryan. 

Ryan: Real quick, Mike.

Can we have an anti moment of the week? 

Mike: Yes. 

Ryan: There’s a guy in these two episodes that clones himself and he’s [00:21:00] like. Jamie Madrox is very powerful but they decide to do a like a human centipede sort of ass eating scene. He’s 

Mike: eating his own ass eight times while jerking off to a not, to a headshot of Firecracker.

Ryan: Okay, so what Mike is intimating is that if he had a hotter picture of that girl, then it would all make sense. 

Mike: No, I understood my tone was weird there. 

Ryan: But that’s so like the boys writers room being like, what have we not done? Let’s just do this. 

Mike: And then is this the same episode? He gets pinkeye later in the battle.


Ryan: then, yeah, I mean, I was like, that’s not how pinkeye takes 

Mike: longer. 

Ryan: Mike has some advice for you writers. 

Mike: If you’re going to human cytope, pinkeye takes longer. That fight scene, I thought generally was pretty sick. 

Ryan: No, the fight scene was great, but I just think that like, that’s a little addition of like, what haven’t we done yet?

Let’s do that. 

Mike: This is what people know us for. I don’t know. I think they do gore. The yeeting is such a good version of the gore and [00:22:00] wildness versus the self ass eating. And it makes me laugh. It makes 

Ryan: me go like, oh no, but also laugh at the same time. The ass eating is like, it just feels like they have a checklist.

Mike: Right. But Kimiko getting drunk and ruining the mission while they all ruin the mission in different ways. And Beating people up, but also her in sign language continuing to be like, wait, no, it wasn’t four beers. It was six beers. Like, that was all great and what the boys is good at and isn’t like over the top eye rolly.

Ryan: Here’s, here’s Ryan’s meta moment of the week. How many times Mike has been at like a party or a carnival or whatever, and I, Ryan, have said two beers, four beers, six beers, eight beers, ten beers, and then finally explained my behavior. That really hit me to the core. Do you have a website? Yes, I have a website.

It is of course best place to yeet a person into a building. com. 

Mike: Wow. You really can’t get short website names anymore. They’re all taken, Mike. I know. [00:23:00] 

Ryan: And so, yeah, basically what we’ll do is you put your phone on a building and we’ll be like, if you yeet a person into that spot, it will do almost no damage.

To the person or the building. This is important. We want to do most destruction to the person and the building. So like put it right into the spot where the person dies and the building falls down. 

Mike: Cause I’m going in the middle of Mount Rushmore to figure out how I can yeet producer Dave right into George Washington’s earlobe to knock the whole mountain down.

Ryan: So no, not the earlobe. It’s the nose, Mike. And you would know that if you subscribe to best place to yeet somebody into a building. com. 

Mike: Best place to eat somebody into a building. com is where you should go. And Ryan, I want this to be real. So where you should go is to my friends at cybersprout. net. They, their design experts are well versed in digital strategy and elegant design.

They combine those two masterfully. If I had to come up with a word, they’re going to work hand in hand with you to [00:24:00] yeet and focus on collaboration, goal driven design to help make sure your website. Reaches the right customers. They’re going to provide you with tools and training that make managing and tweaking your businesses website a breeze.

So go learn more about that. Cyber Sprout web 

Ryan: designers. Oh, sorry. 

Mike: Dot net 

Ryan: web designers. Do you, do you like food? If you want to eat, you got to eat. 

Mike: I love that. As an internal tagline? Mm hmm. Because it doesn’t make sense as external. We’re going to take the quicks and breaks and when we come back, every other show that came out this week.

Now it is time for The Pull List where, as I said, we talk about every other show that came out this week, starting with My Adventures with Superman. 

Ryan: On this week’s episode of My Adventures with Superman, Jimmy gets invited to the Star Labs Symposium and Clark joins him for something, Mike, that can only be fun.

Like, well intentioned. Yes? 

Mike: He’s giving a keynote, he found out two hours before the event starts. Totally [00:25:00] normal, totally fine, didn’t bother me at all. 

Ryan: Meanwhile, in a thing that doesn’t bother me at all, we get flashbacks to General Lane and Lois Lane’s father daughter relationship. Tastebuds, I ask ya this.

Has Lex Luthor officially been delivered to the My Adventures with Superman 

Mike: Yeah, he is a thousand percent here. He’s no longer waiting in the shadows. It really seems like, okay, season one, we hint at him. Season two, he’s growing. And maybe in season no, he’s here. He’s the big bad. He’s definitely here and he’s changing everything.

Cause he also Was invited to Star Labs Symposium, but seemed to know that before that morning, have talking points be good at said talking points, and have an agenda. Because everybody knows Jimmy Olsen is best friends with Superman. Look at the fact that he lives with a guy of the same size named Clark Kent.

Who also is dead. And Jimmy is an idiot, he’s a [00:26:00] doofus, an imbecile and had zero preparation, and so when he is suddenly shoved onto stage doing a debate where in a power move the moderator of the debate is facing away from either of the debaters, I liked that, I’m facing stage left, fuck you guys Alexander Luthor destroys Jimmy Olsen in Is Superman a Threat to Us.

Okay, sure. 

