Gen V Series Premiere: Does the World Need Another Boys Show?


Gen V Series Premiere

Gen V Series Premiere

It’s the Gen V series premiere, plus Scorpion on SM-TAS, and so much more, on an all-new Superhero Show Show!

The Superhero Show Show #501

Gen V Series Premiere:

Does the World Need Another Boys Show?

The Gen V series premiere is here! The Boys, Amazon Prime’s smash critical and commercial hit, is finally getting a spin-off show! The Gen V series premiere introduces us to God U, the number one superhero academy in the whole Boys universe. Here, young students can become television stars, detectives, or maybe even have a shot at one day joining the Seven.

What happens in the Gen V series premiere?

In the first two episodes, which are covered on this podcast, we meet Marie, who killed her family when puberty brought her superpowers; Cricket, who is a YouTube star in addition to a supes wannabe; and Golden Boy, played by an actor with a very famous last name.

The Boys has a history of splitting the pod down gender lines, with the two boys loving it, and the two girls finding it offensive. Will Gen V do the same? Or will the girls find it slightly more appealing? Created by the creators of The Boys, but with some CW writers thrown in for good measure, maybe Gen V has more of a balance that everyone can enjoy? Maybe?

What else do you guys talk about besides the Gen V series premiere?

Next, it’s time for Shushie season. The annual awards show for the best in comic book-based television begins here with the best ensemble cast of 2023. Last year’s steamroller, Resident Alien, which won the Best Ensemble award, didn’t air any new episodes this year, so it’s anyone’s game. In fact, none of the shows that we’re nominated last year, including The Boys, Legends of Tomorrow, Loki, and Peacemaker, are elegible, so good luck to the five new nominees, all of which will be revealed in this episode!

Only one other show came out this week, so it’s another short Pull List, as Norman Reedus continues his ride through France on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Finally, the Taste Buds returns to S-TAZmania to watch another episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, titled The Sting of the Scorpion! J. Jonah Jameson has hired absolute loser Mac Gargan to follow Peter Parker, in order to figure out what his connection to Spider-Man is. But when Gargan fails too many times, Jameson and a scientist decide to just throw Mac into a Super Scorpion Soldier-maker, and turn him into a monster.


GEN V #101

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Congratulations. You have been chosen for admission to Godolkin University. We’re thrilled to be a part of your journey to discovering what kind of super you are.

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GEN V #102

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The Godolkin University Mental Health Hotline would like to remind students at this difficult time that you are not alone. You might be bulletproof on the outside, but you’re not on the inside.


Watch Spider-Man: The Animated Series on Disney+

Jameson is becoming obsessed with destroying Spider-Man. So he hires a man named Mac Gargan to try out a new scorpion suit, made in the laboratories of Empire State University. But the mutation of the suit begins to turn Gargan into a monster.

Listen to the Spider-Man The Animated Series podcast for more on this show. These two brothers are way ahead of the Taste Buds!


Watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on AMC+

Daryl and Isabelle negotiate with the owner of the Demimonde club.

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