Uncover Marvel’s What If Season Two Secrets With Doctor Strange


What If Season Two

Strange-Supreme in Marvel Studios’ WHAT IF…?, Season 2 exclusively on Disney+. © 2023 MARVEL.

The Taste Buds wrap up their coverage of What If with reviews of episodes 8 and 9, and their overall ranking!

The Superhero Show Show #518

What If Season Two Wrap Up

On all an all-new, all-different episode of The Superhero Show Show, the Taste Buds are wrapping up their coverage of the second season of What If…?

Which Episodes of What If Season Two Are Covered Here?

On the eighth episode of the show, we get some answers to where Captain Carter went at the end of her episode. It’s all the way back in good old 1602. Something is stranding our favorite heroes way back when, and it’s up to Cap Car, Dr. Strange, and Wanda to figure out what’s going on!

On the finale, Strange asks Cap Car for some help defeating a villain. But this is Strange Supreme, who can be an even bigger a-hole than Strange Classic. Will the timeline be able to make it out alive?

What Else Will They Do With What If Season Two?

After all of that, the Taste Buds will rank the episodes of the second season! And how does this set of episodes rank against those of last season?

It’s a short show this week, as the Taste Buds are busy recording the Best of 2023 episodes for Movie of the Year. If you’re not subscribed, do that now, as the Best of the Year season is in full swing!


WHAT IF…#208

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Captain Carter tries to undo the anomaly that strands familiar heroes and villains in 1602.

WHAT IF…#209

Strange asks Peggy to help with an adversary. But this demented sorcerer is keeping a secret from his old friend.

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