Ryan: Loves every, like, apparently it’s, it’s, it’s effective if you’re like this guy’s a foreigner and foreigners are bad. 

Mike: Well, it’s also effective because the, it’s not just the public who is here, right? It’s not the public who does love Superman. It is military warmongers. It is Star Labs, scientific people who were like cutting edge until an alien came in.

So it is all the people Superman is threatening. It is the military industrial complex who Luther is talking directly to and Jimmy does not realize he is talking to. 

Ryan: And I get the argument of, what if Superman changes his mind? And what if he’s like, you know what, I think North Korea is super cool. Or what I think of Russia [00:27:00] is super cool.

I get that. But the heart of the story is Jimmy. Saying like being told by Lex, Hey, come this way and looking at Clark and then going that way. 

Mike: Dude, the fact that Jimmy bails on Superman, even, he doesn’t believe it. He just doesn’t want to look weak in that moment. Oh, man, this show was already not a fan of Jimmy Olsen.

And especially because like how cartoons and shows in general works. I feel like they’re just gonna make up with a half assed apology. They’re not gonna actually deal with the fact what a big betrayal Jimmy did. 

Ryan: They are roommates, so eventually that’s going to come up. I don’t know if General Lane is still their roommate, but those two still are.

Mr. Towels 

Mike: on all the windows? Fuck General Lane. He’s so fucking He shoves Clark against the table because he doesn’t know where Clark was all night in the beginning of this episode. He’s so, he’s 

Ryan: so stinky. 

Mike: You don’t need to know. 

Ryan: That’s not a good roommate, dude. You shouldn’t shove your roommate into a table.

But no, I think that Jimmy Olsen [00:28:00] has way more to make up for. I hope that this rift lasts the entire season. I want to see less of Jimmy Olsen. If I’m being honest. I like, was this the episode where we heard more than any other episode? Oh, Superman’s friend, Jimmy Olsen. Like, I feel like they were riffing on that 

Mike: so hard.

To remind us what a betrayal this is, I feel like the rest of this season, and it’ll be interesting, is going to separate Clark from humanity. I think because of General Lane’s shittiness, Lois is gonna take the job at the Gazette in Gotham. And Jimmy is now Team Lex, I guess, you fucking sniveling worm. I know.

And Clark is gonna go try to find Kara, his cousin. And I, I think that’s going to be so interesting. And hopefully, cause I do trust the show more validating when the three come back together towards the end of the season or next season. 

Ryan: I’m sore about losing trust on this show that this season has been.

Underwhelming, compared to the first one. I don’t know. 

Mike: It’s, it’s not as good as the first season. The first season was so delightful and so good, and it does [00:29:00] feel like, they’re like, plot! And we’re like, that’s not why we liked the first season, guys. It was the lack of said plot. Do you remember hanging out with that gorilla and that brain?

Let’s do more episodes like that. 

Ryan: Also, we find out that this show knows exactly how a dad can be abusive without ever punching the kid. His daughter just like I will leave you alone forever to the point where like you’re so Gone from me that like I don’t have any relationship to you 

Mike: Let’s celebrate you did the thing when I abandoned you in the woods cuz you thought I was kidnapped What do you mean?

Why are you upset with me right now? No, but like I want to ever took him back after that, 

Ryan: right? I want to make you the best person you could ever be I want to make you the best citizen I want to make you the best warrior. Shut up, dude I needed a fucking dad like are you being a dad 

Mike: and I’m fascinated I think the show is changing enough lore and canon that they’re not but like Lucy Lane is a character, and so it’d be very funny to be like, She was even more abandoned and ignored by General Lane because she’s not in any of the flashbacks.

But I just don’t think they’re going to care about it. He’s a, [00:30:00] he’s a, this is, we’ve seen a lot of shitty versions of General Lane. Because he always is kind of a shitbag. I fucking hate this guy. And it might be because this is the most realistic version of this character. I can’t 

Ryan: believe that I, at my age, Current age, which is old, Mike.

Still get off so much on family members telling other family members to get the fuck out of my life. It’s just awesome. 

Mike: You’re always gonna be punk rock, brother.

Ryan: Moment of the week? 

Mike: Yeah, let’s get the moment of the week. And it was devastating, it worked exactly how it was, but it was Alex is rubbing it in, but I also think he’s sincere when he’s like, Jimmy, man, would not have been here without you and shakes his hand. It’s like, 

Ryan: Oh, Oh, he just knows how to push those buttons.

My mode of the week is something that I miss a lot from the first season of just the characters reacting to each other. And Jimmy and Clark are in a Willy Wonka esque floating captain. Yes, adorable. And Jimmy’s like Clark, Jimmy knows that Clark is Superman, right? Yes, and he’s [00:31:00] like Clark. Did you ever believe that like we could fly like this in Clark’s reaction of like, oh, it’s This is crazy As he’s like, this is actually way 

Mike: stupider than real flying.

Yeah. Yes. It was so fun, man This what’s his name? Jack? Jack Quaid, kid. Star of the show. Really owns our show and owns our hearts. My Adventures with Superman hits Sunday mornings at 9am on HBO Max. Be there. Just call it Max now. Be there. Watch 

Ryan: it immediately. 

Mike: That’s when I do it, with a big bowl of Fruity Loops.

Next up is Sweet Tooth. In episodes 402 and 403 of Sweet Tooth, we get to know the villains more, as we see the origin of Kelly Marie, Trans Rosie, and the Wolf Pack. Meanwhile, Gus and crew meet a hybrid hating family and then find a boat to Alaska. Ryan, but I ask you this. How did the new threat of the How does the threat of new big bad Zang and Rosie hold up against the previous danger of the Lost Men?

Ryan: I [00:32:00] was a little confused. Until they went over, like how, basically they just took over Texas and all, every, I forgot that 

Mike: we met Zang. 

Ryan: Right. 

Mike: Which is Rosie’s mom 

Ryan: last 

Mike: episode, because 

Ryan: I call her Dr. Kim. 

Mike: Dr. Kim? It is Dr. Kim. Yes. From the oc. 

Ryan: From the oc. 

Mike: Let’s just talk, Ryan. Let’s just talk about the oc.

Dr. Kim. Is the matriarch and she was one of the warlords general Abbott gathered. All of the warlords died except for her and she is, Abbott was ruthless, right? We saw him do fucked up stuff, but the actor and the writing, he was always so cartoonishly evil that I was never like, Oh no. But the combination of how cold Dr.

Kim is and how brutal Rosie is chasing her mother’s approval. I didn’t know this. Show could make my skin crawl. I mean, 

Ryan: I honestly thought that like, Dr. Kim goes back to get her daughter and her four puppies, [00:33:00] right? In this show. And I, and I thought that was in real time, right? Like you’re going to, you’re going to be excited to meet your sister or your sister is going to be so glad that you’re coming back.

I thought she had a twin. I was very confused throughout these two episodes and I apologize. That’s on me. But what we’re actually seeing is this person is so sick of living in a trailer with four kids and no help. That she will take any job in order to get out of her situation. 

Mike: Including if that job is putting your four kids in cages and treating them like they’re 

Ryan: Soldiers.

Animal slave soldiers. 

Mike: Prisoners. 

Ryan: Yeah. It’s horrifying. So she cleans up. She puts a cowboy hat on. And she Sends them out, which she’s totally down to do until are we ready to talk about this? 

Mike: Let’s talk about the end. Let’s oh, oh, 

Ryan: and I would say a scene that harkens back to Saving Private Ryan Where the one guy slides the knife into the other guy so so slowly So there in a fight a bear in a fight [00:34:00] of my life Fight 

Mike: if you’re a fighter for a life light of mine 

Ryan: kills one of her babies that Kelly Marie Tran’s character lays down with and I don’t know if they die.

We haven’t seen the whole season yet, but bleeding out for sure. 

Mike: And, oh, and this is why the perfect kind of bad guy who makes you mad is Bear was just dealing with the fact that the goal of most of her young adult life is now on a boat. She can’t interact anymore. What are her and Wendy going to do?

Wolf Boy Alpha attacks her. Tries to eat her face, and we’ve seen him! We’ve seen him eat people’s faces in this show already, in the first episode the racist guy who’s Had a baby the, the wolf boys ate him alive. Bear stabs him in the gut, he’s wheezing, and Kelly Marie Tran’s like, What did you do to him?

How dare you? Whoa, maybe if he raised him like a real mom, and didn’t treat him like a monster, he wouldn’t try to eat people’s faces, bitch. I mean, I 

Ryan: guess, I mean, what are we supposed to feel in that [00:35:00] moment? Are we supposed to feel bad for this child and her mother? 

Mike: I don’t feel bad for the mother. I feel bad for the child who literally never had a chance because the mom was so weak that she gave in to her racist mom.

It is complicated. This show slaps. How’d it ended up on Netflix, a show that, a channel that does not know how to make good shows. I fucking love Sweet Tooth. 

Ryan: And like, I did feel bad and it’s awful. And like, but also like that lady in Saving Private Ryan who falls down on the porch because she finds out that three of her sons.

Why’d you send them to the fucking war? That’s the worst place to send your children. 

Mike: Well, at least they were fighting Nazis. They weren’t the Nazis. 

Ryan: Well, yes, but those children were told that Bear and Wendy represent Nazis. That’s the thing about war, Mike. 

Mike: I guess. Except Saving Private Ryan, they were right.

They were fighting Nazis. 

Ryan: Alright, fine. So you have the history on World War II, which is great for you, but we don’t have the whole story yet on this war. But, I think we fucking do, [00:36:00] Ryan. Those kids were told that, and I’m not backing up Kelly Marie Tran. Right, I do feel 

Mike: bad for the Wolf Boys. 

Ryan: Yes, and that’s the first time that, like, cause they’ve been, like, In shadow and like off camera the entire time.

And then when Bear stabs him, we saw how young 

Mike: he was 

Ryan: and his eyes and his He’s another 

Mike: 12 year old. 

Ryan: This all brings me to a different point about these two particular episodes that we just matched up out of random. We didn’t mean to, but it throughout these two episodes, there’s two things that happened that really struck out.

And that’s in Alaska, right. When they’re looking for 

Mike: birdie 

Ryan: birdie and there’s a fight going on between people looking for resources. The, the person in charge looks to her hybrid child, her wolf child not Fox, not coo. 

Music: Yeah, or 

Ryan: something and it’s like how do you think we should handle this in the meantime?

Sweet Tooth is calling more and more of the shots at all points And I feel like that we’re showing we’re having the show of like if you give the [00:37:00] next generation That you know like the past that goddamn torch if you just pass it Then you’re a good guy who understands what’s up, and if you will fight to the death to never pass it You’re a bad guy.

That’s what this show is saying. 

Mike: But what I love is the shi it’s, it is saying that, which is already interesting enough, but it’s not even that simplistic, because Big Man and Singh argue about, well, who’s passing it for the right reason? Huh. And 

Ryan: that’s so interesting. I’m gonna pass it, but I’m gonna pass it before you for better reasons, 

Mike: idiot.

Yeah. I love this show, and the kid actors rule. Ryan, what’s your moment of the week? 

Ryan: Oh man, my moment of the week is Sometimes moments of the week are great. Sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes they’re both, Mike. I don’t know We didn’t talk at all about Batkid’s family. There’s a Batboy born, and The National Enquirer goes nuts.

They love a Batboy. But he Theo! [00:38:00] He sends the, our team off and then he goes to his roof with his wings, wings flapping, but those wings are shut and he does not flap them, but he floats a little bit. And I don’t know how science works in this show, but it got me, man. It got me. 

Mike: Also, I think he might be a dragon boy, because I’ve seen bats, and I don’t know if those are bat wings.

Mine is also Theo. I think this kid, for the little screen time he had he did a lot. There’s, there, Wendy and Gus are meeting Theo in his special hideout attic, which rules. And they’re talking about Birdie, and then Theo says, Well, if she loves you so much, talking about Bertie why do you have to find her?

The guy says, because she went to Alaska to save the world. He goes, Oh, cool. Beat. What’s Alaska? And all of that made me giggle and laugh, and it was just 12 year olds meeting each other, and it was delightful. 

Ryan: Oh, fucking BDSM? Cool. What’s that mean? Also, I have to give it up for this show, and I don’t know, like, how you feel about this, but, like, this last season, in a way that the first two seasons did not games of [00:39:00] throning so hard, if you want to get in a fucking boat and make it real quick over three days and then sail, like row to the boat that sailed off three days ago, you can do it.

Like, there is no traversing. A wish and a dream. Yeah, that’s all we need on this show. And you know what, dude? I, I don’t care about Game of Thrones, and I don’t care enough about the logic of this. I’m in. 

Mike: Right. Sweet Tooth is all on Netflix. We are watching it week by week, two episodes at a time. We’re gonna take the quickest of breaks, and when we come back, the next chapter of Spider Man.

Welcome to Estazmania, bitch, a mini show within a show where we dive into the seminal, an underrated afterschool cartoon of the mid 90s, Spider Man, the animated series. This week we’re talking about Sins of the Father, Chapter 2, Make A Wish. Take a chance. It’s called Make A Wish. When we start Make A Wish Spider [00:40:00] Man is griping about the world hating him, and we see a tentacle closing a sewer grate.

And everybody Is that yet another big science emporium where somebody’s showing off an experiment? It’s a gala. It’s a galah. It’s a galah. We see Mrs. Hardy, Felicia’s mother sitting next to J Jonah Jameson. Peter’s there and some dude and his argon matrix laser, which works Ryan, of course, on a sub molecular level.

And he’s showing that you can program it to be like, no, just destroy these things. And he goes through, it’s killing the metal wall, killing the metal wall, goes right through a pumpkin, killing more metal wall, but pumpkin is safe, Ryan. 

Ryan: We can save so many pumpkins with this laser. It’s gonna be great. Okay, great.

Alright, it doesn’t go through organic things. But, Mike, instead of ten minutes of fucking laser talk, we cut right to the sewers and Doc Ock is like, Fuck 

Mike: this 

Ryan: guy! This is all bullshit. And ends the entire thing. Is this the quickest to action we’ve ever been in an episode? 

Mike: They’re finally getting it. Doc [00:41:00] Ock rips the fire alarm completely off.

Now just pulls the little lever, which starts an earthquake, which I didn’t quite understand. Those are different to me, but 

Ryan: if there’s a fire, an earthquake, we’ll put it out. 

Mike: That’s true. And Doc Ock starts to crawl through the metal floor. And everybody’s running, right? Cause fire alarms, earthquakes, tentacles from the ground.

They’re running. And Jonah’s like, not you, Parker, you stay here and take pictures, bro. That is not how anything works 

Ryan: again. And I hate to keep bringing up the movie civil war, but like, is that what war photographers are just, that’s what they have to deal with. 

Mike: But Peter didn’t sign up to be a war photographer.

He’s a 

Ryan: freelance photographer. 

Mike: He could say, I will not be 

Ryan: accepting fees on this night. He 

Mike: has to beg for 20, not of a picture he takes, of a picture they publish. 

Ryan: And that’s because he wants to sort of go out with Betty Brant. He also wants to go out with Felicia and Mary Jane, so He could 

Mike: get so much more money from any other paper.

Just stop flirting with Betty Brandt. 

Ryan: But she was played by Elizabeth Banks in the [00:42:00] original movie, and And he could fit 

Mike: his bike in it, you know? Doc Ock, Henry’s like, this is my invention, and Doc Ock is like, you were merely my assistant. And then he shoves the laser, Spider Man changes Doc Ock shoves the laser towards Spider Man because he was under the sewer, so he did not hear the pitch of what this laser cannon can’t hurt.


Ryan: because I have an issue with this. He didn’t hear the pitch of what the laser cannon can’t hurt. He was 

Mike: in the sewers! 

Ryan: I heard the pitch, and I was very not scared, but Spider Man did not, so keep, please keep going. 

Mike: No, no, no, Spider Man heard it, Doc Ock did not, so he thinks it’s gonna hurt him. And Spider Man’s like, but I’m not a pumpkin.

Cause he’s pinned to the wall, and the laser goes. 

Ryan: Peter Parker says, and I quote, Oh wait, I forgot, it only hurts non organic things. 

Mike: There’s a, what, you’re gonna remember every little thing you hear when the earth starts quaking? If a, if a laser is coming 

Ryan: towards me and about to like, either kill me dead, or gently slice off my clothes, I’m going to remember everything, yes.

Mike: It only, I do love, it only hurts his clothes, so we’re gonna see some [00:43:00] spidey nips and then he Which are in the shape of 

Ryan: spiders, which is weird. 

Mike: And then he, Webs the laser and rips off two of Doc Ock’s tentacles, which was boss. 

Ryan: Mike, I want you to only answer this question if you don’t know the answer.

Mike: Okay. 

Ryan: Is Felicia Hardy, Mrs. Hardy’s daughter, and sometimes flame of Peter Parker and Flash Thompson ever going to become the Black Cat? Or is this what we’re doing for the rest of the series? 

Mike: Only answer if I don’t know. Correct. What I can tell you is Felicia Hardy is not in this episode. Well, she’s around somewhere.

I mean, sure. Just off screen at all times. 

Ryan: Does it happen though? 

Mike: Is it a one off? Is it 

Ryan: a one off episode or is it 14 episodes? Ryan, 

Mike: nothing in this show is a one off episode. We, more people are running, Spider Man catches MJ who Doc Ock has thrown. Why the fuck was MJ at this laser gala? He keeps running after [00:44:00] Okay, hold 

Ryan: on, idiot asshole.

If you heard that there was a laser gala in town, would you go? But I’m a nerd! 

Mike: I’m not a model. Sometimes Shakespeare an actor. 

Ryan: You don’t think Mary Jane would be like, Oh, a laser gala. I would love to attend. 

Mike: No, I have to go to Shakespeare in the park, even though I’m doing a Sam Tennyson, Tennessee Williams.

I can’t remember play. Sam Kinnison. No, it was a Sam Kinnison. This is a Sam Kinnison plant play. He, Spidey is running after Auk and does a somersault in the air and like kid from hook barrels into Doc Auk to knock a book. 

Ryan: Unfortunately. Unfortunately, Spider Man says, I’m not letting him get away this time, which makes him ruin so much laboratory results that people are upset 

Mike: that I’m not gonna let a bad guy just get away with it, and people do not like that.

Let the bad guy get away, man. Mrs. Hardy is freaking out about her medical lab. Why couldn’t he just let [00:45:00] Octavius escape? She exclaimed. 

Ryan: I’m sure she is always, knowing what I know about Mrs. Hardy, she is always saying, Why couldn’t we have let the criminals escape? 

Mike: Rich white ladies have their finger on the pulse about what should happen when it comes to justice.

Get him gone! Let him go! J. Jonah Jameson says, Because Spider Man’s a glory hog who never thinks about the consequences. So I’m gonna now devote my career to destroying him. Oh, what were you doing before, Jonah? What were you doing before, my friend? 

Ryan: Finally, I have found character motivation. 

Mike: Then something is about to blow up.

Spidey saves himself because there was purple gas released and that’s when it blows up. Amen. They end up in the water. A cop pulls a gun on Spidey. Oh. Ahk escapes on a boat. Even though he hasn’t hurt everybody’s horse shit yet, Spidey does blame himself. He goes, I let my temper get the best of me. No, 

Ryan: he’s like, fuck Spider Man fucking forever.

I’ll never do this. What is this, fan mail? Fuck you! 

Mike: I’ll shove it up my ass. I’m wiping it and putting it in Robby’s face. Cause now, Robby’s defending [00:46:00] Spider Man to J. Jonah Jameson. And this is when he’s like, I’m gonna use all my resources. I’m quitting. 

Ryan: Honestly, I would say the last thing based on how Robbie Robertson, incredible name is handling Peter is a fan mail letter that has been rubbed up his ass and then put in his face.

That’s the last thing he deserves. 

Mike: The last thing. Robbie does hand the fan letter. He’s like, Hey, Parker, you know, Spidey, give him this fan. I bet he needs it right now. Parker throws it away. 

Ryan: Also. No, it’s important to note though, that like, he’s like, he’s not like fan letter still in the envelope on red.

Fuck this. He reads 

Mike: it. Oh, a dying little girl. Oh wait. I don’t think we know that yet. A little girl episodes called make a wish. I think we learned it next episode, but 

Ryan: no. And she says at one point, like it’s my last chance. And he’s like, Oh, it’s my last chance. Because I’m about to quit being Spider Man.

That’s the only thing that could be. You selfish prick. But no, he reads it and then he’s like Fuck you, fuck this, fuck that, fuck you. Maria, 

Mike: eat a dick. I’m out, I’m not gonna [00:47:00] be Spider Man. And then he, to like, hint towards comic readers who watch this cartoon. He just like, is pacing an alleyway. Like, oh, we’re gonna see the shot of the costume in the trash 

Ryan: can.

About to dump some shit in the trash can. 

Mike: Never gets a chance, cause he hears this old hag voice saying, Who are you? Who are, like, mimicking what he’s saying? And we learn it’s Madame Web. She’s a webbed face in a wall. And she goes, I’m not your enemy, Peter Parker. You are. 

Ryan: Truth! No, that is speaking truth.

But I have to say, I’m gonna come out and say this right now. As a fan of Spider Man TV shows and comic books, I hate all this shit. I fucking hate all this Destiny. I see, I’ve seen this before. Spider totems? Spider totems. Like, people coming back and saying, What if the spider bite didn’t give you the powers, but unwoke the powers already in you?

All of it sucks. 

Mike: It does suck. 

Ryan: All of it’s like, I can’t come up with a good Spider Man story, so I’ll do this, I guess. I don’t even like the, like, as much as I love Miles [00:48:00] Morales, as much as I love the two Animated movies the spider verse like it’s all fucking bullshit. How is this happening? It’s because he’s the most popular Marvel character Yes sucks.

Mike: She does blame him for all the people he’s hurt who’s close to him Which he was already dogging himself, but he wasn’t like what about uncle Ben Mary Jane? Felicia Hardy. She lists off all the innocents. And he’s like, fuck man. 

Ryan: And then he puts two costumes in a trash can. 

Mike: She slaps the costume back on him and pulls him into her world web world.

And then the world wide web world wide web. And then says bullshit fantasy destiny stuff. You’re talking about where he goes, you’re about to embark on a period of training for a mission. I need of you. Okay. And then she webs him up, says he needs to overcome his self pity. And then you must have the faith of a child and goes back to the alley and he goes faith of a child, faith of a child, faith of a child, a child wrote me a letter, 

Ryan: faith of a child, very, very subtly done.

Thank you episode. But to me, faith of a child means I should have the same faith that a child would have. 

Mike: [00:49:00] Yeah, 

Ryan: I’ll have the faith of a child, which means stupid, ignorant, ignorant. Like, 

Mike: believe in Santa. 

Ryan: Believe in Santa. Believe in justice. Believe in Jesus. But no, she means you have to go get the faith of a child.

Mike: I don’t know if she means that because this is the dumbest, douchiest version of Peter Parker. That’s how he reads. He’s like, wait, somebody told me about a child. I should go see her. And he shows up. So, let me get this 

Ryan: straight, Mike. Peter Parker Spider Man, who is under duress. Like, everyone hates him on every level.

The criminals, the police, the media, the public. I’m going to, instead, then, hang out in the room of a ten year old girl. 

Mike: Yeah, I think this is what will win me over to the public. And what does I’ll crawl through the window. 

Ryan: What does this ten year old girl and the audience need to hear? What? My origin story.

Mike: Dude, so he goes to Maria, don’t call her Maria, her name is Teyana. I don’t understand why the show did this. I don’t know if it’s a reference to [00:50:00] anything. But he’s showing up. Before we get to his origin we do learn she’s like, Timmy, she’s like, where did you get your powers from? Timmy says you’re from a dying planet and your parents hid you here in a tiny spaceship.

And he goes, I think you’re confusing me for somebody else. 

Ryan: Okay. Which I do like, I like the fact that DC comics are comics in this world. 

Mike: Yes. And that is, and Marvel comics 

Ryan: should be comics in the DC world. 

Mike: The fully Toby, the Toby McGuire action movie of you’re not Superman, you know, it, it is like fully linking to that.

Superman exists in the world of Spider-Man, and we love that. But yeah, he starts telling you about high school. And how Liz he asked her out and how Liz sucks. And how Flash is like, well Liz and I have some partying to do. And Maria don’t call her Maria. Do you see in that 

Ryan: moment? What? This is important, Mike.

Do you understand what you see? Glasses? He is telling her a story about his past. Huh. And then Flash Thompson says, oh get out of here, nerd. And then he walks away. So what do you see? 

Music: What do we see? 

Ryan: You see Flash is back. In a [00:51:00] flashback. For maybe the first time in history. I think it’s important to note.

Mike: The backside of Flash, just like the Jungle Cruise promised. I like, Teyana is like, Spider Man, that’s pitiful. You really let him get away with that? 

Ryan: You bitch! You’re a fucking piece of shit then, I guess. 

Mike: And then we flash doc o and what wall is a long, boring thing we don’t need. Doc O now has a minic that he’s controlling with his mind and Kingpin is just there.

Not only Approvingly, he is like, yeah, it’s 

Ryan: quite, no, this is ama. Like we are in the middle of this origin story and then it cuts to for no reason other than this is a serialized story. Right. This is part two of 14. Yeah, sure. Doc och, Andy Kingpin, scre. Like, quick screaming at each other. They are screaming so fast at each other.


Mike: know they have 20 seconds on it right now. 

Ryan: And they are making all of it. You know like, those like, tertiary SNL characters who like, only have that amount of time in this episode? That’s how they’re acting. They’re screaming bullshit as fast as they can. 

Mike: We, we flashback to the [00:52:00] flashback. And he gets bit.

He’s at this, a different symposium. But then we learn the doctor And everybody else is laughing that Peter fainted instead of getting like an EMT. He’s a high schooler, and the doctor’s laughing at him. They let this kid stumble into the street. And now his face is on a tiny spider body. Aunt May is trying to kill it, washes it down to sink.

Now he’s giant Peter head on a spider body and the army’s trying to kill him. 

Ryan: He goes right to the Hudson River, I believe. Because if you flush your toilet in New York, it goes directly into there. And now he is amongst all the poo poo and pee pee. A giant man sized spider with a Peterhead. 

Mike: And then he wakes up normal in an alley.

And then almost gets hit by a car again. And then discovers he has spider powers. 

Music: And now 

Mike: Doc Ock is crushing Kingpin’s art with his mini Ock to prove how it works. And then Spider Man is bragging to this little girl how he built his own web shooters and makes her a swing of [00:53:00] web. He was on a TV show.

That’s amazing, that led to the wrestling, the burglar origin.

Ryan: The worst episode that we’ve watched so far? Yes. But I will say this. This is such a drag. I will say this. I did not, maybe it’s because I have not watched the first season in a while. Although I have probably seen it sooner than most people on the planet. Yeah. I don’t think it was redone animation.

Like, I don’t think that, like, they reused animation. I think they retold the origin with all new animation. Which is I 

Mike: don’t know, I don’t remember us getting the origin. I feel like he was Spider Man when we started. Cause we didn’t watch him in high school. 

Ryan: Yeah, 

Mike: but they’re like no third season kids gotta know how did he become spider man 

Ryan: at one point in the flashback?

He asked a girl on a date and she says oh go to that and miss the big party the big party with flash Thompson Is that a better name for this podcast the big party with flash Thompson big party with flash Thompson 

Mike: with Mike [00:54:00] and Ryan and Cassie? 

Ryan: Yeah, or ignore that those last three parts Just a big party with Flash Thompson.

Mike: I like it. He’s like, I want to quit. Teyana’s like, no, you’ll be more careful. You never quit. That’s why you’re my hero. And then she’s like, you’re going to web swing. He’s like, I got to think I’m not leaving, but I got to swing. She’s like, bring me. And he’s like, I guess I’ll take you all through Manhattan.

Even though every time I do this, somebody tries to kill me. 

Ryan: And this is the part where she’s like, cause it could be the last time. And what he thinks is like, Oh, it’s the last time I’ll be Spider Man. But she knows I’m quitting. She’s dying. She’s it’s 

Mike: called make a wish. 

Ryan: He says, yes, I’ll take you. And either way.

If it’s his last night as Spider Man, if she is dying, this is a terrible idea. And it becomes terrible immediately because as soon as Spider Man gets out of the window, missiles are launched immediately. 

Mike: Drones are chasing him. He’s showing off his gymnastic moves. The Octo robot shows up. They fight Then Spider Man gets knocked out, dragged away, and Tiana crawls out from under the stairs, and like, Bro, you left a ten year old in the middle of the rooftop in Manhattan.

Fuck you, [00:55:00] you are terrible. J. Jonah Jameson was right. 

Ryan: I mean, cause like, that’s the thing about being a bad guy, is like Dr. Octopus is like, I saw that girl you were with, and Spider Man’s like, well don’t bring her into it. And he’s like, oh I shouldn’t. But I will! That’s being a villain. That’s 

Mike: being a villain.

Right, let’s get to the awards. This is the worst episode we’ve done. What is your web zinger? Oh, my zinger, 

Ryan: Mike, is it has to be This is the whole theme of the episode. Octopus saying, nobody gives me my due. And Spider Man saying, I’ll give you your due. And I just wish we said that to each other more often.

Mike: I’ll give you your do, and hand each other Mountain 

Ryan: Dews. Or throwing doo doo at each other’s faces. I don’t care. We should give each other our do. 

Mike: Let’s give each other our do. Mine was so Spider Man is getting crushed by Octobot. And he’s like, Oh, it’s telepathic. And he goes, Oh, did you steal this from that guy too?

And Dr. Octopus is such an egomaniac. There’s like, no. And it loosens. 

Ryan: Which we knew right away because the action started because Dr. [00:56:00] Octopus was like, Oh, I hate this guy. 

Mike: You get 17 points. Thank you. What is your nineties moment? 

Ryan: It’s fan mail. I feel like this is like probably the last episode where you’ve mailed.

Somebody a letter after this episode. It was email from then on out 

Mike: or instant messengers Mine was his argon matrix laser. Let’s throw a bunch of shit 

Ryan: This is a theatric Never kind of come. Unbeliev come laser 

Mike: unbeliev cu I get five points. What is your NYC as a character? 

Ryan: Going down an alleyway and a fortune teller fucking attacks you and says, oh, that is I my shit.

I will read you your fortune. 

Mike: You cannot get away from her. Mine was in the flashback, and I hope this means Peter did It is the New York cop, Peter Parker shows back up and there’s cops at his aunt’s house and the cop’s like in a super thick. Bronx Accent. And he is like, yeah, yo, try to stop a mug. We got away.[00:57:00] 


Ryan: So the cop was a member of, what was Eminem’s group? Oh, D 12. D 

Mike: 12, yeah. . 

Ryan: The cop. The cop was a member of that rap group. 

Mike: I get 12 points. Ryan, what for you said D 12 Ryan. Our last award is Cassie Compliment. Did we do action move? Oh shit, I forgot about Kungfu Grip. 

Ryan: My Kung Fu Grip is saying, what is it?

Midnight? What are you, ten? I’ll take you out on my back for a spin. What the fuck, Peter Parker? 

Mike: Mine is full on somersaulting into somebody’s back to knock them on their ass, which he does to Doc Ock. Yours was good. I wanted the action figure that does child endangerment. I know you do, bud. Eight points.

Ryan: But like, that’s awesome to be like, Oh, this is Doc Ock, he’s so smart and so strong. I’ll just fucking somersault right into his back. That takes out everybody, folks. 

Mike: Stop this, dick cheese. All right, now, Cassie Kamba, what are you at? 

Ryan: I think that me and Mike are [00:58:00] just two people who are always wandering around.

Running into each other saying, When will anybody give us our due? When will anybody give us our due? And then Cassie will say, I’ll give you your due. And then we’ll either promote us on the podcast, or throw a Mountain Dew in our hands, or throw her poop at us. But like, she’s always giving us our due.


Mike: Mine is We said, Cassie, you ready for the show this week? And she said, Fat chance! Liz and I have some partying to do. And then walked out with some girl named Liz I’ve never seen before, instead of being here. Classic fucking Cassie. Did she 

Ryan: go to the big party with Flash Thompson? 

Mike: She went to the big party with Flash, well she is the Flash Thompson.

And then gave us swirly wedgies. 

Ryan: It’s awesome to think about how Cassie is going to be told that she’s the Flash Thompson and be so elated and hurt at the same time and watch that face. 

Mike: It’s all I love doing to my friends, hurting and elating them simultaneously. That is all the time we have for the show round.

Before we get out of here, can you tell the lovely listeners about some other websites? 

Ryan: Oh my God. [00:59:00] Potfilter. co is where you can find all All of our web podcasts that we do. We do superhero show show movie of the year. We’ll probably talk about that later, but yeah, pop filter. co is sort of like our home base.

Mike: Speaking of movie of the year, that is our sister show where every season we go year by year to find the best movie of the given year via bracket, the best way to decide anything this year is 1984. My calculations are correct. This most recent episode that just came out. Was of course the adventurers of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension guest starring Juan Matt Singer, who is a bit of a Spider Man expert himself because he wrote a whole book about it.

Ryan: He wrote a book about it. And also like he when I said that he wrote the book about Siskel and Ebert. Look, I’m not fucking around. He literally did that. 

Mike: He literally did that. Siskel, Ebert, and Spider Man, the three best film reviewers we’ve ever had. And this coming week, what’s coming out, Ryan, to get people excited?

Ryan: Oh, Jesus, Mike, I think it might be Paris, Texas. 

Mike: It’s Paris, Texas! The [01:00:00] most lauded episode, if you’re a movie of the year listener. You know we’ve been talking about it all season. ba. If you want to get in touch with us, reach out to us on social media at your pop filter, or via email, contact at popfilter.

  1. Next week, I’m very excited to announce here that my web page is slowly uploading. That we will be talking about, come on Tabs, what are you doing Tabs, you’re killing me Tabs. 

Ryan: Is that the name of our new producer? 

Mike: Tabs is new and he’s a little slow. What the fuck is this shit? Do you want me to say 

Ryan: it?

Mike: It is episode. Yeah, you could say it. 

Ryan: Episode three and four of the boys, four and five of Sweet Tooth and my adventures. It’s like this show, but different. 

Mike: Oh, more of this, but in the future. 

Ryan: Yeah. 

Mike: Well, and Cassie will be back unless she has more partying to do. 

Ryan: But I think Mike, you’ll be gone next week. So I 

Mike: have partying to do.

Ryan: Huh. And I will not [01:01:00] be here. Will Flash Thompson be there? Yeah. 

Mike: I hope so. I need to give him a wedgie swirly. 

Ryan: Fingers crossed. 

Mike: Fingers crossed, but I want like Agent Venom Flash Thompson who’s seen some shit. Oh 

Ryan: shit, that’s a good call. 

Mike: For Agent Venom Flash Thompson, for non Agent Flash Thompson, due respect for Ryan, for Cassie, I am Mike.

Nuff said. 

Ryan: [01:02:00] Excelsior!